6 February 2016

Paris Noir

Turtle Neck Dress - ASOS //  Watch - Vivienne Westwood // Earrings - Swarovksi Crystal

The second installment from my weekend in Paris with friends. I love the sense of mystery black and white adds to images so I thought for this installment on our little weekend in Paris, I would do in black and white. We visited  Musee dOrsay, walked in and around the Louvre, passing through parks and gardens, taking the views of Paris 52 floors up, above Montparness Tower and walking along the Seine. The weather was cold but we had plenty of sun shine during the day. I am glad to be going back at the end of the month as there are so many places I wanted to visit last time that I didnt get to visit. Like Sacre Coeur, St Germain, Champs Elysees  and La Defense. 

For my next visit I have chosen to stay near Champs Elysee so get a different view of the city and take in the sunrise and sunset shots from a different perspective in the city. Below are some of the shots from our photo walk around the Paris.

3 February 2016

A Weekend In Paris

A weekend in Paris is something I away add to my travel list almost every new start to the year but for some reason it always goes on the back burner. Considering from my flat to Paris would be under 3 hours. It takes longer to get to some parts of the UK! Last year November so my friends and I embark on a weekend in Paris for a little quick photography tour. I have found this to force you to look at the city in a rather different perspective. Different in that a tourist would see things differently. It was more about the capturing of the architecture and street life than it was about the experience of Paris life, well that weekend anyway. From exploring different techniques of photography to learning from other photography friends on not only getting the best shot through experimentation of camera settings to the gadgets to buy when it comes to getting that many shot without heavy equipment. Think table tripods, remote control shutter release, camera filters and all that good stuff that makes your pictures pop!

We also managed to do a few sunrise and sunset photography. We woke up to see the sunrise at Trocadero, explored the Louvre and its Pyramids after sunset, saw the aerial views of Paris from montparnasse Tower, Moulin Rouge just before midnight but not before stopping to refuel the body and top strategy on what to shoot the following day. Our explorations of Paris was also a week after the Paris terror attacks hence the Eiffel Tour shots below are in the colours of the French Flag. All the while we explored the city, not once did I feel unsafe. You could sense a little tension or the sudden reaction to any noise but city is resillient and has shown it self to be united. 

While I was in Paris I also rented out a beautiful studio apartment with views over the river Seine overlooking the Eiffel Tower so I will share more pictures and details on that as well as where to get the best views of Paris shortly. Stay tuned for that. 

Below are some pictures from the weekend with a few more to come. I am heading back to Paris at the end of this month but this time my boyfriend is coming with me. Make sure you follow along on my Instagram for the journey.

1 February 2016

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Travellers & Food Lovers

Valentines is upon us once again (well in 13 days time for those that need a reminder) and as commercial as it is I am not a believer on handing each other empty gifts for the sake of Valentines day. Although I will gladly accept those 5 carat diamond studs, if they were coming my direction. For me valentines days is simply a day to appreciate your partner''s company and if under a romantic setting then all the better. So I thought what better way that to inspire you with 10 Valentines gift for lovers of food and travel. This post is not just for the men to take their ladies out to these places. I am an equal opportunities kinda girl so that means its also open for you ladies to treat your men to a get away much like these below.

They have been tried and tasted by myself and my boyfriend so rest your heart in that you will have a great time. There is something for everyone in there too. For those that prefer time alone, those up for a little adventure while spending time alone with your partner. Did I also mention they involve a little bit of travel? Hence why I am posting this early so you get a head start in coordinating them travel-wise, if you are in Europe these are a piece of cake to get to also perfect if you are already in or near that city. Also for those across the Atlantic, Icelandic air and WoW air are offering some amazing discount that you can be in Europe for under $200. See below for 10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Travels and Food Lovers.

27 January 2016

When Hotels Are Beautiful But Service Sucks!

In keeping with my 2016 resolutions about being vocal about things that displease me...well lets see how this goes. I try hard to keep my blog positive and thought long about whether to post this about my stay in Athens. I planned a trip to Greece last summer with my sisters. I booked pretty much all the hotels, flights and researched most of the activities me and the girls were going to be doing during our trip. With this in mind, for our stay in Athens I wanted to be fairly central without blowing out the 3 different budgets I was catering for. But I also wanted the views and comfort too.

Having booked several other places I then made the final cut down to Radison Blu in Athens. The hotel was greatly located. Not too far from places to eat and station and the rooftop pool with views of The Acropolis had me sold. The room was great for three people, we were well received at reception and staff were helpful on the ground level. It seemed that's were the great service starts and stops. 

So where did it all go wrong?

22 January 2016

Exploring Athens Pt 3 | Athenian City Sights

Exploring Athens is not just about seeing the Ancient sites. When you are in the city you have to get to know where people hang out, where they sip that great coffee, taste authentic Kyros(Kebab) and that aromatic Greek salad. Where to get the best views of the city. I want to know the the shops are and where the entertainment hubs are as well as get the feel for how the local transportation works.

Our visit in Athens was at the time when the whole country was tense. Tense because of the voting Greece had to stay or walk away from being part of the Euro zones. This also meant there were protests and demonstrations around the city. It was all very civil and there were plenty of police around the capital. During this difficult time that the country was going through and the high unemployment and the banks being frozen, limits on account withdraws meant that transport was free for everyone in Athens, hotels and restaurants  were offering discounts if you paid by cash instead of card. This was because Greek banks were all closed and Greeks were also not allowed to withdraw too much money from the bank during that crisis of last summer.

Overall we still had an amazing time in Athens and Greece in General having moved on to Santorini soon after. I would make sure to follow up with a top 10/15 things to do in Athens soon so look out for that. In the meantime below is a pictorial of our stay in the capital with my sisters.