30 November 2015

Living The High Life in Wales | Hiking Through Snowdonia National Park

If you spend enough time with Londoner or those in the UK for that matter, you will notice how much we go on and on and on and on again about the weather.
This summer like every summer everyone is was dusting off their bikinis and flop flops in search for sunny horizons (we all know those don’t really come around the UK that often or long enough). Booking holidays to Spain, Greek Islands, Caribbean islands.  Having just taken on the heat wave in New Delhi and Agra this May, dosed up on sunshine sailing around Santorini and while exploring Athens in July, I was in the mood for something different. Say, a little adventure close to home.
One of my boyfriend's friends had been trying to get a group of us to go away on a hiking trip for a long time now and after voting on dates when everyone was available and it was then time to decide on whether to head to Lake District and Snowdonia National Park (think soaring mountains with peaks playing hide and seek with the clouds). Lakes spread across national parks, hiking routes with breath-taking views, small towns filled with cozy little cafes with a local and traditional touch. Yep, I was up for all of that and then some. It was as if the stars seemed to have aligned as everyone’s diaries cleared up for the long August Bank Holiday, which also happened to be my boyfriend's birthday week.


28 November 2015

Island Hideaway | Packing for Santorini

In my last post I shared with you reasons why you should be staying in Santorini's Akrotiri when you visit this beautiful island. Santorini, like many Greek islands with its abundance  of sunshine, sea and sand draws people from all four corners of the globe to sample a little bit of island living. Hot weather, warm seas and the perfect spot to cool off is just what the doctor ordered! When it comes to travel and beauty in hot weather simplicity is key. Below is list of essential items anyone wanting an easy routine that will leave you looking fresh without the hassle. 

1. A good moisturiser - Hot or cold weather a good moisturiser is key to looking fresh. It also helps keep your make sure in place, although I prefer less make-up during hot weather.

2. Cleanser and toner - Cleansing the skin of sunscreen and make-up for a clearer and fresh face.

3. Sunscreen - There is nothing more aging that sun burnt skin so protect your skin not only from burns but from UVA and UVB. Yes that goes from black skin, Indian skin. Everyone should be wearing it. Why? Because cancer does not discriminate so slather it on!

4. Sunglasses - Get some shade in your life.

5. Mascara,  brow kit, lip gloss - Less is more when it comes to make-up and hot weather. The last thing you want is having foundation and eye shadow sweating off your face. For a fresh-faced look cleanse and tone, moisturise then shape the brow, a little mascara and lip gloss and you are good to good. That is pretty much all the make-up you will usually find in my bag when I travel in hot weather.

6. Accessories - Keeping things simple is great but packing a few accessories can take a simple outfit from simple to vava voom in 0-60!

7. Big Hat - Your very own portable shade. The bigger the better!

8. Hair moisture - For someone that had super dry hair I love Aveda, Keratase and Qhemet Biologics in taming the mane in super drying weather.

9. After suncare with aloe vera - After being in the sun all day. Add moisture back into the skin as well as protect any parts of your skin that may have been overexposed to the sun.

10. Scarf - Warm days and cooler nights. Packing a scarf or shawl will save you from that cold breeze on the evening stroll back to the hotel.

26 November 2015

Island Hideaway | Why You Should Stay in Santorini's Akrotiri Instead of Oia

Picturesque sunset views overlooking Nea Kameni, Santorini’s dormant volcano. Pitapat of feet edging towards the island's cliff sides in search of the best spots to watch as sun descend into the Aegean Sea. And the sun sets, blue hour draws in as the lights on the island start to flicker on. I am sure you have all seen pictures of Santorini's town of Oia, with people enticing you to go and see the sunset there. Or drool-worthy Instagram shots of pools with views of the volcano. Well, as small as Santorini is, there is more to it than just Oia. Last week I shared with you a post on my explorations of Santorini by beach-hopping on a Catamaran that saw us sailing around the Greek island.

During my visit this summer we managed to explore the little island back to back and around it, including sailing around it. Having been to Oia and Fira I was  glad we managed to book a place away from Oia and the crowds. From my point of view most hotels lacked a little privacy as hordes of tourists  busy looking over the hotel balconies and pool areas, while I am sure those guests where trying to relax, no doubt.

The streets also don’t seem to sleep so if your hotel is near the foot paths then that is just something you will have to deal with. I am not saying that you cannot find places in Oia that are away from the crowds but you will either have to pay a premium or be lacking in views and I wanted both the views and peace and quiet with my rest and relaxation on the Island. I found it too! In Akrotiri. Akrokiri sits directly opposite Oia.(Santorini is kind of shaped like a ‘C’ or half-moon crescent. The tips you could say is where the two towns sit.) I booked my sisters and I a place with views of the volcano, Oia, Thira, and we had views of either side of the seas on the island which was a plus!


18 November 2015

Santorini Sailing | The Coolest Way To Beach Hop Around The Greek Island

My young sister posing for the camera.

I am not sure about you but the current weather situation in London has me wishing I was somewhere sunny. Luckily, I still have more pictures from sunny escapes over the summer. One being my trip to Greece in July which saw my sister, one of her closest friends and I visit Greece, passing through Athens(posts to come) and Santorini.

As popular as Santorini is for weekend getaways, honeymoons, beach vacations for the lads and the girl's getaway, it's also small enough to get lost and have moments of peace and quiet without hordes of tourists in your path.  Leaving London in search of sun, sea and sand we were three girls hungry for shots of serotonin and what better place to dose up than beach hoping around the island of Santorini?!

Beaches packed with volcanic minerals, from red sand beaches, black sand, white sand and your usual golden sand beaches. Santorini beaches have it all! The coolest way to beach hop, of course is by way of sailing around Santorini. There are several options when it comes to what is on offer. The choice simply depends on your budget and comfort requirements.

15 November 2015

Travel and Beauty | Jet Set Ready With...Cynthia of SimplyCyn

The last post in the 'Jet Set Ready With...' series is in collaboration with Cynthia of SimplyCyn. This New York based jet-setter-blogger-attorney is one travelista that is packed with style as she trots around the globe in effortless chic attire. So, of course I wanted to know how she manages to look so stylish with her long haul travels crossing over the Atlantic, as if she pack the best stylists in her suitcase! Below Cynthia was quizzed on her beauty and travel style secrets. Hope you enjoy the insider deets as much as I did.

1. How do you get ready for a  holiday?

I binge on travel mags and blogs trying to make sure I've captured all the necessary elements of my itinerary. I've had many friends tell me it sounds like work, but there's really nothing more fun for me than the planning stages (besides maybe the actual trip).

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