11 February 2016

5 Great Reasons To Use Airbnb When You Travel

When I travel, accommodation is an important part of planning my trip. That also involves consideration on the cost, location, amenities near by as well as what's included in that too. So looking at apartment rentals has become a natural aspect of booking my trips, whether flying solo or exploring with friends and lovers! I am kidding, there is only one man in my life. Originally I was going to just put 5 reasons to use Airbnb, but it now appears I have to add a 6th; because Beyonce is using Airbnb as well! You haven't heard? During her stay in the city when she did the Super Bow performance of her latest Single Formation, she rented out an Airbnb mansion. Granted this place was $10K a night, I am not saying that's what you should all be booking, well unless you can afford it. In which case I may just be asking you to invite me to tag along, but I digress. So why should you use Airbnb when you travel? Check out my 5 reasons on why you should use Airbnb below. Just so we get this out of the way, this is not a sponsored post nor am I getting paid by Airbnb to post this. If you do want to start hosting your apartment on Airbnb or if you want to book your first Airbnb stay you can get £14 off your first booking with my Airbnb link.

1. Value For Money - Most cases I have found you get much better value for money compared to hotels in the same location, offering same amenities in the area they are located in but are charging a premium solely based on location alone. You can usually find Airbnb to be much cheaper and you get to come and go as you please without dealing too much with hotel staff and guests. 

2. Late Check Out And No Fees - Usually you can check out much later without late fees or any qualms you will normally face in hotels. I have had late outs as late as 7pm and sometimes 8pm depending on whether I had a late return flight home.

3. Get The Views Without The Price Tag - If you look at some of the hotels in Paris that are offering hotel rooms with the view of Eiffel Tower you will be paying a ridiculous some. The Shangri-La  for example, rooms with the Eiffel Tour start at £600 a night and some even more. There other hotels that also have a partial view of the Eiffel Tour but still charge a crazy sum even when the room is the size of a toilet. I have seen many places on Airbnb that have balconies, great views of Paris and still a small fraction of the price you would pay at hotels. So why not stay in an Airbnb Rental?

4. Proximity To Sights - The place I rented in Paris had the view of the Eiffel Tower over the River Seine all with my very own private balcony plus many other tourist sights were only walking distance to me as well as having the train station behind the building. Plus the whole state of feeling like I was experiencing Paris like a local too. Yet another reason why using Airbnb is a great idea.

5. Peace and Privacy - Total privacy and peace of not dealing with hotel service staff, unless of course you choose a serviced apartment. I like the idea of not dealing with the noise of hotel lobbies and just the freedom in terms of how you feel being at home compared to how it feels being in a hotel. I can't quiet put that into words. I almost feel a little more at home and more relaxed in a rental than being in a hotel room. I guess when you travel a lot sometimes you want that homely feel to it too.

I have used Airbnb for other stays some of which I have written about like when I was visiting Copenhagen. I also had a beautiful rental/hotel in Spain and recently in Bangkok. We were also going to rent another during our stay in Kuala Lumpur but ended up staying at a hotel in the end. They certainly don't compare to Beyonce's Airbnb stay, but it's certainly a great way to explore a city in style, whatever your budget is there are always little gems waiting for you. Below is a link that gives you £14 credit for your Airbnb stay(there is also the option of also letting your home when you are not using it.)

Pictures of my Paris apartment rental are below. If you want to use Airbnb you can also get a £14 discount off on your first stay with my Airbnb link here. You can also use the same link if you want to rent out your place on Airbnb too. Most of the hotels were costing about £200 for a decent room over night. My stay was only £124 a night, with even better views and access to transport and tourist sights than most were offering for the price they were charging. I also managed to book this place for New Years Eve but I missed my fight from Cambodia. No problem though because I am back in Paris in 2 weeks! Stay tuned on Instagram if you are not already following. 

Top Floor Views. View of the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine all from the Airbnb apartment rental.

Beautiful Parisian balconies all around the building.

Inside the Paris Studio Apartment.

Wearing: Black Knit Turtleneck Dress and boots: Very // Gold Ball Necklace,  Ring and Earrings: Swarovski // Coat: Marks and Spencers // Watch: Vivienne Westwood at Watch Shop

On the right is the Trocadéro (5 minutes away from the apartment) and on the left is the view of the city from the Paris apartment balcony.

View of Line 6 from the Parisian balcony passing  Pont de Bir Hakeim. The pont de Bir-Hakeim, formerly the pont de Passy, is a bridge that crosses the Seine River in Paris, France. It connects the city's 15th and 16th arrondissements, If you are in Paris make sure to get on the 6 for a unique view of Eiffel Tower as the train crosses the bridge.

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  1. What great views. I'd definitely go for a local feel with a great location over paying 3x or 4x as much for a hotel!

  2. What a great post! Love Air bnb xx

  3. What a great post! Love Air bnb xx