#LumiaStreetArt – East London Street Art | Lumia Photo Walk With Microsoft

You might have seen me post a few pictures on my Instagram account a few weeks ago when I and a few other bloggers were invited to a Street Art Photo Walk(#LumiaStreetArt) with none other than Microsoft. Bloggers were going to be checking out the Nokia Lumia 930 which of course features the Windows platform. I am no stranger to Windows phones as I have written phone applications for the Windows platform as well as using them for work. What I was keen on, was testing out the new Nokia Lumia 930 camera and putting it to its paces. Our walk came with a tour guide taking us through Shoreditch’s hidden streets filled with some of the world’s famous and popular taggers and street artists. Also on hand was Phil Hebbert  from Photography Made Simple, who showed us how to get the best out of the phone’s features. 

Lumia Photo Walk Round 1

Our photo session ran in two rounds. Starting at Shoreditch station we walked around checking out the colourful art and getting the low down of what inspired the artists, where some of their other works are featured. This also included discussions on their style, how that has evolved as well as their thought provoking works, whether in protest of today’s issues or their use of material; paint, props, threading, puzzles in order to engage their audience. Whether you are into art or not, you cannot ignore what the art had done for this area of London.

Let There Be Food

After walking around Shoreditct taking pictures of the art,  with art, we had worked up an appetite. The team from Microsoft  had arranged for our very own sitting at East London’s Pizza East. Armed with lactase tablets I was quick to dive right into slices of tasty slices of delectably flavourful pizza that had bloggers do as bloggers do; take a million pictures of the food before tacking in.

Lumia Photo Walk  Round 2

Having eaten  our weight in pizza it was time to get back out there and test out how the Nokia Lumia 930 copes with darkness as well as walk of some of those pizza calories. I must say I was pretty amazed and impressed with the camera. I could change the ISO(camera’s sensitivity to light) as well as change exposure  and a few other settings that allow you to take really beautiful pictures in low lighting. Discovering yet more corners of East London that I hadn’t really ventured to was a treat in addition to getting more photography tips and learning about street art was more than I had bargained for, for a packed Tuesday evening. You can check out Microsoft’s coverage of the tour we did here as well as Phil Hibbert’s photography tips here. Below is also a slide show with all pictures taken on the phone that evening. If I didnt already have a Windows phone I would definitely upgraded.

Slide Show:  All Pictures Taken With Nokia’s Windows Phone.

East London – A Lumia Photo Walk With Microsoft.


  1. September 8, 2015 / 4:32 pm

    This is such a brilliant idea!! There are so many great places in NYC for street art, I have to investigate to see if they have something similar here!! 🙂

    • September 10, 2015 / 9:56 pm

      I think NYC is also famous for the street art so I am sure there are bound to be some tours being offered so definitely check it out.

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