Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping

Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping


Odda is one of many beautiful towns in Norway with swiping fjord vistas waiting to be explored. With Odda camping being used as a base camp for those heading to hike Trolltunga. So I thought I would cover Odda camping to Trolltunga camping, Tyssedal camping, Odda camping bookings, Odda camping prices for tents in this little town that is an adventure playground for outdoors enthusiasts. If you are a lover of the outdoors then you will definitely love Norway and Odda even more so. There are beautiful Fjord views and beautiful waterfalls cascading off mountains on every turn which means camping in Odda Norway comes with magnificent views that are just incomparable.



If you are loving for a digital escape or a trip to switch off, relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility that mother nature has to offer then Norway needs to be on your list of places to explore. STAT! As well as getting close to mother nature camping also offers the opportunity to keep accommodation costs to a minimum and spend the moment on other experiences.



Norway has over 800 campsites offering camping, cabins and even room to bring your own caravans and campervans. So if the views alone don’t convince you to at least attempt camping then nothing else will. Otherwise there you always go for cabin rental.




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From Odda Camping To Trolltunga Camping


We travelled from Bergen with our rental car having enjoyed a long weekend in Bergen, we drove to Odda where we camped before heading to do the overnight hike to Trolltunga which also involved camping. For those that want to do Trolltunga, I have a Q&A guide to hiking Trolltunga with everything you need to know. I will also be doing a Norway packing list guide and tips as I seem to get a lot of people asking me about what to pack for the hike.



If Trolltunga is not your idea of adventure there is still plenty on offer in Odda. This beautiful little town is packing full with stunning waterfalls, emerald fjords, blue glaciers, silvery peaks, lush valleys and so much beauty its just magical that words are not enough. I am actually mad at myself for staying away from Norway for this long before I visited. For more on Norway check out this guide on places to visit in Norway.




Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping  Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping  Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping


Camping In Odda Norway And Things To Do In Odda

As I mentioned above Norway has some 800 camping sites and we had our sights set firmly on camping in Odda Norway. I knew that waking up and unzipping the tent to fjord views was too exciting an opportunity to pass up while visiting Norway. In addition to the hike to Trolltunga, there are endless hiking trails in Odda, 7 of which I will detail below. Odda is an idea place for if you are looking for an activity based holiday. There are biking tours, plenty of spots to swim, blueberry picking and fishing. You can do guided glacier tours, climb in Via Ferrata routes, try zip-lining and even kayak under Trolltunga! For those that love their winter sports, you also have Røldal nearby, said to have Europe’s deepest snow and offers Norway’s best off-piste skiing.



Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping

Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping

Odda Camping, Trolltunga Hiking and Other Hike Trails Nearby

When you arrive in Odda, the majority of the hostels, hotels and camping sites will have maps for Trolltunga. Not everyone might be up for a 22km return trips hike. You are in luck because there are endless hiking trails in Odda. This maps provided also give details of 7 trails you can do that dont take as long as Trolltunga. I think we picked up ours at our camping site office.



  1. Holmaskejer – Its 5 hours each way. The hike starts 2km from Odda town along route 550. The trail is steep so a good pair of hiking shoes is important as is warm and windproof clothing, maps and compass. With the glacier nearby be prepared for rapid weather changes but there is a cabin at the summit for overnight stays. Make sure you pack a good piece of sleeping gear.
  2. Strand – Sandvin – Its 1hr each way. You need to head towards Røldal as this trail is about 2km from Odda town center. The views alone are worth hunting for the start of the trail. On the way, you will pass through Sandvin’s beautiful landscapes of lakes, waterfalls and mountains.
  3. Buardalen – This trail is about 2-3 hours round trip. You need to drive towards Røldal for this one as well and follow signs for Buer. The last part of the trail is steep and suitable footwear for this is mandatory. This route is closer to the glacier advice from the Tourist Information is Do Not go near the glacier without a guided tour for your own safety.  In a reception at Odda Camping(details blow), you can also book a guided glacier trip.
  4. Fossaset – This trail is about 3-4 hours round trip. First, drive towards Røldal and then follow signs for  Buer then Strand. The path to Fossasete is good but sometimes with steps of stone. After 30mins of hiking up, it becomes flat. From there you continue to south Jordalsnuten over Tverreggi and down to Buer.
  5. Rossnos – This trail is about 6 hours round trip. It takes about 3.5 hours to get up. From the center of Odda you head towards Kinsarvik. The trail is clearly marked Rossnos.
  6. Lilletopp – This trail is about 30 minutes each way. From the center of Odda, you head towards Kinsarvik to Tyssedal. Then follow signs for Skeggedal(this is the same direct for Trolltunga). The Lilletopp trail is well marked and the top offers stunning views of the glacier and Sorfjorden. Sørfjorden is a 38-kilometre long fjord that is one of the innermost branches of the main Hardangerfjorden in Hordaland county.
  7. Modalen  – Einseten. This trail takes about 6-7 hours. From Odda drive towards Tyssedal and follow signs for Skjeggedal. Continue towards Ringedalsdammen dam. The trail is well marked



All the trails have parking lots available. Most if not all are all clearly marked. It’s not already clearly getting to these trails is a lot easier by car hence why we chose to rent a car during our visit to Norway. We rented the car at the airport in Bergen, used it to drive to Odda then on to Skjeggedal for the hike to Trolltunga before driving back to Bergen. We then dropped it off in Bergen you don’t really need a car to explore Bergen. There are easy shuttle buses back to the airport from Bergen town center.


Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping       Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping


Odda Camping Cabins  | Trolltunga Camping




Many campsites have small cabins as you will find the Odda camping cabins on site that can be booked in advance. Keep in mind that most campsites don’t have that many I would highly recommend you book as soon as you know you will be going. Trolltunga camping is popular here for day hikers as most will stay over the the Odda campsites before the leave early in the morning.


Standards vary from small and simple to larger, well-equipped ones with a common room, separate bedrooms, kitchen, shower, and toilet. Bedding is usually available for a small fee or brings your own sleeping bags. Also, and you can either clean up before you leave or pay an extra fee to have the staff do it. The more expensive cabins often have Norwegian style bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and well-equipped kitchens. Price per cabin per day starts at NOK 250.



If you prefer camping there are is plenty of space. We pitched our tent at Odda camping which is situated between two national park and surrounded by impressive views of Sandvinsvatnet lake, high mountains, waterfalls and a glacier. The camping is located by the Sandvinsvatnet lake, 2 km from Odda town centre and the Hardangerfjord.


And it is 6 km to the famous waterfall Låtefoss, 5 km to Buer where you can see the Buerbreen glacier and 14 km to Skjeggedal, the starting point for the popular hike to Trolltunga. Buerbreen, a glacier arm of the Folgefonna glacier, the third largest glacier in Norway is within walking distance from the camping ground! You can drive 5 km to Buer and park your car there. From Buer is is about a three hours hike into the glacier front and back. In the reception at Odda Camping, you can also book a guided glacier trip. This is a challenging day trip, a life experience!


Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping

Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping


Odda Camping Booking | Odda Camping Price


Odda camping prices range from around £50 a night. They also 4 cabins and rooms available for booking. Odda camping booking in advance is a must during the popular seasons for the Trolltunga hike. This is also a popular place for Trolltunga camping before if you are doing a day hike. There is room for 60 tents or caravans and access to electricity and a room with washing- and drying machines. In the kiosk,  they sell groceries and things like ice-cream, candy, and sodas. In the morning they sell warm bread rolls during the high season. Odda Camping also offers many activities and experiences, you can go fishing or swim in the lake, rent a canoe, or try one of there hiking routes. You can pick up a map in the reception.



For more Odda camping reviews and to sort out your own Odda camping booking out Odda camping and cabin site here but you can also opt to book hotels and hostels in Odda here. Also, include Røldal and Tyssedal as they are close by but also because there aren’t that many accommodation options in Odda. So you need to widen the net a little to find a place to stay when the few places available sell out in high season.


Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping

Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping



 Beginner Camping Tips For Successful camping In Odda


I find that a lot of people who seem to hate camping have never even tried it. Yes, I was definitely one of those people. Partly because I was(still am a bit) a germophobe. Usually, the thought of going camping means having to deal with shared showers and shared cleaning facilities and all that. Most of that fear was in my head as I have found that a lot of camping sites are clean and there is a sense of community about the thing that people generally want to leave things and places as they found them. So if that is first what is stopping you then let me put your mind at ease. Camping is not as bad as your thoughts make it out to be. Since I started I haven’t stopped. I have camped in Wales, Iceland, Norway and many other places the UK. Below are my tips for successful camping.




  1. Check the weather at least a week or two before you go to see the weather pattern in the place you will be camping to give you an idea of what to pack and prepare your activities in the area.
  2. Pack clothing according to weather and activities. Good walking shoes are essential. Base layers, wind/waterproof clothing.
  3. Pitch your tent at home before heading out on the road. It’s never a good idea to head out without trying out your equipment. I believe I have told you about helping out a couple pitch a tent in Iceland in the middle of the night because they arrived on site with a new tent that neither one had any idea how to put up. My husband and I heard the rustling outside we got out of our campervan and put the couple out of their misery. A practice run at pitch your tent under less pressured environment allows you to become acquainted with the design and assembly instructions. The last thing you want is to arrive at a campsite in the middle night and not know how to pitch your tent.
  4. When you get to your camping location pick a post that is reasonably flat. You can also buy groundsheets as they provide additional protection from water or morning dew making your sleeping area cold and wet. You can also opt for 2-seconds Tents that pitch in seconds without breaking a sweat.
  5. When pitch your tent also consider shielding yourself from the wind. The beautiful spots on the campsite next to the lake, as beautiful as they are you have not shielded the wind, there are some parts not directly next to the lake that provide shield from the wind but still have views of the lake. On some camping sites, this is unavoidable especially if the weather is windy all around.
  6. Camping equipment like camping mattress, suitable sleeping bag based on how cold or warm destination weather is.
  7. In addition to camping, equipment and tips above the majority of what you pack will also depend on wild camping with no facilities around or on a camping site where there are showers, a kitchen to cook and wash up. So depending out you will either need to pack cooking utensils and camping stove but more details on our packing list for Trolltunga and Odda camping in my next post.



Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping

Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping

Getting To Odda – Fjord Ferries


There are buses from Oslo or Bergen. As we wanted the freedom to do as we wanted and not have to rely on buses we chose to rent a car. The drive from Bergen was about 3.5 hours I believe. It involved having to cross a couple of fjords by ferry too. A word of warning though, make sure you don’t miss the last ferry.




We at one of the last ferry on the drive back to Bergen we arrived at the ferry terminal just as the last ferry was leaving and being in a new country not knowing where you are can also hike up the level of stress in such a situation. We ended up having to navigate via the long way round after 10 pm. We arrive in Bergen just before midnight having driven through one of their newly opened tunnels connecting the towns across many fjords.


Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping

Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping



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Odda Camping and Fjord Views That Will Inspire You To Start Camping


  1. Mark
    September 21, 2018 / 5:48 pm

    Hey Bianca.
    Love all the tips. Thank you for that.
    In need of help. I’m having an issue with finding out the price for the campsite. I want to pitch the tent but some how I only see the booking side for the cabins. Should I call them instead?

    • Bianca
      September 21, 2018 / 9:57 pm


      Yeh just call them if you already know a specific one you want to use. You can actually find a couple of the Odda camping sites on Booking.com. So if all else fails check there and then still call them if you have further questions.

  2. Billy
    October 19, 2018 / 9:55 am

    This is great. I am a total beginner but this makes me feel like I have been doing it for a while now. I love these tips and I’m all for trying them out.

  3. Paul
    March 6, 2019 / 10:49 pm

    Hey can you remember how much the odda camping tent price was? I thinking of camping in Odda before getting the bus to Trolltunga in August. Thanks

    • Bianca
      March 6, 2019 / 11:00 pm

      Hi I cant remember the exact price for the camping tent price in Odda when we visited. I linked to the site stayed which should have prices. Hope that helps.

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