A Cheeky Monkey’s Guide to Iceland | 12 Things To See And Do In Iceland

It took Bee a long time to take me out on a trip and even longer to convince her to let me do a guest post with a guide to Iceland and places you need to see when you visit. For you tea drinkers out there that know me, know I like to #keepittea, but might not have known that I also caught the travel bug by way of staring at Bee’s fridge covered on magnets collecting from around the world. After many months had passed since the PG Tips tea I came with had been drunk and I was still sitting on a shelf since Bee’s niece had gifted me to Bee, I knew the only way I could get a slice adventure was if I took matters into my own hands. After hearing Bee go on and about booking flights to Iceland, planned visits to the Blue Lagoon, booking a campervan in Iceland, reviewing guides to Iceland and hotels in Reykjavik, I knew I needed to find a way to get into her suitcase. Finally, an opportunity had arisen when she left he bag so close to a shelf where I had sat and listened to all the plans for an adventure in Iceland. And so a plan was born! I would sneak into Bee’s handbag and see for myself what all the fuss is about in the land of fire and ice. She had gone one and one about renting a campervan and exploring the sights on Iceland’s Ring Road. Would you pass up a free vacation to Iceland? Yeah, either would I! So having come back, I have managed to convince Bee on let me give you a tour of Iceland. So grab a cuppa and keep it tea, while I take you for a drive around Iceland stops we made.

1. Exploring Reykjavik. Don’t just land and go straight onto a tour explore the capital city and include a trip to Hallgrimskirkja Church. The view from the top is just incredible with colourful city buildings to offset the often grey weather. Just don’t seat on the edge of the window unless you have a thing for heights(or can fit through the bars.)
2. A trip to the land of fire and Ice is not complete without tasting the ice cream. Nestled in the shadows of Hallgrímskirkja Church is Joylato. A little ice cream shop packed full of flavourful selections. I love that it’s made right there in front of you with liquid nitrogen which adds to the fun. After selecting your flavour, mixed the ice cream mix and N2, with a puff of mist as if by magic you have creamy and fresh ice cream! Just be careful not to embarrass yourself by drooling all over the counter as the ice cream mixologist makes magic. Did I mention flavours include Chocolate, Vanilla, Blueberry cheesecake and for the more adventurous flavour hunters check out Avocado-lime, Mango Cardamom or Caramel-Cashew? Yes, I made it out of Bee’s Karl Lagerfeld Tote in time before she had wolfed it all down. This little gem is located at Njálsgata 1, 103 Reykjavik, Iceland
The bag that made my trip possible when I ‘accidentally’ fell into it. Karl Lagerfeld Tote(sold out but similar ones below.)


3. Visit The Sun Voyager on Saebraut Road in Reykjavik. It’s just a short walk from the Harpa building which is another spot to add to your visit in Iceland. The Sun Voyager is a sculpture by Jon Gunnar Arnason. A dreamboat, an ade to the sun. It may look great during the day but I prefer after the midnight sunset when the clouds take on a colourful streak and the reflections on the tiles under the boat bounce off the sculpture. Just be sure to bring some glove and a cuppa if you can.

4. Marvel at mother nature’s masterpiece that is Gullfoss. This one of Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions so of course, I wasn’t going to let Bee stop me from taking a quick shot of me with this beautiful waterfall. This was an unplanned stop as Bee didn’t realise just how close this stop is from the Geyser.

5. Visiting the Blue Lagoon. I don’t think there is a soul that would visit Iceland and not go to the Blue Lagoon. Well not without regretting it anyway. Yes, I was going to tag along to this as well. After all I was already in my bathrobe. At last, that moment had come when I was more prepared that Bee. The only thing I needed was some flip-flops, but those are free with entrance to the Blue Lagoon so all that was needed for to chill and enjoy the R&R as the minerals worked their magic. For more tips on what to expect and tips on planning a trip to the Blue Lagoon, Bee has a post on tips and what to expect when you get to the Blue Lagoon.
6. More of that Ahhh moments with a visit to Seljavallalaug – A hidden hot spring pool in the mountains. Yes, there is no way I was going to miss on this gem having seen Bee toil and scour the interwebs to make sure that she was going to locate this place come rain or shine with or without GPS signal. She found it! I was right on her tail as she did too. Ready for my close-up!  If you want to find Seljavallaug when you visit Iceland, Bee posted tips on not only how to find the hidden pool in Iceland but what you need to make sure you bring with you to make the most of Iceland’s [worst] best-kept secret.


7. Svinafellsjokull Glacier. That moment when you wish you had a lovely warm cuppa to toast mother nature to, this was that moment. Nothing prepares you for what your eyes will have in their sights. All emotions will run through you. I am telling you! I could have sworn I saw a tear fall down Bee’s cheek. She, of course, claimed it was cold but I know this gangster, the tough-talking chick had cracked and it only took mother nature’s delicately layered sheets of ice to crack this tough cookie. The pictures do not do this place justice at all. It’s quiet, serene and just magical. It’s almost as if it’s a painting but also delicately looking. The ice looks so soft like marshmallows. For more pictures of this Bee has another post on why you need to add Svinafellsjokull to your Iceland itinerary plans.



8. Seljalandsfoss. How can one pass up the opportunity to walk behind a waterfall in Iceland? This waterfall really needs no further introductions apart from the fact that its one of South Iceland’s most visited sights so yes, naturally a photo was needed. For more info on how Bee slept right under this and the secret waterfall next to it then head over to Bee’s post on Waterfalls you need to visit in Iceland.
9. Gljufrabui Waterfall. This beautiful little gem is hidden between a veil of rocks and definitely one that you need to see. This is also featured among the must-see waterfall that Bee had the pleasure of sleeping under.
10. Jokulsarlon and Diamond Beach. I may have missed out on checking out the Geysers but no way was anyone going to stand between Iceland’s Glacier Lagoon and Monkey! Yeah, bringing sexy back with glacier ice sheets. Between you and me I would recommend sitting on ice butt naked. I should have pulled my robe over my rear end before I sat on the ice. Check out the quick video taken from Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon.


11. Have a photo session. At this point, Bee and the Ginger had taken me around Iceland so the least I could do was allow them to take a picture with me…

Bee gave me a side eye when she realised that I had been hogging the camera a lot for most of the spots visited.

Playing it cool while hanging out of a pocket

Thanking Bee for Keeping It Tea and taking me on the Iceland Adventure 

12. Reykjavik Chips. After all that exploring one needs to regroup, get some food, grab a cuppa maybe? One little stop in Reykjavik is the rustically decorated chip shop.  Seriously the chips are finger licking good! Naturally I wolfed down Bee’s chips before she could go in for second pickings.


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  1. September 23, 2017 / 7:40 pm

    I went to Iceland a few years ago, but I missed some of these great sights! You have me wanting to go back again!

  2. September 24, 2017 / 2:24 am

    Haha too cute! My stuffed monkey will be jealous as he's not coming with us to Iceland next month:)

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