9 Winter Travel Beauty Tips for Travelers

Winter Beauty Travel Tips


Winter is harsh on everything, especially your skin, below I am sharing my winter travel beauty tips. As a traveller, if you are visiting a country in winter or live in a country with harsh winters like our UK winters, then you need to take extra care of your skin. Even though it is hard to look fashionable while taking cover from the weather in the winter considering the cold, your skincare routine is one that also needs to adapt to the changing seasons. I have sensitive and combination skin so have to be careful with making changes to my skincare routine. Whether its winter or summer, I will usually scope out places like House of Fraser, and  John Lewis, skincare sections to scope out beauty products suitable for the weather where I am going or just to cater to the changing season in helping make sure my skin is well moisturised and protected from the harsh winds and cold. Another site has fast become a favourite is Spa Finder. I have a bit of a ritual before I go on my trips. I love a good spa treatment, whether it’s just to pop in for a facial or a massage but especially as we change seasons. I feel like having a facial or a beauty treatment helps to reset my skin as I move from wearing summer beauty products to winter beauty products. I am thankful that this routine usually leaves my skin smooth with hardly any issues throughout the year except for the odd spot every other month when I indulge in a little chocolate. So with that in mind, I thought I would give you some beauty tips to help you get your skin looking its best during winter during whether you are traveling or staying put in home countries during the winter.  Winter traveling can be fun, but it becomes unpleasant if the weather takes a toll on your on your body, affect how you look and feel. Below are some winter travel tips to help combat the effects of harsh winter.


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Wear your sunscreen

You might think this is unnecessary since the temperatures are low, but you’d be wrong. Irrespective of the season, if the sun is up, so are its rays, and the UV rays can damage your skin if it can get access to it. Protect yourself by applying enough sunblock before going outdoors. To help put this into perspective think how cold skiing locations are but when the sun is out you can still get sunburnt.  It doesnt have to be full on, you can opt for a moisturiser with an SPF of 15+.



Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water can make your skin shiny and beautiful. It also improves circulation of blood around the body. If it’s okay with you, hot tea is also a good way of staying hydrated and warm. I have found that in colder months it’s a lot hard to drink water so I tend to buy fresh grapefruit juice pour that into a large gym bottle or a large glass when I am at home then add lots of hot water. Drink as it was a herbal tea. You stay hydrated and you get the benefits of vitamin C from the juice and the hot water does so much good for not only clearing your skin but your insides too. Within a few days your skin looks and feels so much better. Trust me!


You might be tempted to leave your workouts because of the freezing conditions, but don’t. If you leave your workouts for later, the harder it gets to do it. I have found that starting with getting yourself to do just 30 minutes works a treat. If you can’t get to the gym then buy a jump rope. They are super cheap and easier to travel with. That way can also keep fit as you travel without needing to have a gym membership. Just 1 minute of alternating jump rope can burn 1o calories add some squats and you are good to go.

Wear a scarf outdoors

Winter can be frigid, and if you are going outdoors, the winds can cause be drying to your lips and skin leaving it cracked up and sometimes irritating. Always wear a scarf to cover your face, neck, and every part of your head from the cold. I tend to have one in my tote much like I always have an umbrella living in London, you just never know when you are going to need it.


When traveling during the winter, remember to pack an exfoliator to remove dead skin remnants from your face. Find a good exfoliator as these help moisturizers penetrate deeper into your skin thereby making your skin smooth and glowing. I try to do it only once a week as over-exfoliating can also make your skin dry. This is also good as during colder months you may find that your skin needs more moisturizer to combat the drying weather in which case just to avoid product build up, I find exfoliation helps the skin to absorb the product better.

Wear Lip Balm

Winter’s harshness causes your skin to dry out quickly especially the exposed parts such as the lips. Protect your lips by wearing a quality lip balms with a moisturizing effect. There are so many good quality lip balms out there. Moisturised lips also help to ensure that your lipsticks and lipglosses last a lot longer than get sucked it for lips that are starving for moisture.

Eat Healthily

There is no substitute for good food. The quality of your skin depends mainly on the quality of your diet, so eat balanced and highly nutritious meals to get a healthy and beautiful skin during your winter travels. I have found that drinking lots of water reduces the cravings so the more water the less likely to eat crap. Check out the London Wellness Guide for more tips on food, fitness, mind, body and soul. Filled with stunning photography and an authentic voice, it will let you delve into a treasure trove of healthy discoveries, revealing where to eat out, get in shape and mindfully unwind. This book showcases an inspiring collection of London’s trendiest healthy eateries, boutique fitness studios, serene spas and other nourishing nooks around the city. Another book to consider with a little tough love and a good dose of humor is Sarah Knight’s Get Your Sh*t Together. A best seller and no-f*cks-given, no-holds-barred guide to living your best life. “Her self-help books are full of useful tips, profanity, and irreverent humor so don’t pick this title up if you’re easily offended. If you know someone who seriously needs to get their you-know-what together, this could be the title you’ve been waiting for!”



Winters can get very dry, and this makes the skin uncomfortably dry and irritating. Apply a good moisturizer with natural ingredients which help to lock in moisture so your skin can stay fresh and beautiful.  I absolutely love Ren Skincare, they have some of the best face moisturizers and their body lotions and bath stuff are just heaven in a bottle. They are all made with pure plant and mineral-derived extracts and ethically sourced oils including Argan, Jobaba and Moroccan Rose which nourish and soothe the skin. Great moisturizers also mean that your make up lasts a lot longer but not only that your skin is better protected from the cold, winds and rain. This is one of the reasons I love my spa treatments so that when I have to change to use a heavier moisturizer in the winter, the spa facial acts as a reset for to switch products and I do the same again towards summer when I start using light moisturizers.



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Protect your Hands and Feet

The skin on your limbs are much thinner than other parts of the body, and the hands and feet also have fewer oil glands, which makes them susceptible to cracking in winter conditions. Maintain the beauty of your hands by wearing cotton gloves. Apply foot lotion to reduce cracking and keep in the moisture to your feet as well as wear woolen socks to keep them warm. I love Burts Bees foot lotion which comes in coconut and peppermint.


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