Best Beaches of Tel Aviv Israel To Check Out & Where To Stay


The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach



I am going to take you on a journey experiencing the best Tel Aviv beaches. You simply cannot visit Israel without checking out the beaches of Tel Aviv from Hilton Beach, Metzitzim Beach, Gordon Beach, Jerusalem Beach, Bograshov Beach and so many more. The shoreline stretches for miles and miles of beautiful powdery sand that finding the best beach in Tel Aviv isn’t that difficult. The Tel Aviv beach lies on the western edge of the country facing the Mediterranean Sea. Below are my top 10 beaches of Tel Aviv you need to check out also covering best beach hotels in Tel Aviv to help you decide where to stay in the city to get the most of activities on the shorelines.


Israel is blessed with beautiful weather throughout the year that whether you come and experience Tel Aviv beach in Winter, Autumn, Summer or Spring there is always something to do, from paragliding, SUP boarding, surfing to plain old beach bumming in one long Mediterranean beach. The beach is split into several beaches each with its own character, restaurants and designated activities. Most beaches have beach volley areas, beach gyms where locals love to flex their muscles and plenty of water sports to take part.

Note that you also have a tourist information Center right in front of Dolphinarium Beach (Banana Beach) if you require details to plan the rest of your explorations in Tel Aviv or Israel.


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Best Beaches In Tel Aviv | Best Beaches In Israel To Check Out


Below are the beaches of Tel Aviv which also include some of the best Israeli beaches you will find in the country, starting from Jaffa Beach in the south of Tel Aviv where you will find Charles Clore Beach and traveling north all the way up to Hilton and Mezizim Beach. With 300+ days of sunshine in Israel, almost every day is a good beach day. You can find most of the best beaches in Israel along the coastline of Tel Aviv. Right along each beach, I have your provided details of the best beach hotels in Tel Aviv next to each of the cool Israeli beaches below.


1. Jaffa Beach In Tel Aviv

A beautiful beach with plenty to do nearby. Tel Aviv’s Jaffa Beach offers chilled out surroundings until the shadows of Jaffa Port with Jaffa flea market nearby many restaurants, shops and art galleries close by. There is no lifeguard and wave breakers here so if you are out in the water here make sure you are a strong swimmer or just here for sun worshiping or little swim on the shoreline.


The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach


Good For: This is one of the best beaches in Israel. Sunset watching and perfect for surfers as you get lots of beach waves here. Its popular with surfers and windsurfers especially on windy days. Popular for: Surfers.

Attractions Nearby: Jaffa Port, flea market and plenty of galleries, shops and restaurants.
Staying Nearby: Click here for Hotels Near Jaffa Beach

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach



2. Charles Clore Beach In Tel Aviv


You will find Charles Clore Tel Aviv close to Jaffa Beach. You also have Clore Charles Park nearby with plenty of green to have a picnic if you are not up for a swim. There are plenty of benches around for people watching. The beach offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere with walking paths perfect for rollerblading, cycling and walking.


The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach


Good For: If you are up for a relaxing swim or a place to chill out.

Nearby Attractions: Nearby is Neve Tzedek neighbourhood which was built in 1887, 22 years before the city of Tel Aviv was founded. It was the first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa. Jaffa Port is also a short walk as is Jaffa’s Flea Market, Clock Tower. You also Charles Clore car park next to beach if driving.

Staying Nearby: Click here for  Tel Aviv Beachfront Hotels and those close to Charles Clore Beach

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach  The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach

3. Dolphinarium Beach AKA Banana Beach In Tel Aviv


Dolphinarium Beach is also known as Banana Beach, which most consider to to be the best beach in Tel Aviv. Known for its music festival each Friday. Popular with Israel’s young crowd and families with a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Centrally located as it lies in the middle of the city, with beautiful white sand and turquoise blue water on the shores. Dolphinarium Beach is quite big compare to the other nearby. It had three areas offering different things to do for locals and tourist visitors.

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach


Good For: One of the best Israeli beaches, Dolphinarium Beach is perfect for Surfing, swimming, sunbathing as you have shallow areas in the middle perfect for families. This area is reserved for swimmers where parents like to splash about in the water here with their children. There is also a beach volleyball court here and several pieces of exercise equipment on the beach gym. The first part of the beach is popular with SUP boarders, and surfers as the waves are big but the water is shallow you will find beginner surfers in this area of the beach. The third area of area of the beach is popular with sun worshippers. In this area you are not allowed to go into the water here due to the strong current, but instead, you can hire one of the numerous sun-loungers and parasols and just relax with a cold drink or reading a book.

Nearby Attractions: There is the Banana Beach restaurant by the beach, which gave the beach one of its nickname. The restaurant offers regional dishes such as shakshuka or hummus. Also, along the beach promenade, you will find Clara Beach Bar, known for many an Israel beach party, a popular venue for Tel Aviv’s night time party scene.  Next to the beach you also have the surfing club which offers courses for varying abilities. In the summer they have surf camps organised for children. For those with experience of water sports, you can also rent a SUP and surfboards.

Staying near Banana Beach: Click here for hotels near Banana Beach and Carmel Market.

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach

4. Jerusalem Beach In Tel Aviv


One of the best Tel Aviv beaches, Jerusalem Beach is another beach that is fairly centrally located in central Tel Aviv and runs along the promenade along the hotel strip. It is popular with both local Tel Avians and tourists and another contender for best beach in Tel Aviv. The beach is popular with swimmers throughout the year as you have plenty of wave breakers nearby creating ideal swimming conditions. The beach also has wheelchair access and many areas for sunbathing. You also have a fitness area, toilets, showers and lockers nearby. There are also lifeguards and beach supervisors to ensure safety which has worn the beach many an award. Opposite side of the beach you can find tourists information center.

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach


Good For: With many wave breaker nearby the shallow water allows the kids to play here safely so you will find that the beach is also popular with families. Note that the this beach is advertised as a swimming beach so there are no water-sports here making way for swimming without having to bump into a surfer.
Nearby Attractions: A short walk from the beach you will find the famous Carmel Mark. On the beach is the Jzfoni Restaurant, where you will find a large seating area allowing you to dine while you people watch along the beach shores. Jerusalem Beach regular places host to rumba parties on Friday and in the summer months the beach is lively with the young people of Tel Aviv, who celebrate the summer until the early morning hours with music and drinks.

Staying near Jerusalem Beach: Check out hotels like Royal Beach Tel Aviv Spa Hotel and Golden Beach Tel Aviv Hotel. For more beach hotels  Click here for hotels near Jerusalem Beach



5. Bograshov Beach In Tel Aviv


Bograshov Beach is known as the The city beach for families with its fine white sand, its turquoise water. Bograshov Beach stretches along a strip of hotels and attracts many tourists from the string of hotels nearby. Expect a crowd when the summer season is in full swing. Fortunately there are plenty of sun-loungers and more beach nearby. There are showers and toilets, as well as lifeguards all year round and the beach security team maintains order and cleanliness.

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach


Good For: This beach has become a family favourite because of the wave breakers and the shallow water. Small children can splash about safely and build sandcastles on the beach. The classic among the beach games in Israel is Matkot and you will see many people here playing this unofficial national sport. Its also easily accessible for wheelchair users.

Nearby Attractions: The popular Le Mer restaurant serves food and drink directly at the beach and at the promenade. The restaurant offers local dishes such as shashuka, humus and falafel and they will even bring food and drink to the sun-loungers. There is also a small shop at the promenade where you can buy clothes and toys.

Staying near Bograshov Beach: Click here for Tel Aviv Beachfront Hotels and hotels close to Bograshov Beach

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach


6. Frishman Beach In Tel Aviv


Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv Israel, is a wide, white sandy beach, which, although it is one of the city beaches of Tel Aviv and is also one of the most popular and busiest beaches of this bustling city especially in the summer months when the hotels along the promenade are filled with tourists from around the world.

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - Frishman Beach Tel aviv israel


Good For: The beach also has wave breaks which allows the beach to have shallow areas perfect for kids to have a safe area to splash around. There are lifeguards all year round to keep an eye on the safety of swimmers. There are plenty of spots on the beach to play beach volleyball or “matkot” – a popular national sport in which two players hit a small black ball back and forth with wooden paddles. Like many beaches in the area there are there is an area dedicated to sunbathing with plenty of loungers with parasols, where you can relax or read a book and enjoy the great view of the turquoise sea.

Nearby Attractions: The restaurant right on the beach can cater for all appetites with typical Israeli dishes such as hummus, falafel or shakshuka. Here the locals like to order fresh watermelons, which are particularly juicy and sweet in Israel. There are also some trendy bars and several restaurants not far away.

Staying near Frishman Beach: Click here for hotels near Frishman Beach

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach

7. Tel Aviv Gordon Beach In Tel Aviv


Gordon Beach is one of Tel Aviv’s most popular and famous beaches and has a large area of fine sandy beach meeting the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. There are lifeguard throughout the year here. On the beach is also a playground, a fitness trail, many volleyball courts and a number of sun-loungers. On the promenade you will find shops, restaurants and bars. In the afternoons the atmosphere of the beach changes when the Tel Aviv locals come here and work out.

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach


Good For: Gordon Beach is known for its ideal conditions for stand-up paddling is whereas the other beaches in the middle are mainly for swimming, on Gordon Beach you will also find many water sports enthusiasts. Many people come here every day to hop on a board for surfing, windsurfing and SUP boarding. Courses for these water-sports can be booked at a provider on the nearby marina where you can also rent SUP boards and kayaks. There is also a diving school on the harbour as well as guided catamaran tours.

Nearby Attractions: There are plenty of restaurants and bars near Gordon Beach. There are also Segway tours along the promenade, in addition to a short walk from galleries and shopping mall close by.


Staying near Gordon Beach: Tel Aviv beachfront hotels include Sheraton Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, and Crown Plaza Hotel which are located on Gordon Beach. For more hotels near Gordon Beach click here.

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach


8. Hilton Beach In Tel Aviv


Hilton Beach is known as the main Tel Aviv gay beach and one of those beaches north of Tel Aviv. It’s popular with surfers and the city’s residents bringing dogs. Hilton Beach lies at the foot of the Hilton, The beach has bathrooms, beach chairs, and volleyball nets, and can be accessed via a service road from Metzizim Beach. The beach is also accessible for wheelchair users. The beach is also popular with dog owners as there is a dog area on Hilton Beach. This is one of the few dog beaches in Tel Aviv where dogs can run around over the fine sand until they are completely exhausted and then cool down in the water together with their owners.

Hilton Beach Tel Aviv


Gay Pride at Hilton Beach – In recent years Hilton Beach has established itself as the unofficial hotspot for the LGBT scene. This section of beach is not only the most liberal in all of Tel Aviv, but also has the fittest and most tanned men in the tightest of swimming trunks.


Good For: Popular with gay couples and the LBGTQ, windsurfers, and dog-lovers. You will find a windsurfing school at the beach which offers equipment and courses for children, beginners, and experienced windsurfers. Stand-up paddles and kayaks can also be hired here.

Nearby Attractions: Nearby you will find Independence park which offers a beautiful spot to chill and in enjoy the views of the Mediterranean.  The park has been known for many years as one of the hottest places in the city for gay cruising after dark. Independence Park is known as a good spot for sports lovers, a location where families come to celebrate birthdays on Saturdays as well as those looking to shield from the sun under a tree.


Staying near Hilton Beach: Hilton HotelCarlton Hotel lie along the beachfront and considered the best beach hotel in Tel Aviv.  This is as close as you get when it comes to  Israel beach resorts as you dont have hotels directly one the beache but these are only a few meters away. In addition, you also have the Grand Beach Tel Aviv Hotel which is not only close to the beaches but also Old Tel Aviv Port. For more hotels near Hilton Beach click here.

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach

9. Mezizim Beach In Tel Aviv


Mezizim Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Tel Aviv with locals. It is also known as a family beach as there are plenty of shallow areas in the protected bay with plenty of play areas and shelter from the sun. It is named after the famous film by Arik Einstein. Situated between the Religious Beach and the harbour, is easily reached from the city centre and is therefore very crowded at the weekends during the summer months.

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach


Good For: Perfect for families with small kids. On the seafront, you will find Mezizim, a trendy restaurant, where you can sit to and enjoy food while the sun sets, also perfect for people watching on the promenade. The beach is also popular with young Israelis.

Nearby Attractions: Nearby is Tel Aviv Port, is a dynamic social hotspot where you will find markets, shops, restaurants and many bars and clubs.


Staying near Mezizim Beach: Click here to find hotels near Mezizim Beach

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach

10. Religious Beach In Tel Aviv

Last but not least is Religious beach, a segregated beach meant for Tel Aviv’s more religious communities – surrounded by walls to prevent prying eyes. Women go on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday and men on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Shabbat, when religious people can’t go to the beach, anything goes!

The Best Beaches of Tel Aviv - From Jaffa Beach To Gordon and Hilton Beach


Where To Stay In Tel Aviv


There are plenty of Tel Aviv hotels on the beach, with plenty of beach restaurants next to them. There are hostels and hotels close by so don’t think you have to stay in a hotel that is right on the beach. On this trip we opted to rent an apartment not to far from Rothchild Avenue.


For Tel Aviv beachfront hotels click here. For hostels in Tel Aviv click here and for all other options and apartments in Tel Aviv click here to compare reviews and get the latest prices.


Getting Around Tel Aviv


Getting around Tel Viv is super easy even for first-time visitors in Israel. Download Moovit on your phone. This will allow you to use the buses in Tel Aviv with ease as you can tap in your destination and it will tell you the bus you need to get and how many stops to get there, in addition, to tell you the bus stop you need. Also, download the Gett app for taxis in Israel.


It works in much the same way Uber does. Park in Tel Aviv can be tricky. For most of our trips to Tel Aviv we usually rent a car on both our trips in November and a week ago were no different. You can pick up a rental car near the beach where we rented a car from Budget Rentals and dropped in off at the Airport on the way back. You can also rent a car from Tel Aviv Airport.


For packing in Tel Aviv I would also recommend you download the app Pango which allows you to park in the blue and white marked spots in Tel Aviv and you can track and monitor all this on the app. You also have a couple of car parks in Beaches in Tel Aviv. We used the one just in front of  Gordon Beach. For car rentals, there is Budget, Sixt, TIR and Aviv all by Gordon Beach.


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Israel is beautiful and with this many beaches its a wonder that this country is growing as a tourist destination and not just for pilgrimage holidays. People visiting to experience the best beaches in Israel, the food and the holy sites! So have you had a taste of the beach life on the beaches of Tel Aviv? Which one of the Israeli beaches above was your favourite?


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  1. Sally - Tel aviv Beaches Pictures
    September 20, 2018 / 6:07 pm

    Once again your Tel Aviv beaches pictures are to die for! It feels like I’m already there, haha. I love that your descriptions of the beaches also go as far as to list some of the specific benefits of that beach, the nearby attractions, Israel beach resorts, Tel Aviv beach restaurants, and some of the local hotels in Tel Aviv to stay in. Thanks for the post!

  2. Larry
    September 27, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    This Charles Clore Tel Aviv is all I need right now for a good day out at the beach. The Park offers an amazing spot to have a good picnic with lots of space to relax, walk cycle or just watch others have fun. A friend of mine took me to visit one of the gay beaches in Tel Aviv for a beach party. I really enjoyed it. We will definitely be adding a few more days to our Israel itinerary just to explore the beaches of Tel Aviv.

  3. Sara P.
    September 29, 2018 / 6:17 pm

    The beaches in Tel Aviv look amazing! Some of them look very similar but I guess that is because they are close together. Is the Mediterranean Sea clean? I have only ever been in Southern Florida to see the ocean. My sister-in-law is planning a trip to Tel Aviv and I will be going with her so I am trying to find some great places to visit whilst we are there. Thanks for this list and Israel beaches pictures.

  4. October 3, 2018 / 4:45 pm

    This is great. I remember seeing an ad for tourism in Israel years ago and I was skeptical when I saw it focusing on beaches. I’ve always thought of Israel in terms of a Holy Land tour. However, a classmate’s in-laws live in Israel and she told me Israel has some beautiful beaches. I’ve always wanted to go to Israel, but I want to do more than see religious sites (although that is on my to-do list). These Tel Aviv beaches look beautiful and relaxing and perfect for beach holiday in Israel.

    • Bianca
      October 9, 2018 / 2:59 pm

      You are not the only one to think that Israel was all just religious sites. There is more to it than that. Beaches in Tel Aviv speak for themselves and definitely worth visiting many of the best beaches Israel has to offer. There are plenty of people visiting Tel Viv for beach holidays and nothing to do with Jerusalem holy sites.

  5. October 7, 2018 / 7:55 pm

    I had no idea that the beaches in Tel Aviv were so spectacular! Even better they are holiday resorts in Israel near the beaches. You make me want to go there and also the food looks delicious, excellent post! Do you know anything about Tel Aviv beach chair rentals?

    • Bianca
      October 9, 2018 / 10:34 am

      Yes, a lot of people are unaware of just how beautiful Tel Aviv beaches are. The whole stretch of the coastline is absolutely stunning. Visiting is always a pleasure as you also get great sunset views by the promenade in Jaffa Port.

  6. Ikenna Michael
    January 3, 2019 / 10:55 pm

    Beaches in Isreal? really? I never knew that they were beautiful spots like this. whenever I think of Isreal as a tourist, the holy sites are just the first to come to my mind. This post has really changed a paradigm. I would visit Isreal again but not as a pilgrim but as a tourist and see these amazing beaches. I heard there is even a gay beach in Tel Aviv?

    • Bianca
      January 7, 2019 / 8:18 pm

      Hey, yes, one side of Israel is one long coastline of beautiful beaches. Well worth checking out when you are visiting Israel. As for you and those wanting to know where is the gay beach in tel aviv? I have updated the post so that its clear.

  7. David
    January 6, 2019 / 6:00 am

    So many beautiful beaches in Tel Aviv Israel. I went to Banana beach for my college grad gift last year and it was so beautiful to learn that Israel was more than just religious sites. It was so warm and clean. I came back home with a perfect tan

    • Bianca
      January 7, 2019 / 9:21 pm

      Yes, so many Tel Aviv beaches to check. I really miss the scenery. I can’t wait to visit again this year. There are so many activites do on the beaches too. From Tel Aviv beach workouts as well as Tel Aviv beach volleyball and Yoga too.

  8. Maite
    January 10, 2019 / 10:50 pm

    Your Tel Aviv beaches pictures are to die for! This post made me remember so many beautiful moments in Israel!
    That spectacular views of Tel Aviv, the beautiful Tel Aviv beach water temperature in the summer was so warm. Then the fun Tel Aviv beach Israel dancing near Hilton Beach to the Tel Aviv beach restaurants serving amazing food. Just amazing. I really cannot wait to visit Israel ago soon. Your post brings back so many memories of visiting the Tel Aviv beachfront.

  9. Julia
    January 25, 2019 / 5:53 am

    I’m planning on going on a work-related trip to Tel Aviv soon and was looking for some spots to relax at. This post has everything I need! I’m going to attempt to check out Banana Beach and see how it is. Regardless, thanks for the wonderful article and I can’t wait to read some of your other articles. Also wondering Tel Aviv beaches in March are, as well as the Tel Aviv beach sea temperature too for that time of year.

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