Lisbon’s Pink Street on Rua Nova do Carvalho | The Heart Of Lisbon’s Night Life

One cannot go to Lisbon without sampling the nightlife in Lisbon. Lisbon’s Pink Street on Rua Nova do Carvalho is one such place breaming with clubs, bars, and restaurants. Rua Nova do Carvalho turned “Pink Street” as part of a rehabilitation project in 2011 to turn Lisbon’s former red light district into a trendy spot for nightlife. Lisbon’s nightlife is not the only thing that draws people here. Pink Street now draws a much different crowd than it did in the past. In the days before Tinder ‘dating’ app red light districts were very much part of many urban areas where the was a small concentration of prostitution and sex-oriented business. Pink Street was very much that. This was where sailors came seeking a good time in the company of a woman of the night.  The regeneration of the area around Rua Nova do Carvalho was very much to change the area well known for its seedy reputation.

Rua Nova do Carvalho is now the place to head to for a night out or if you after a bite to eat during the day. It’s filled with bars and restaurants that you can work your way through and then dance the calories away at night. The area is now a lot tamer than its used to be and welcomes families with kids as the area is lined with restaurants that fill the patios but at night is when this place comes alive. The streets go from a tame instagramable Pink Street to people-filled bar-hopping lanes for men and women wishing to let their hair down. Bars and clubs here are open from evening until 3am and some with music only stopping at 6am, bring real meaning to party until the sun comes up. A friend and I snuck up to Pink Street before the bustle started to pick up.


While in Lisbon’s Pink Street one little gem you cannot miss out on is Pensao Amor. It can be accessed from the top of the street on Rua do Alecrim as well as via Pink Street. I personally prefer the entrance to Pink Street as you climb up the stairs to get to the bar you are presented with beautiful murals on the walls around the stairs, a glimpse into its past life. Once you are inside, you are immersed into this bold world of ‘Pension of Love'(a translation of Pensao Amor).  Pensao Amor used to house a brothel. It’s decor still includes a stripper pole in one of the rooms. Bold and colourful decor of vintage posters and ornaments of burlesque dancers, large mirrors, and chandeliers. When we heart about the cocktails, of course, we had to stay for a drink or two having been invited in just as they were opening. The perfect time to rest instragamming-photographer fingers for a minute or two.


Pensao Amor’s rooms are no longer charged at the hour. The beautiful and bold coloured decor of Pink Street’s gem still features a stripper pole with a distinctive cabaret vibe and maintains the intimate and seductive atmosphere that one can’t resist showing a leg between the bold curtains. Whether you are into clubbing or just love a good cocktail to chill out in the afternoon sun, Pink Street is one place you need to add to your places to see and explore in Lisbon.


Pink Street is located near the old port along the riverside in downtown Lisbon but is also a short walk from the hustle and bustle of Rua Augusta’s Arch. Pink Street in its past life was never a place you wanted to venture and unless you were looking for trouble. This was where thieves, prostitues, and people looking for rooms charged at the hour would be hanging out. With regeneration all that has been turned on its head. You have cool clubs drawing in locals and tourists alike. Music and food, what more could one need for an evening of chillout session. Pink Street has some cool spots. In addition to Pensao Amor above below are thre more places to add to your list.


This place comes with a resident singer during the week as you enjoy cocktails and tapas. On the weekend there is a DJ. If you arrive earlier there is food and cocktails served in the outdoor seating as the night draws in.


If you are after live music and a dance floor this is the place to be. It’s been Lisbon’s hottest nightspot for over a decade. You can dancer yourself to a fit bode from 11pm until 6am. Yep, definitely no need for a gym membership you can squeeze in a few dance session a couple of times a week.


This little spot would be mistaken for a fish tackle shop but serves up a delicious fish dishes and drinks to boot. Smoked tuna comes highly recommended here.
Other clubs nearby on Pink Street include Viking, Copenhagen, and Discoteca.


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  1. October 7, 2017 / 8:10 pm

    Pensao amor decor looks so freaking cool!! Had no idea this pink street existed but it's so incredibly unique and pretty. hope to visit there someday!

  2. October 7, 2017 / 11:54 pm

    Since we travel as a family, my husband and I hardly ever get to experience any nightlife anywhere we go. And by the time our daughter is all grown up, we're going to be too old. 😉 I would still love to check out this area in the daytime, though! Your photos perfectly showcase the Pink Street's quirkiness!

  3. October 8, 2017 / 4:32 am

    I was here in April! Absolutely loved the area. We only spent daytime here as we were so tired and ended up going to bed early! So no Lisbon nightlife for us. 🙁

  4. October 15, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    I'm going to Lisbon in November and will add this to my itinerary; photos look fab!
    Maya Not Mya

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