Santorini Beaches | A Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini

The Best Beaches in santorini | Perissa Beach - Black Beach, Red Beach, White Beach Santorini
Dreaming of clear waters by the beach? I have just the guide to inspire more than just daydreams. My guide to Santorini beaches takes you around the Greek island to experience the best beaches in Santorini that should be part of your itinerary.
From Kamari Beach, Perissa Beach, Perivolos Beach, Red Beach, Agios Georgios,  to Monolithos beach and with easy access to best beach hotels in Santorini. This includes activities and restaurants nearby in addition to hotels on the beach or nearby. Santorini is one of those popular Greek Islands that you hear and read about all the time but of what you most see is Oia.


Santorini being an Island, I was more interested in checking out some of Santorini beaches and less so in seeing the sunset in Oia as lovely and beautiful as we had already done that while exploring Oia and then also while taking on the catamaran sunset tour in Santorini. Yea, of course, I was hoping to see many a sunrise and sunset but as Santorini has special geographical features by way of the volcanoes I knew I would be in for something a little special.
All year round great weather in Greece means that whatever time you choose to visit there is always plenty of time to enjoy the sun on Santorini beaches. So for the best beaches, Santorini Greece has to offer, keep on reading.

The Best Beaches In Santorini & Santorini Beaches Map

Beautiful and differing rock formations with each and every meter of the island you pass mean that Beaches of Santorini are different to those found in other parts of Greece. The very best beaches on Santorini include black, red, white sand beaches filled with volcanic minerals; one of my big reasons for 
staying in Akrotiri which is near the red beach. Another reason was its proximity to the best Santorini beaches as well as its quiet and tranquil life on the island.


From Kamari Beach, set on popular beach towns. Then you also have Perissa Beach, Perivolos Beach, White Beach, Red Beach. Monolithos. I will also include links to accommodation options to help you find the
best area to stay in Santorini for beaches but you can also check out my post on 
Cheap hotels in Santorini With Caldera Views and includes both budget and luxury options.


A Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini A Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini


If you are thinking of heading to Santorini I would highly recommend you consider the smaller towns too. Akrotiri offers the same sunsets as Oia, you are close to great beaches, restaurants line the beaches too and of course, you also have the famous Santorini blue domes.


To learn more about Santorini and the very much active volcano that the island lies next to check out Visit Greece. The islands that form Santorini came into existence as a result of the intensive volcanic activity. Twelve huge eruptions occurred, one every 20,000 years approximately, and each violent eruption caused the collapse of the volcano’s central part creating a large crater (caldera).
The last big eruption occurred 3,600 years ago, when igneous material covered the three islands (Thíra, Thirassiá and Asproníssi). The eruption destroyed the thriving local prehistoric civilization, evidence of which was found during the excavations of a settlement at Akrotíri. For Akrotiri, tours click here.
Santorini Beaches | Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini | Beaches on Santorini
Santorini Beaches | Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini
Best Santorini Beaches | Guide To The Best of Santorini Beaches

Santorini Beaches

So, where are the best beaches in Santorini? You are in luck! Below I have listed some of best Santorini beaches which mostly sit on the bottom part of the island in this crescent shape. Santorini resorts and hotels right by the beach so you get perfect sea views as you lounge undisturbed. Many of the beaches in Santorini include beach bars and restaurants only a few meters from the shoreline.


1. Santorini White Beach  

This is only a few meters from the Red beach in a hidden little cove. This Santorini beach is only accessible by boat. Most Santorini sailing tours on the island will make a stop here. You can also take your chances with the sea and swim from the Red beach to the White beach.


The reward is clear waters and a little privacy. There are no shops or restaurants here so bring your own towels, food, etc. For more on Santorini’s sailing tours, including sunset tours, private tours, 7-day sailing adventures around Greek islands, 3-day sailing tours from Athens, click here.




Santorini | The Best Beaches in santorini
RED BEACH SANTORINI | The Best Beaches in santorini
Red Beach

2.  Santorini Red Beach | Red Sand Beach In Santorini


The beautiful red sand beach in Santorini. This sits right at the bottom of Akrotiri and one of most famous of  Santorini beaches. Access is via pathways that are prone to landslides/rock falls but you are rewarded with beautiful red-black sand and pebble beach. There is signage that says “dangerous – do not go through”, so if you go it is at your own risk. There aren’t any shops or much to see on the beach but the scenery is great. For hotels close to Red Beach you need to look at Santorini hotels in Akrotiri.



Santorini Beaches | Guide To The Best Beaches In SantoriniSantorini Beaches | Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini

3. Santorini Thirassia Beach

Thirassia Beach can be reached by boat excursion from Oia. This small island is quiet with a much more laid-back pace of life than mainland Santorini. Thirassia beach has beautiful crystal clear waters with amazing views of the main island of Santorini.
 best beaches in santorini | Guide To The Best of Santorini BeachesSantorini Beaches | Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini

4. Santorini Monolithos Beach

A family-friendly (due to spots featuring shallow seafloors) beach with a collection of hotels and restaurants near by with plenty more sand to play with compared to many other beaches on the island. There are many Santorini hotels on Monolithos Beach.

 best beaches on santorini | Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini
Perissa Beach
Santorini | Guide To The Best of Santorini Beaches

5. Santorini Agios Georgios Beach

Another fairly popular beach a few kilometers from Perissa beach. Its fairly organised so you can rent beach loungers, towels and many places to eat and drink. For Santorini hotels near Agios Georgios Beach check out Booking.
Santorini | Guide To The Best of Santorini Beaches

6. Santorini Perivolos Beach

If you want peace and quiet then this is the place for you! The longest black sand beach in Santorini with restaurants, hotels as well as many water sports activities on offer. You can find Santorini hotels on Perivolos Beach on Booking. Also nearby this beach are some of the best beach clubs in Santorini if you want to experience the nightlife in Santorini.


Best Santorini | Guide To The Best of Santorini Beaches

7. Santorini Armeni Beach

Armeni Beach is a small beach very close to Oia and can be easily accessible by foot. Not as crowded as many of the beaches in Santorini, partly due to access. Descending about 300 steps, Armeni Beach offers clear blue deep waters and a nice local tavern where you can peacefully enjoy fresh seafood while chilling on the beach shores.


Armeni, is a small beach with deep blue water, located a few meters to the south of Amoudi beach. There are a few restaurants on the beach area as you are close to Ammoudi Bay. Great for swimming!

Santorini | Guide To The Best of Santorini Beaches
Santorini Beaches | Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini

8. Santorini Ammoudi Beach | Accessible Via Ammoudi Bay

Ammoudi beach, one of the popular spots on the island also doubles as a fishing harbor lies at the foot of Oia village. Access to Ammoudi Bay is by riding a donkey down to the bottom or walking down over 200 steps.


The beach although beautiful is small with clear blue deep waters. While here you can also sample some of the best fish restaurants in Santorini which can be found at Ammoudi.


black beach santorini - Perissa Beach | Guide To The Best of Santorini Beaches

Black Sand Beach – Santorini – Perissa Beach

santorini black beach | Guide To The Best of Santorini Beaches

9. Santorini Perissa Beach AKA Black Beach

Perissa Beach in Santorini is close to a few local shops and is lined with restaurants. The beautiful beach is also known as black beach that stretches out to more beaches along the coastline. The sand is not powdery but instead a mix of black sand and black pebbles. 


Perissa beach Santorini is organised in that you will have plenty of waters sports activities nearby as well as beach chairs and loungers for rent. Beautiful place to chill but can be crowded in the summer. You can find the best beach hotels in Santorini near Perissa Beach.


10. Santorini Kamari Beach 

This is a little more upscale compared to a lot of the other beaches on the island. It’s located on the Southern part of Santorini and not too far from Perissa beach and much like Perissa, you will find plenty to see and do and there are plenty of restaurants to eat.

Best Santorini beaches | Guide To The Best of Santorini Beaches

11. Santorini Vourvoulos Beach

Vourvoulos Beach is a small beach with grey sand and pebbles and lies about 7km from Fira. If you are looking for a quiet and private beach in Santorini then Vourvoulos is worth trekking to. Quiet with stunning turquoise waters perfect for swimming and an ideal setting for sunbathing. Also nearby is a fishing boat harbour where you will find a beach restaurant serving freshly caught fish.


santorini black beach | Guide To The Best of Santorini Beaches

12. Santorini Koloumbo Beach


Kolumbo Beach is located close to Oia, and considered one of the most beautiful beaches on Santorini Island. Unspoiled long sandy beach with pebbles, surrounded by cliffs offering great views and relaxing scenery as it is quite isolated. With the beach not being organized it attracts many nudists.

black beach santorini | Guide To The Best of Santorini Beaches

13. Santorini Baxedes Beach

Baxedes Beach is one of the best beaches on Santorini island perfect for those looking for tranquility and relaxation away from the crowds. With beautiful black sand, it’s isolated and located on the northern side of Santorini. Baxedes Beach beach is 3 km away from Oia and can be easily reached by car or motorbike. Its one of the few sandy beaches in Oia, with plenty of shade and suitable for families. Although be aware of the strong summer northern winds called meltemia due to the beach northern location.

Best Santorini Beaches | Santorini Sunset | the best beach in santorini

Santorini Beaches Map


Below is a map illustrating where you can find the best beaches in Santorini and the distance from each other.


How To Get To Santorini By Ferry From Athens | Flying To Santorini

You can easily get to Santorini from Athens by ferry. Ferries from Athens to Santorini take anywhere from 4 hours to 10 or 12 hours depending on the boat or ferry service chosen. You can book ferries from Athens to Santorini in advance online here.
Prices for ferries start from around 39 Euros each way and go up depending on how late you book.  You can also fly into Santorini from Athen like we did. Santorini does also have some direct flights from London and a few other cities in Europe. To search for flight deals to Santorini check out Kayak.

Where To Stay In Santorini

There are many beautiful spots to stay in Santorini, from luxury suites with views of the Caldera to budget accommodation on the beach fronts of Santorini. I shared a post on where to stay in Santorini on the blog featuring some of Santorini’s best hotels on the island from budget hotels in Santorini to luxury hotels and beach hotels.


In addition to that it also features the beautiful cave hotel that we stayed at in Santorini. For hotels in Santorini, check out one of my favourite booking sites to read reviews and get the latest prices click here.



 More Santorini and Greece:


So have you been to Santorini, have you been to and on the best beaches in Santorini listed above?
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  A Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini   


  1. September 2, 2015 / 7:59 pm

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      Its beautiful! I seriously need to book another ticket to Santorini. I am missing Greek sunshine so much 🙁

    • October 9, 2015 / 9:30 am

      Thank you! I am sure you will love it. There is so much to this little island that people just don't show you as most pictures are just from Oia. But there is more to see and do. A visit to Santorini is a must.

  2. Best Beaches to visit In Santorini and Best Beach Hotels In Santorini
    September 3, 2018 / 10:58 pm

    Thank you so much for this detailed post on the best beaches in Santorini. I am currently planning a surprise trip to Santorini for my wife as she has been wanting to visit Santorini for a while now. I was thinking of planning some time for the beach on our Santorini itinerary. I am looking at hotels in Oia but was wondering if you had any tips on which is the best beach in Santorini to check out for a day as we only have 3 days in Santorini. Also, can you recommend the best hotel in Oia as I am hoping to make this trip as special as possible for my wife.

    Thanks so much

  3. Lilian
    September 27, 2018 / 2:11 pm

    Great post! Well, I’ve been looking at a small town like Akrotiri and have always hoped that it offers the same amazing experience. It’s great to hear the reassurance about the sunsets, beaches and restaurants. It totally sounds like a place I would like to visit, I also love that its close to red beach in Santorini Greece. Just have to figure out what is are best beach resorts in Santorini as that is currently my style of travel at the moment.

  4. Ella Oscar
    September 27, 2018 / 2:29 pm

    Really? The islands that form Santorini came into existence as a result of the intensive volcanic activity? Woah. I’ve actually visited the spot on many occasions but haven’t heard or thought it was been formed that way. Definitely adding Perissa Beach for our next visit. I can’t believe we missed the black sand beach in Santorini. Yep, definitely one for the next visit.

  5. Adam Wright
    September 29, 2018 / 6:19 pm

    I am not here because I am planning a trip. I have actually read through several of your posts and I am here for the photography! You do such a fantastic job with your shots. I travel a lot as well and I could never get the right shots while I am away. Do you have any tips in that regard?

  6. Diane
    September 29, 2018 / 6:37 pm

    I didn’t realize Santorini had SO many great beaches… How am I supposed to pick one? Haha. The red beach and black beaches in Santorini certainly look interesting. Did you actually manage to get to all these beaches in one trip, or are all these pictures from different trips? We’re planning on visiting next summer, but I guess we might have to start thinking about a second trip in the future if we want to see all Santorini has to offer. I have heard to many things about Santorini. I heard there are nudist beaches in Santorini as well as gay beaches in Santorini. Is this true?

    • January 7, 2019 / 8:15 pm

      Hi, yes the above Santorini beach pictures were all taken during the same trip even though I cant wait to visit Santorini again soon. As you noted, black sand beach in Santorini and the red beach are both stunning. Regarding your question on the nudist and gay beaches in Santorini. I can’t say I noticed but I was aware there was a nudist beach as we passed it while sailing.

  7. October 4, 2018 / 5:36 pm

    Those pictures remind me of what I look for when I think of beautiful water and picturesque scenery. Can’t believe how blue the water is. I get relaxed just looking at those pictures so I can only imagine what it’s like being there in person. I see you’ve been to a lot of beaches Bianca. What are some of your overall favorites from all of your journeys?

  8. Matthew
    October 20, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    What a hidden gem! Never realized there were so many magnificent beaches in Santorini. The water looks so clear and pure from the way you captured the pictures, great job!

  9. Abrisa
    October 24, 2018 / 11:24 pm

    Kamari Beach in Santorini was definitely one of my favourites. From your pictures, it looks like I need to head back to check out the others.

    • November 11, 2018 / 9:45 pm

      For such a small island the variety is amazing and yes, well worth checking out the other beaches in Santorini.

  10. Heather Parson
    October 31, 2018 / 10:49 pm

    That map is super helpful! I have never been to the island Santorini. I have been to Greece though, twice! And I LOVED IT! My sister and I are planning a small family trip and we want to do some beaches this time. Her boss recommended Santorini so I am doing my research. We won’t be able to enjoy all the beaches so we will have to choose if we stay more north or more south. Which would you recommend based on your travels?

    • November 11, 2018 / 9:42 pm

      If you love beaches then stayin near Perissa, or in Akrotiri would be good too but depends on the budget as well. Check out the links to accommodation to each beach area to help you narrow down your choices.

  11. Jona
    December 4, 2018 / 9:32 pm

    Amazing post and stunning Santorini beaches pictures. Hope you dont take any offence to this question but are there any Santorini gay beaches on the island that you know of?

    • January 2, 2019 / 2:05 am

      Hi Jona, I cant say I know of any specific gay beaches on the island. Sorry, I don’t have more information on this.

  12. Prince Kurupati
    January 4, 2019 / 11:12 am

    Just from reading your article, I just feel like I am already exploring the best beaches in Santorini Greece. I have head so much about the beaches, I am dying to visit Perissa beach on Santorini. I am guessing this is the black sand beach right? I have also heard so much about Kamari beach which is the red sand beach. I am still in the stages of trip planning for a holiday to Greece of which a visit to Santorini is part of. Looking forward to checking out many of the best beach bars Santorini has to offer. Thanks for this post.

    • January 7, 2019 / 9:01 pm

      Thank you so much for your comment and I certainly hope you enjoy your holiday in Santorini. There are so many beautiful beaches in Santorini I am sure you will love exploring them as well as the many beach bars on Santorini. Have fun!

  13. Maite
    January 10, 2019 / 10:01 pm

    Santorini is a spectacular tourist destination! I was in love and definitely, I´ll be back to check out the more of the beaches in Santorini. Beautiful beaches, restaurants with a wide variety of local and international food and a unique landscape. By the way, I recommend taking photos for postcards in Santorini White Beach, one of the most beautiful places I have visited, the best thing is that good weather lasts all year.

    • January 12, 2019 / 2:48 pm

      Thank you so much for your comment and feedback. I am glad you enjoyed the Santorini beach guide.

  14. Leslie Anderson
    January 26, 2019 / 6:09 pm

    I got tired of going to the beaches when I hit 20, but that was because I was used to the rather boring beaches at home. Not so much anymore as I’ve been to some gorgeous sands in Florida and the Caribbean and things look even better in Santorini. Normally I’ll hit the beach once on vacation but I might hit at least 2 Santorini beaches this time around. So hard to pick just 1!

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