4 March 2015

Free London Tour | An Alternative Street Tour

Some of you may have seen me recently post on my Instagram shots from my streetart tour in East London. This is one of my favourit parts of London as its just a gem, filled with creative creatures, artists from all walks of life; streetart, tattoo artists, graphics artists to jewellery and cloth designers. It's just and explosion of creativity you wish would rub off on you. 


27 February 2015

Pennethornes At Somerset House

Pennethornes cafe bar, if you are not in the know is a trendy hang out for youthful urbanites in the heart of the Westend's Somerset House. Somerset is well known for hosting the London Fashion Weeks, but its also a culture center for art exhibitions and events for the creatives. In the winter months it hosts the festive ice skating and in the summer months you can also see movies screened outdoors that are projected on the walls of the building all the while you chill with friends in picnic style on the grounds. So the new addition to Somerset House by way of Pennethorne's cafe is just befitting of this super cool venue just at the top of the Strand. 

The cafe is located in New Wing of Somerset House. A sleek cafe-bar setting serving up breakfast and dinner treats, together with everything in between. Their menu is said to bring flavours from the Grand Tour travels of France and Italy by Sir James Pennethorne, a 19th Century archecture, whose travels served as an inspired for the menu. Lunch dishes ranges from small platters to roast dishes with breakfast taking on a sweeter note of pastries as well as smoked salmon bagels that as washed down by flavourful coffees and selection of teas. While I was there, we sampled a few of the items on the menu and I have to say I am in Love with  the freshly baked breads(baked on site) with a side of the goat cheese. Just delicious!  With a wine collection to challenge even those that fancy themselves as wine buffs and cocktails that are infused with coffee liquor and martinis inspired by Italy's alchol-infused corretto it really is the new place to hang out on the River Thames. The surroundings are not bad on the eyes either.

I have already been a few times and its fast becoming my little hang out after my walks on the Southbank riverside. Below are some of my shots from my visits. Bare in mind that most of the time I have visited I have only had my phone to hand, so the pictures probably don't do enough justice to just how cute this place is.


23 February 2015

Brunching in Vondelpark

I don't know what it is about Amsterdam, but people seem more laid back, at ease and just so damn happy - in a rather understated way. I guess it must be a lifestyle. This may have been just me but it also seem very family oriented in all that they do. From seeing little family units biking around the city for leisure or on their way to work or school drop to family walks,  family gatherings in cafes and for the sake of enjoying each others company. As  vital as visiting the canals or the many museums in the city, a stop to Vondel Park is another must. We couldn't help but stroll through Vondel Park. 


20 February 2015

London At Sunset | 5 Top Spots To Catch The Sunset

So many times we see pictures of sunsets in exotic places and those beautiful sunset shots taken on the beach somewhere that evoke that "wish you where here" type of feeling. Funny how sometimes we can experience similar sunsets and never truly appreciate them until, well you see them up high.

We all take for granted things that are only a stone's throw in our cities. At the end of 2014 I though it was time to suck it up and explore places I have come to label as tourist traps. One such place I have avoided in all my 20+ years of living in London is St Paul's Cathedral. I have seen this place daily while washing dishes at home(view from the kitchen window) and have now moved to a new flat(2 years, not so new!), I have an even prettier view from my root top of the whole city in all its Panorama. I thought, I could not end 2014 without stepping foot inside the Cathedral.  Considering, churches, temples, and religious buildings are among the first places I want to see when I travel and here I was, having ignored this beautiful treasures in my own city. Pure blasphemy!

15 February 2015

A Walk in the Park | Battersea Park Peace Pagoda

Whether I am traveling away somewhere or exploring the city limits of home life in London, visiting parks is one of my favourite things to do. From cute little parks that are hidden to the world to huge busy and crowded parks like that of Hyde Park. You can read my Walk In The Park series of posts. I always love the quiet ones though, and one that is fast becoming a favourite is Battersea Park. I love its peaceful setting by the River Thames. View of the beautiful Albert Bridge and close proximity to Kings Road is a huge plus. It's not that popular with tourist, so at most you have locals jogging or running up and down the promenade by the river. The park is fairly big but easily walkable but an even better idea is to rent one of the Barclays Bikes and cycle around the park.
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