25 March 2015

Namibia : Dolphin Spotting on the Shores of Walvis Bay

The morning of our last day in Swakop, Nambia I wanted to explore a bit of Walvis Bay in the last hours we had before embarking on the 5 hours towards Windheok. We wanted to be closer to the airport for the early flight to Zambia. In my previous post I mentioned that we had rented a car from Botswana. Thankfully we got my brother to drop us off at the airport in the morning before he set off on the 10 hour drive back to Maun in Botswana. I will be posting more from Botswana soon.

If you visit the beaches of Swakopmund, that I showed in the previous post then you have to stop by Walvis Bay. It's a short drive, about 30 minutes. Namibia as a whole is stunning with absolutely captivating landscapes, from striking sand dunes, national parks teeming with wildlife, stunning beaches. Another highlight to my trip exploring this beautiful country was spotting dolphins on the shores of Walvis Bay, among a sea of flamingos!

Walvis Bay isn't too far from the famous Skeleton Coast and Sandwich Harbour. Here you can watch seals, flamingos, whales and I have been told even hyenas will make an appearance from time to time. Definitely worth a stop, and you don't have to get on a boat to set out to sea or pay anyone to see this. Just wait on the beach for the show to begin. This wasn't planned and we certainly didn't have to check seasons when the wildlife flock here, so it may be worth a check if heading out to avoid disappointment. All along this coastline stretching either side of Walvis Bay beach, whatever the season you will still spot many a wildlife that will leave you speechless. Although I wish I could have gone in for a close look considering there was a low tide. I guess that's for my next visit.


20 March 2015

Namibia | The Blue Hues of Swakopmund Beach

Swakopmund is one of Namibia's largest coastal towns which draws in travellers from all over the world but a shame that not enough people know about this beautiful spot. In my previous post I showed you some of its European-style colonial architecture which takes a lot of influence its German colonisation. In my next post I will be showing you our next stop in the next town of Walvis Bay where we spotted dolpins and flamingos but not before taking to the nearby dunes. The cute town of Swakopmund is sandwiched between the dunes and the beach. So you can go from sand boarding to beach surfing within minutes. The choice of activities for such a small town is unbelievable. I may have to come back from surfing lessons but I while I was there I managed sand boarding which I have been dying to do for too long. Pictures in posts to come.

Food Stop:  When you visit the town a must-stop is the Jetty 1905 restaurant on the pier in Swakopmund. Not only for the beach but the stunning views of the coastline as well as the sunset. There is indoor and outdoors seating so providing its not windy ask for a table outside. Some shots below of the grub, the pictures don't do them enough justice and the service was super attentive. We stopped by during the day but as the evenings a popular you will definitely have to make a booking in advance for a table to avoid disappointment.


16 March 2015

Namibia | Exploring Southern Africa

Beginning of the year I promised to show you more of Africa.  I have been part lazy and part busy with work and a house move to actually look at the pictures from my recent travels but better late than never, right?

Usually when I see people post about Africa its a same usual places like South Africa, Egypt and Morocco. I think to myself why are these folks missing out on the countries in the middle. There's another 50 odd countries with stunning scenery, quiet beaches, wild life and yet magazine still show you the same tried and test (about a million times) destinations. And no, you will not catch Ebola! As unfortunate as that horrid disease is, it's only in 6 out of 54 African countries. If you need more convincing then I would strongly recommend posts from fellow bloggers like Dave Cole at CookSipGo, who has been exploring Ethopia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, or going off grid and checking out Kenya's Central Island with Manouk from Bunch of Backpackers. If you are in need of more pure African delight then Sarah from A Week At The Beach is your girl, as she takes you to Malawi to relax on the lake like you have never before. Ever head of Madagascar? Well if you havent then you might want to swing by The Crowded Planet and see Madagascar through the eyes of Margherita and Nick, whose travels around the country will have you clutching both your pearls and passports as you race to your nearest travel agents for tickets to this diverse and magical island on the Indian Ocean. Even tiny little landlocked countries like the Kingdom of Swaziland are packed with much to see as shown by Heather Cole at the Conversant Traveller. One other place that is firmed placed close to the top of the list for my upcoming travels is Djibouti. Check out the post by Brock and Tanj's Travelogues of this tiny country on the elbow of Africa. Hopefully these links have not pushed your wanderlust into overdrive or your bank balances into meltdown. Now, recent posts I showed you around Zambia's capital, Lusaka and the Victoria Falls in Livingstone. I certainly hope you enjoyed those because it is now time to head South of the boarder and into Namibia.


13 March 2015

Vintage And Glamour In London's East End

When I travel I am not one for shopping or walking around malls or shops because all those things I have in London. The only time you will catch me there is if there is something unique and out of the ordinary, like say, an aquarium or gold bar atm like Dubai Mall or if I need to hunt for African curios to bring back to family and friends. Those are really the only times I am doing any shopping on trips otherwise my time is spent on exploring places in the city and finding out about its hidden or past history.


10 March 2015

Sky Garden | Breakfast In London's Sky Pod

This post is rather late or published way behind schedule, but where the hey... Having made plans to head out to Portsmouth for last year's Valentines and seeing those plans fumbled due to weather situations this year's Valentine's Day was a much low key affair due to a pending house move. You can read about last years belated Valentines Day celebrations while discovering the secrets of the Solent at the beautiful Spitbank Fort here.

With a pending house, weekends were busy with sorting out what to pack, when to pack and what to get rid of of so when Valentines Day approached it was really just an opportunity to chill out and get out of the flat and enjoy a moment of peace not thinking about the house move.  A great start to the Saturday too was a trip to none other than the newly opened exotic garden up high in one of London's stunning skyscapper decorating the city's square mile. The infamous building that made headlines last summer for burning anything in sight due to the heat that was generated or reflected off the Walkie Talkie building.

Breakfast was booked in the Sky Pod on the 35th floor. There are 2 more restaurants on offer on the 35th Floor of the building. All give you access to the Sky Garden with 360 degrees of uninterrupted vies of views across London. You can circle round the entire floor to view Canary Wharf, Westend with the London Eye, south side of the Thames with the Shard and London beyond. 

There are two options to access the Sky Garden, via the free tickets on offer or by booking a table in one of the 3 restaurants. All of which are available from a week in advance to a month's waiting time. The free tickets currently have a 2 month waiting list so its best to book a table. The Sky Pod is reasonably priced and so are the other two for what is offered. In addition to the absolutely priceless views of the capital.

This is an absolute must if passing through London or if you are a Londoner yourself. Beautiful place to watch the sunset too as they it turns into a little cocktail bar as the day wears on.

So have  you been to London's Sky Garden yet?

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