Airbnb Tips For Guests And Hosts

Having used Airbnb extensively both for pleasure and for business travel I wanted to offer Airbnb tips on not only for from the guests but also for hosts as I have been on that side as well. Below I cover Airbnb safety tips, things to look out for as far as Airbnb fees, cancellation policies and so forth. I have used Airbnb in Denmark, Iceland, France, UK, Portugal, Italy, Finland and many other countries so below you also find recommends to some of the best Airbnb rentals from around the world; from Airbnb Bali to Hong Kong to Kenya. Below are some useful Airbnb tips and trick  and if you are new to Airbnb you can also get an Airbnb discount coupon of $35/£25 off your first booking via this link!


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Airbnb Tips


Is Airbnb safe is Airbnb safe to use, Is Airbnb Safe? 


I have used Airbnb without any problems and the majority of my Airbnb rentals have been when I was traveling solo. My Airbnb in Paris which I shared on the blog was a solo rental, the same for my rental in Portugal and all around the UK. So yes, for the most part, myself and many people who use it, it is safe but that does not mean to say that things don’t happen. Below I will share some tips to bear in mind when booking Airbnb accommodation.


Airbnb Cancellation Policy


Read this carefully before booking as this determines how much money you get back if you have to cancel based on whether you have found a better offer elsewhere or if you trip has to be canceled or postponed. Some hosts have strict, moderate or relaxed cancellation policies. These will give you an idea of how much cancellation notice you need to give the host before you get a full refund or partial refund of your booking payment.


Airbnb Payments and Deposits | Do I Have To Make A Full Payment? Does The Airbnb Host Get The Money When I Check-In?


Yes, you are charged for the reservation once it has been accepted, but Airbnb holds onto the money until 24 hours after your check-in date. This gives you time to make sure everything is up to par with your Airbnb rental, and if they don’t hear from you, the money is then released to the hosts. Airbnb also has 24 hours customer support should you need it.


Airbnb Tips For Guests And Hosts + Airbnb Discount Code  Airbnb Tips For Guests And Hosts + Airbnb Discount Code


Airbnb Tips For Guests and Airbnb Safety Tips

  • Research The area – After you have decided on your price limits and narrow down a few listings into an Airbnb wish list. Do a little research on the area as far a what to see and do, whats close by. This usually gives you a general idea of whether you will be happy or comfortable in the area, i.e is it full of bars(read noise at night), is it in the business/office district usually means good transportation access and a safety element too.
  • Communicate With Your Host – Ask your host questions about what the area is like, transportation, what you can expect as far as toiletry, laundry, how many other people will be in the house during your stay, will your room have a lock on it (I always rent the whole apartment but I still ask details on keys and who else has access while I am there), and all that good stuff but also as about what the place is like in the evening are you going to be safe walking around at night after late night exploring. Don’t be afraid to ask all of these questions because it will put you at ease as well as help you decide on which one of the listings in your Airbnb wish list will result in a booking. But – Also remember that communication is a two-way street, the host has every right to turn down your request based on communications – as long as it’s not based on race or sexual orientation.
  • Follow Your Gut – If something doesn’t add up in the listing, the comms with your host or the pictures don’t tally up with research of the area and you don’t get decent answers from your host then follow your gut and move on.
  • Airbnb Profile Pictures – Remember you are asking someone to leave you in charge of their house and belongings! So have a clear picture so they can have look at who is coming into their home. This is not so they can racially profile you. Think of it this way, if the buzzer to your apartment rings, would you just open the entry door without even asking how is buzzing? Same thing. Have a clear picture, it helps to put a face while you are communicating with your guest/host on Airbnb.
  • Download the Airbnb App – Having booked everything on your desktop, it helps to have the Airbnb app to hand should you need to contact the host during your stay without having to open and fire up your laptop. It also means quick access to any instruction on finding the keys and checking in details during travel or when you arrive at your destination. Always make sure to keep all communication within Airbnb should anything go wrong.
  • If something goes wrong – Always contact your host and if they are not able to reasonably address the issue then contact Airbnb customer services.
  • Your Safety is paramount – If you don’t feel safe in a place don’t sit and wait it out if something doesn’t feel right, forget the deposit or how much you spent on it, get to safety first and contact Airbnb customer service for advice. Google your Airbnb local contact number.


What Airbnb Means To Me

1. Value For Money – Most cases I have found you get much better value for money compared to hotels in the same location, offering same amenities in the area they are located in but are charging a premium solely based on accommodation type alone. You can usually find Airbnb to be much cheaper and you get to come and go as you please without dealing too much with hotel staff and guests.

2. Late Check Out And No Fees – Usually you can check out much later without late fees or any qualms you will normally face in hotels. I have had late outs as late as 7 pm and sometimes 8 pm depending on whether I had a late return flight home. But! Always pre-arrange this with your host.

3. Get The Views Without The Price Tag – If you look at some of the hotels in Paris with the view of Eiffel Tower you will be paying a handsome amount. The Shangri-La for example, rooms with the Eiffel Tour start at £600 a night and some even more. There other hotels that also have a partial view of the Eiffel Tour but still charge a hefty sum even when the room is the size of a toilet. I have seen many places on Airbnb that have balconies, great views of Paris and still a small fraction of the price you would pay at hotels. This is another added bonus for me in using Airbnb.
Airbnb Tips For Guests And Hosts

View From My Airbnb In Paris

4. Proximity To Sights – The place I rented in Paris had the view of the Eiffel Tower over the River Seine all with my very own private balcony plus many other tourist sights were only walking distance from me as well as having the train station behind the building. Plus the whole state of feeling like I was experiencing Paris like a local too. Yet another reason why using Airbnb is a great idea.
5. Peace and Privacy – Total privacy and peace of not dealing with hotel service staff, unless of course, you choose a serviced apartment. I like the idea of not dealing with the noise of hotel lobbies and just the freedom in terms of how you feel being at home compared to how it feels being in a hotel. I can’t quite put that into words. I almost feel a little more at home and more relaxed in a rental than being in a hotel room. I guess when you travel a lot sometimes you want that homely feel to it too.

Are Airbnb Security Deposits Refundable?


Yes, your Airbnb security deposit is refundable, sometimes people confuse this with Airbnb fees which are not. Your Airbnb stay fees will be the fees paid to Airbnb for that booking in addition to other fees like cleaning fees and city taxi fees that you will have to pay. For places like Venice you have to pay a city tax which is paid in cash to your host when you arrive. Just make sure you know how much that is to avoid someone pulling a fast one on you.


Airbnb Discounts Coupons


For those that are new to Airbnb, you can get an Airbnb coupon, promo code, coupon code or whatever you want to call it. This is usually by invitation and allows you to have $35 discount or £25 discount for those in the UK. You can claim your Airbnb discount via my link here.

Airbnb Experiences, What Are They?


These are activities hosted by locals. These include things like cooking classes, concerts, walking tours and so much more. You can find out more on Airbnb Experience page.



Airbnb Tips For Hosts

Don’t fall asleep on Airbnb hosting, especially if you live in a popular city loved by tourist and travellers alike. You can make extra money by renting out your spare room, whole house or second home if you have one.  This is on your timeline and your terms. Have you not read about the most successful Airbnb host that earns £12 million in London. Yes, you read that right, but of course, that person has over 800 properties but we have to start somewhere right? To become an Airbnb host sign up here and start earning money that will allow you to have financial freedom.

Airbnb Listing and Airbnb Hosting Tips

  • Airbnb Photo Tips – This is what the guests first to see and judge the listing on before they consider adding you to a wish list or list of Airbnb they will be considering. So make sure the pictures are not dark. Open up the curtains, blinds and allow the rooms to be captured in natural light. Make sure pictures are taken during the day and only include night shots when showcasing an amazing view your property might have.
  • Airbnb Listing Tips – Be as detailed as possible in what your price includes, does the guest get free towels, bedding, toiletry, self-check-in availability, how many guests are included in the price before they have to pay additional fees. All of these things, if addressed in a listing means that you don’t spend half your time answering the same questions over and over and over again to potential guests. Also, remember that people are busy and if you don’t have the basic information they may just skip over your listing whether or not you have pretty pictures of your property. As unimportant as this might seem to most, also include details of whether there are pets in the property.
  • Airbnb Price Tips – See what others in the area are offering in terms of price but also know how much your place is worth. Just because everyone in the area is offering their place for as cheap as chips, doesn’t mean you have to either. Your place through pictures and service offering will attract a certain clientele and much the same way you don’t want every Tom, Dick or Harry to be in your home. Its your home and based on location, tourist attractions, amenities near your home and comfort offered you decide what its worth without going over the top.
  • Airbnb Hosting – Communication with your guests is important, from the moment the person emails to access a question or requests to book, to the time they leave your property. Its also during this question that you get to find out about your guests.  An important aspect especially for those that are only renting out a room. You want to know what you can about someone who is going to be under your roof. But remember you have no legal right to deny some a booking because of the colour of their skin or sexual orientation.
  • Airbnb Cancellation Policy – Make this clear in your listing. You get to decide whether you have a moderate or strict cancellation policy. I often find that having a moderate policy helps weed out the time wasters. But when things happen guests know that they are able to get their money back.
  • Additional Information – Readily provide information of check-out details, cleaning rules, getting around and location of local amenities. Best to have an instruction handbook with all the information needed, check out instructions, Internet passwords, how to turn on your cooker (especially if you have one of those fancy hobs – I have guests call me so save yourself the hassle), house rules (no smoking rules, noise rules for the neighbourhood, parties). As simple as these things are I find that, even if you will walk through the house and show guest where things are, there will be times you are not there to meet guests so best to have some of these things written down. Also, should things go pear-shaped shaped, and it does happen from time to time, you cannot please everyone, it helps to have clear rules and boundaries for guests visiting your home.


The Best Airbnb Rentals Around The World


Below are my recommendations for the best Airbnb in some of the places I have visited



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Airbnb Tips For Guests And Hosts + Airbnb Discount Code Airbnb Tips For Guests And Hosts + Airbnb Discount Code

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