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Rome, oh beautiful Rome! When am I going to visit again. I have neglected to post these pictures before because I thought I was going to do an extensive and detailed post but planning trips to Israel and an extensive tour around Southern Africa took over a lot of time. I did manage post about touring Rome through its fountains as well as my recent post on extending our Roman holiday with a visit to the Vatican City.
Rather than give you a top 10 places to see in Rome I thought to give you a tour of Rome through pictures and a mention of some of the places that we visiting during our stay in Rome. My advice is to definitely have a good pair of comfortable shoes as most of the exploration my boyfriend and I did was on foot. We took in views from the beautiful Parco Savello – Garden of Oranges. This place is a little tricky to get to but the effort is well worth the views. Perfectly lined tress, little benches and the beautiful fountains to take a little timeout from exploring the busy city.
Other places to add to the list are the Jewish Ghetto for a little interesting history as well as beautiful restaurants near by, Trastevere, Piazza Venezia and places like Villa Borghese which has musuems, a theatre, lake and beautiful gardens to explore. All this in addition to the usual tourist sites listed blow.

Interesting Places To Visit In Rome

Roman Colosseum
Jewish Ghetto
Fountain Of Four Rivers
Roman Pantheon
Villa Borghese and Gallery
Palentine Hill
Parco Savell –  Giadino Degli Aranci
The many beautiful churches including the popular
Capitaline and its museums
Roman Forum
St John In The Lateran and The Cloister


    • October 9, 2015 / 9:35 am

      Oh I know…I am so tempted for another trip… I want to take my time exploring Rome on my next visit of Italy. The time I spent there feels like it wasn't enough.

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