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About Me | ItsAllBee | African Travel Blogger


Welcome to the world of ItsAllBee! The name’s Bianca. Born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia (Central Africa) and now living in London, UK.

I am passionate about all things travel, from city getaways to adventures hiking off the grid on a mountain somewhere and everything in between. I love adventures with a side of adrenaline. We as people are multifaceted so with that in mind, my blog showcases the many adventures I have throughout the year. My job outside of the blogging world also involves travel so I am grateful to be in a profession that also allows me to explore both the UK and a little bit out the world outside of the UK.

Most of the travels featured here are my personal travels with a majority of them sponsored by me so you will always have an honest account of my travels. From tips and tricks on how to pack to traveling in style on both luxury and budget funds. So read on and follow along on Insta, Facebook and Bloglovin so you never miss a tale…