Where To Stay In Rome – A Guide To The Best Areas To Stay In Rome

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Wondering where to stay in Rome or where best to stay in Rome for sightseeing? Iconic ruins, beautiful churches and fountains, Rome is an absolute must-see among many beautiful Italian cities. To supplement the 4 day Rome Itinerary I recently shared, I am going to guide you through the best areas to stay in Rome by where of recommendations on where to stay in Rome.


Whether you are looking for best areas to stay in Rome for families, best places to stay in Rome on a budget, or where to stay in Rome to walk everywhere and mingle with the locals, this guide will give you just that! Below is a guide to the best place to stay in Rome include the best hotels in Rome for each area. 


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The Best Areas To Stay In Rome Italy  – Neighbourhoods 


  • Pantheon
  • Campo de Fiori and Piazza Novona
  • Prati
  • Trastevere
  • Piazza Del Popolo
  • Via Veneto
  • Monti
  • Pigneto


Rome Italy  Where to stay in Rome Where to stay in Rome Where to stay in Rome


Where To Stay In Rome


Whether you want to stay near the Trevi Fountain,  Spanish Steps, The Fountain of Nine Rivers or want to take a day out to explore the Vatican City or check out the Borghese Gardens or want to be near the main centre’s termini station below is a guide to all the best areas to stay in Rome to make your exploring of the city super easy.




If you like to be in the center of things, then the Pantheon is the epicenter of the historic area and maybe where you want to be staying when you visit Rome. This is one of Rome’s oldest neighborhoods filled with small and winding streets. The area is filled with restaurants, hotels, and of course churches.


There are no metro stops in this area, but you can quickly catch a cab at one of the taxi-stands or just take a short trek to the main street to catch the bus. You are also in walking distance from the Vatican and Trastevere, another favorite area to stay in Rome. For the best apartments and hotels to stay in Pantheon Rome click here.


Rome Italy




The trendy quarter of Monti is home to Rome’s hip kids, with its quirky independent shops, an abundance of restaurant and numberous funky hangouts. Every weekend, the suburb is home to a vintage market, held in the conference hall of Grand Hotel Palatino. If you want to experience life among locals then this is a place to stay in Rome. The market here is an eclectic mix of the old and the new. For the best apartments and hotels to stay in Monti Rome click here.


Campo de Fiori and Piazza Navona


This is said to be the little black dress of Roman Piazzas – it’s appropriate for any occassion. The market is abuzz with fresh fruit and produce fendors serve locals with delicious Italian foods. Campo de Fiori and Piazza Navona are older neighborhoods near to Pantheon and similar in nature. Campo de Fiori has made a name for itself with its famous outdoor food market, and Piazza Navona is well-known for its outdoor artists’ market. The districts also have beautiful ancient sites and ruins.


You don’t have to stay exactly in these three squares as space is at a premium. But, there are many smaller streets coming off these areas that are quite nice to stay on. For the best apartments and hotels to stay in Campo and Navona Rome click here.



Rome Piazza Navona




Prati is one of the more well-designed neighborhoods close to Rome’s epicenter. It is close to the Vatican and offer great sights of areas like Piazza Navona. The district was laid out in a grid system in the 19th century and so it had wide boulevards and a more continental look to the area. There, you will find more upscale apartment buildings, shops, and restaurants.


If you’re staying closer to the Vatican, you will be around more museums and other more touristy areas. Further out from the center and Prati offers authentic Italian flavor that follows the rhythm of daily life in Rome. Plus, you can also walk to or take a bus to the historical center of Rome on the other side of the River. For the best apartments and hotels to stay in Prati Rome click here.




Trastevere is a charming neighborhood across the Tiber river. It’s across from central Rome and is only a short walk to visit the center. In this area you can find study abroad students, expats, and affluent Italians. But, there are many tourists as well, just not as heavily trafficked as some of the other more popular areas. This is an area that also has an exciting nightlife.


You can have a lovely epicurean stay as Trastevere is known for its restaurants. There are many options for pizza, seafood and some excellent wine bars. And you can’t stay in Trastevere without tasting its delectable gelato. For the best apartments and hotels to stay in Trastevere Rome click here.


Trasvestere Rome Italy


Via Del Pigneto


Rome’s Bohemian neighbourhood, where street-art, food & music blend to create the perfect local experience. Pigneto is Rome’s answer to London’s Shoreditch, with an amazing bar scene and colourful street art. Another amazing area to stay if you want to mingle with Italian locals as they go about in their day today. For the best apartments and hotels to stay in Trastevere Rome click here.



Spanish Steps, Piazza Del Popolo


A fancier area of Rome, the Spanish Steps is centrally located in the historical center of Rome. It is easy to get to due to the location of the Spagna Metro stop. Then, all the main tourist attractions are in close proximity because you’re in the center of the area.


The Spanish Steps is the main shopping district in Rome and it also offers quite a selection of restaurants to choose from. And if you want a room with a view, this is one of the better areas to get that choice. For the best apartments and hotels to stay in Piazza del Popolo Rome click here.


Spanish Steps


Via Veneto


Via Veneto is an elegant street in Rome that is close to the Spanish Steps. At the top of the Veneto is the Villa Borghese a large Roman park that offers great space for cycling or relaxing. There is also a lovely zoo in the Villa. Plus, there are numerous museums including the Galleria Borghese.


The streets are wide and feature an eclectic mix of street-side cafes for you sit and watch the world pass by. This is a quieter Rome neighborhood as you will find most of the embassies as well banks hotels, and offices in this area. So, you can expect the area to be tranquil and quiet at nights. For the best apartments and hotels to stay in Via Veneto Rome click here.



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where to stay in Rome Where to stay in Rome Where to stay in Rome

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