Carry On Essentials For A long Haul Flight | 6 Tips and Tricks on How to Look Refreshed

Essentials For A long Haul Flight | 6 Tips and Tricks on How to Look Refreshed


Let’s talk all things carry on essentials for a long flight. Last year saw me travel a lot more that I usually do and with the majority of my trips requiring long-haul flights, I thought I would share some tips on carry on essentials for long-haul flights that help me look and feel refreshed after long-haul flights. As well as share tips on what to take in hand luggage for a long haul. These include staples like lip balms, travel pillow, water bottle and so on.


My trusted pink Longchamp weekender has been to Hong Kong, Australia, USA and all over Europe and still continues to survive the trips and the contents I tend to throw in it. This simple little bag is unbelievably durable and perfect for throwing all my carry on essentials in, whether I am going for a short getaway or a long haul flight.


List of Essentials For A Long Haul Flight & What To Do On A Long Flight

In addition to having a magazine, book or the iPad I have always packed items that I can easily access once I get on the flight. Over the years I have found that people always want to know your carry on flight essentials list for overseas flights, well in this post you get to see what’s in my travel bag. Items that will allow me to easily relax and rest while on the flight as well as look well rested when I get to my destination. Below I not only go over my long-haul flight beauty essentials, what to do on a long flight and tips for a long haul flight to get you to fall asleep easily.


1. H2O – Drink Plenty of Water

Travelling can be dehydrating, especially during long-haul travel. Dehydration can also mean dry pasty looking skin when you land so drink as much water as possible before and during your flight. Pack a water bottle that can easily be refilled on board. You buy a large bottle of water before boarding or by a water bottle to reduce on single use plastics.


2. Get Some Sleep – This Stuff Works

If flying long haul I tend to pick flights leaving at night but even if you leave in the morning or afternoon. Try and get as much sleep on the flight as possible to help you align your sleeping patterns to the destination time zone. Getting some rest on the flight also means reducing the effects of jet-lag when you arrive. Details of This Stuff Work Lavender spray below in the carry-on essentials.


3. Take Make Up Off  And Put First or Eye Mask

When travelling long haul wear as little make-up as possible. Usually, brow pencil and mascara is about as much as I wear when flying long haul. That way you don’t have to spend forever taking it all off when you get on the flight. Not only that I have always found the air on flights to somehow help the makeup clog up the pores. If you do wear makeup, though, just take that off before dozing off on the flight. Having wipes in your bag or carry-on gives your quick access to help remove any make-up. As flights can be dehydrating, I usually pack a couple of hydrating face and eye masks.


4. Wrap Hair to Avoid Dry Bedhead Hair

For that refreshed look when you get off the plane, I find that wrapping the hair or a simple braid and tuck helps return moistures so that when you unwrap the hair as you get off the flight you reduce the bed hair effect and add a little volume at the same time.


5. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

This is a no-brainer. Your skin always looks brighter and more radiant when you take of it. Travel as fun as it is, the business of flying can be drying on the skin. I usually have oily to combination skin but flying sometimes can produce extra sebum and then sometimes dry on longer flights. I always find that removing make-up, cleansing, toning and the moisturising properly helps counter the effects of the drying air on the plane.

6. Ear Plugs

We all know the sometimes flights can be noise, whether that is people moving about nonstop, or babies in a funky mood. Best to pack ear plugs, especially if you are like me and are a light sleeper.


7. Travel Pillow

This is a must on the packing list for flight essentials on long-haul flights. Whether you are on a long haul flight to South America, Asia or Africa, neck pillows and travel pillows, in general, have come a long way. My current favourite at the moment is the Wendsim Pillow which is perfect for supporting the head and the neck.


8. Compression Socks

Compression socks are a must whether you are a frequent traveller or not. They help with preventing varicose veins, stimulate the oxygen transmission of the muscle and provide cyclic support to reduce damage, swelling, and fatigue.


Let’s face it, plan seats are not the most comfortable things, are they? So those little things you bring with you can go a long way in making your flight a little more comfortable and bearable enough for your to get some rest during long flights. So a shawl, wrap or scarf can keep you warm when they blast that aircon as well as the trusty cashmere socks. Also, make sure you wear comfortable shoes when flying. Just a few essentials I always pack to make travel that little more comfortable.

Perfect Travel Beauty Kits | Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials


The perfect long haul flight beauty essentials!



In-Flight Routine & Tips and Tricks on How to Look Refreshed After Long Haul Flight

Essentials For A long Haul Flight | 6 Tips and Tricks on How to Look Refreshed


In Flight –  Shortly after take off I sneak off to the bathroom to remove any makeup, whether that is with a cleanser/toner, my Ren hot cloth cleaner or with wipes, depending on what I have packed at the time. I remove any makeup and moisturise. I currently dance between Elizabeth Arden and Decleor moisturisers as they are the only ones that seem to agree with me and not make my skin get too oily. Brush my teeth and wrap my hair. By the time I get back to my seat I feel refreshed and my seatmates usually think it’s a different person sitting next to them as I turn up with a silk scarf around my hair.


Before Arriving – About 30 minutes to an hour before landing. I sneak off to the toilets again. Freshen up with wipes, moisturise (if I am using tinted moisturiser I use my trusted MAC Tinted Creme with 30 SPF), unbraid or unravel my hair, apply a little oil or moisturise to hair, depending on current hairstyle, brush teeth. Apply brow pencil and a little mascara and you are good to go!


Flight Essentials – Travel Staples I Pack In My Carry-On For Long Haul Travel

To add to my travel essentials packing list above, below are  a couple more musts haves on the flight essentials list.


Longchamp Travel Bag

Usually my main carry-on of choice when I travel, especially if I have checked in bags. It’s big enough for me to stuff it with my all my travel essentials that I need for in-flight comfort as well as anything I may need for any layovers while my main suitcase gets transferred to the next flight. I also love that the Longchamp carry-on  folds over to the size of a small purse so that if I am traveling light, but know that I will be coming back with more than I went with, it’s perfect for bringing back goodies without having to take an empty suitcase with me.


Perfect Travel Carry-ons


Face Wipes

This and hand sanitizer are always in my handbag or carry-on and part of my travel essentials packing list. Usually, I try and sneak off to the toilets on late flights to wash off any make-up or cleanse/tone but sometimes you are lazy and can just use the wipes to remove any make-up from your seat. Face wipes are also perfect for wipe any germs from seat handles and people’s hands you may have been checking through the day (can you tell I am a germophobe)


Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser

I love Ren products. I actually found out about their products when my young sister got a job with Ren in their Shepards Bush store and always used to tease my sister about their products until I tried them. It was love at first application. I have their bath oils, lotions and body washes are just to die for. That Neroli and grapefruit has always been a favourite. Another item from their range that I tend to travel with is the Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser, it gently exfoliates and removes all make-up without that drying feeling. Leaving your skin refreshed and ready for moisturiser.


Sleeping Eye Mask

I am a light sleeper and find any little thing can disturb my sleep. I can’t exactly avoid the noise on the flight but I can certainly avoid those flicking their lights on and off when reading or watching moving on the flight so I tend to pack a sleeping mask in addition to ear plugs in my carry on just in case I need the help to sleep.


This Works

I have the smaller pillow spray but last Xmas my boyfriend bought me a gift box from This Works, which included the pillow spray among their bath soaks and a few other items. What I love about it was that I now had a slightly big version of my lavender pillow spray. I tell you this stuff works!! I am not only a light sleeper but also an insomniac. On the flight, I usually either spray a little on my eye mask, the travel pillow or spray it on a tissue and just sit back with that over my nose and relax into sleep. Perfect for long haul flights when you want to sleep and align yourself with the destination time zone.


Silk Scarf

I have a couple of silk and satin scarves that I rotate and travel with. The air conditioning on flights can be drying to not only your skin but also your hair. I usually find that wrapping your hair and tying a silk or satin scarf on your head to help with retaining moisture in hair when travelling long haul. Returning moisture in your hair means also goes a long way on looking refreshed when you finally get off the plane. For more on other essential items for your carryon checkout My Own Way To Travel’s post.


So those are my travel essentials, so what else is would you add to your carry on essentials for long flights?


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  1. April 16, 2016 / 8:51 pm

    yes to a lot of water. i get dehydrated on the flights easily :/ Also great tips on carry on essentials for long flights

  2. April 17, 2016 / 6:20 am

    Thanks of the tips on airplane essentials for long flights, I've just pinned too x

  3. April 17, 2016 / 9:37 am

    Some really useful long haul flight tips here. I always carry a pashmina scarf with me to cuddle up with and drink lots of water. I also like to spritz my face regularly with a hydrating spray which seems to work well. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  4. June 6, 2016 / 11:41 pm

    Pretty awesome tips! I've never been on a really long flight but always wonder what to take in hand luggage for a long haul. The longest has been about 3 hours. Even then, I pack some of the same essentials that you've mentioned and I also follow some of the same practices. This is my first time hearing about pillow spray so I'm interesting in trying that at home and while on a plane.

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