How To Get And Use An Airbnb Coupon Code Discount


Considering how long Airbnb has been around, I am surprised there are still many people that have not used it yet. While this post will center around The Airbnb coupon code discount, I would also recommend you check out my post on Airbnb tips which talks about the benefits of using Airbnb and tips that address whether you are using Airbnb as a guest or whether you are using Airbnb as a host, which by the way is a great way to supplement your income.


So if that is something that interests you or if you would like to earn money to help you travel then I would highly recommend checking out the tips in that post for tips on how Airbnb works for hosts as well as how to get started as a host. In the meantime, you can register to become an Airbnb host here.


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How To Get An Airbnb Coupon Code?

Airbnb coupon codes or Airbnb discount codes work on a referral basis and only available to new Airbnb account. To claim your Airbnb coupon code discount and $4o/£25 towards your reservations you sign up via this link. Once you register you will automatically receive $40/25 into your Airbnb account for use on your next Airbnb reservation.

Airbnb Coupon Code


Hotel Vs Airbnb – Which One Is Best?


So why use Airbnb instead of hotels? For most using Airbnb means saving a lot of money compared to hotels, especially when it comes to popular and expensive cities where hotels might be super expensive during peak holiday seasons or when you want a last minute booking. I have used Airbnb in many cities and countries, from Helsinki, Florence, Venice, around the UK, Copenhagen, Bangkok, and Paris which came with a beautiful view the Eiffel Tower.


You can read about that on the link provided. If you are looking for inspiration on Paris hotels with views of the Eiffel Tower in addition to our hotel on Champs Elysees, which not only came with a view of Arc de Triomphe but the Eiffel Tower as well. Airbnb doesn’t just offer you budget accommodation, you can also do luxury where you can rent luxury accommodation from villas with your very own private pool to beachside bangalows that would you wouldn’t otherwise have access to on a hotel site.


Check out Bangkok’s Airbnb rentals or Philippine’s Airbnb to see just how to cool some of the available places are and all without breaking the bank!


How To Get And Use An Airbnb Coupon Code Discount


How to use Airbnb Coupon Code Discount?


Once you have signed up on Airbnb via the link above you will receive your Airbnb discount code via email and once you have logged into Airbnb you will be presented with your £25 or $40 Airbnb travel credit, which will be in your account ready to be used.  Note that if you have already signed up on Airbnb you will not be able to get the Airbnb Coupon unless you are signing up for a new account.



Which Airbnb Reservations Qualify To Use The Airbnb Discount Code?

Once you have your Airbnb travel credit, for you to be able to use it, your Airbnb reservation/booking will have to be $75/£55 excluding fees and any taxes before you can use your Airbnb coupon. When checking out you will automatically have the option to redeem your travel credit at check out. If you are not able to add the Airbnb coupon it means that your reservation has not qualified or gone over the threshold.


Airbnb Coupon Code


How Long Does The Airbnb Coupon Code Last For? Does The Airbnb Discount Code Expire?


The Airbnb coupon is valid for one year and cannot be used once expired. It also cannot be transferred to another account. If you have booked a reservation but you haven’t met the threshold, your Airbnb coupon will still be available in your account until you have a booking the meets the threshold of $75/£55 at which point your coupon will qualify for your reservation.


How To Get And Use An Airbnb Coupon Code Discount


What’s The Difference Between  Airbnb Coupon Code, Airbnb Coupon Promo Code, And Airbnb Discount Code, Travel Credit?


There are all essentially the same thing. You can get an Airbnb discount towards your booking. Your booking has to qualify before you can use the Airbnb coupon code, discount code or promo. These are only available to new accounts only. You can claim your Airbnb coupon code here.


Airbnb Coupon First Booking Only?


Airbnb Coupon codes are only available for new Airbnb users but Airbnb travel credit is available to existing users as well and not just for Airbnb first booking. See below for details. If you are new and are having issues using your Airbnb coupon or discount this could be because your booking has not qualified or met the threshold to use the discount.


See below on how to use your discount or Airbnb promo codes. Another reason your coupon may not be working could be because it has expired. Not that your Airbnb travel credit or discount code cannot be re-activated.


How To Get And Use An Airbnb Coupon Code Discount | Airbnb coupon uk


Is There An Airbnb Coupon Code For Existing Users?


Yes and no. Yes, if you register via a new email address and go through the whole verification process which is long winded and if you as me not really worth it as once you have your feedback from previous stays, it makes it easier for you to get your bookings accepted. The other way to get your Airbnb discount is by referring your friend or travel companion onto Airbnb.


This way they will get the Airbnb coupon of $40/£25 in there account and then you can get them to book the reservation with a qualifying booking for you to use your travel credit discount. Also, note that it is against Airbnb policy for say a friend who is not traveling. If that is the case, notify the host as they would be within their right to cancel your reservation, in which case you will lose the reservation and your discount.


Another great thing about referring friends is that you will also get £15 pounds in Travel Credit once they make the booking. So if you are travelling together you both win as that is £25 for them and £15 for you!


Another way for existing Airbnb users to get a discount…

Simply ask your host before making your reservation.

  • If you are planning a week or month long trip most hosts will offer 15%, 20% and sometimes even 50% if you are staying for a month.
  • Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Once you have found places that you like contact the host and ask for a discount. Most of the time I have asked I have been able to secure a discount. So don’t feel like you have to result to the $40/£25 discount that is available to new accounts.
  • It never fails to ask. If you find a place, simply email the host and say I love your place, but it’s out of my budget, are you able to accept xx amount? If they are able to, they either accept or countrer the offer. This will come through Airbnb for you to either accept or decline. This offer is usually only valid for 24-48 hours.  Once you have accepted you can proceed with the booking. For more on how Airbnb works from this point check out my post on Airbnb tips which has more details.


How To Get And Use An Airbnb Coupon Code Discount



How To Earn $5000 In Airbnb Travel Credit?


As I said the Airbnb coupon codes or discount codes work on a referral basis so if you sign up on Airbnb using my Airbnb referral link, you will receive $40/£25 sometimes this can be as high as $50 when Airbnb has a seasonal or regional promotion. Once you have used your Airbnb credit on a qualifying booking(see above how bookings qualify), I will receive a £15 travel credit in my Airbnb account.


So how can you earn $5000 in Airbnb travel credit? Well if you go into your Airbnb account if you click your profile image it has a drop-down menu that includes an option to invite friends on to Airbnb. You can either invite your friends and family via email or Facebook.


Once they have signed up and used their Airbnb travel credit on a qualifying booking, you will have earned yourself £15 or whatever is the equivalent in your local currency. You can earn as much as $5000 towards your travel accommodation!


How do I book a trip with Airbnb travel credit from referring friends?


Please note that when you use my Airbnb coupon code I will also get some travel credit, you can also get additional Airbnb travel credit by referring your friends and family to Airbnb. Once they use their Airbnb coupon on a qualifying booking you will have £15 of travel credit into your account to use for your travels in any way you used, any city or country. You travel credit will also have an expiry date one year from when you get it.


Where Can I use The Airbnb Discount Code?


A lot of people search for regional Airbnb Coupons i.e “Airbnb coupon India”, “Airbnb Singapore”, “Airbnb coupon Malaysia” or “Airbnb coupon Australia thinking that there is a separate Airbnb discount for each country. There isn’t. All are via the same method. Via referral. Once you get your travel credit via the link above you can use for any destination you like. From Paris to Costa Rica!


How To Get And Use An Airbnb Coupon Code Discount


What Happens To My Airbnb Coupon or Discount If I Or Host Cancel The Airbnb Reservation?


If you use your Airbnb coupon on a booking and then cancel your reservation whether its because you are canceling your trip or because you have found a better rental, you will lose your Airbnb discount or travel credit. If your host happens to cancel the reservation then you will get to keep your Airbnb travel credit. That will remain active in your Airbnb account but note that it will still only be valid until its expiration date.


Other Airbnb Discounts Codes?


Only for those in the USA, you can also get Airbnb gift cards for friends and family but note that these can only be used towards Airbnb Experiences and not Airbnb accommodation.


Airbnb Coupon Code

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