Top 10 Restaurants to Check on Lisbon’s Pink Street

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Cais do Sodre is one of the most famous districts of Lisbon, Portugal. The place has a lot to explore as it is full of attractive locations that hold so much history. Cais do Sodre has become a centre of attention for all the tourists who are drawn towards it due to the district’s nightlife, delicious cuisine, restaurants and bars. Pink street in Cais do Sodre is notorious for its late-night bars, cafes and restaurants and is a hub for tourists. The street is named pink due to pink colored pavement. Here, we list down the top ten restaurants on Lisbon’s Pink Street which you should check out during your visit to this fascinating place:


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Top 10 Restaurants to Check on Lisbon’s Pink Street


Pesqueiro 25

This is a top-notch restaurant present on the Pink Street which is a great place to enjoy all types of local food particularly fresh sea food. The interior of the restaurant is warm and cozy with wood decorations all over the place. It is a nice place to have weekend brunches and date dinners. The restaurant offers local Portuguese cuisine, Mediterranean, European and sea food which is its forte. The sea food arrives daily from the local markets and is cooked fresh and clean on orders. The dining cost is average as 70 €.



Povo is another famous restaurant on Pink Street which is known for its revival of Portuguese “tasca” by transforming it into a new urban style. The interior of the restaurant/bar is modern and colorful which gives it a very warm and subtle look. It has a decent outside sitting area and has free Wi-Fi. Moreover, it is also wheelchair accessible. Poetry and fado music sessions are performed as well to entertain the guests with delicious local cuisine. Perfect place for late night drinks to enjoy the local music and the expenses range from 20 to 30 €. It offers a vegetarian friendly diet for all the vegans out there.


Sol e Pesca

Another bar gems on Pink Street is Sol e Pesca which is a great place to have late-night drinks and local cuisine. The interior is quite unique which a perfect blend of art and modernism. The place is stuffed with unique decorations and the glass counters are cherry on the top. The bar has a outside sitting area with free Wi-Fi as well. The cuisine consists of Mediterranean, European, Portuguese and gluten free options. The staff is super nice, and prices are in the range of 20 to 30   €. Canned sea food is the specialty of Sol e Pesca which is a must to have in Lisbon.


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MusicBox is a club and bar which is one of the most alive places on Pink Street. It has the capacity to accommodate about 300 people at one time. It has a typical dungeon like appearance and caters to the needs of young generation. The menu is mostly cocktails, beverages snacks and sandwiches. The prices are in the range of 20 to 40 € depending upon the hours visited.



This bar on Pink Street is that tom boyish styled bar which is a dream place for all the tom boys out there. Decorated with neon signs and bulls’ horns and old themed decorations, it offers typically drinks within the range of 15 €. It considerably is cheaper in prices as compared to the others within the same locality.


A Rosinha de Sao Paulo

This restaurant located on Pink Street is best known for its famous tascas in town. The interior of the place is compact and colorful which gives a very vibrant vibe to the restaurant. The cuisine mainly focuses on the Portuguese tascas within the range of 20 to 30 € depending upon the menu and time such as lunch and dinner. The place offers sports tv and takeaway options as well to facilitate the tourists.


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Pensão Amor interor – Pink Street Restuarant and Bar


Rio Grande

Rio Grande is a causal dining place whose unique specialty is grilled menu. The interior is cozy having dinning tables like sittings with indoor and outdoor areas along with free Wi-Fi and Tv facilities. The menu mostly consists of grilled Portuguese meat which is scrumptious. The expenses are within the range of 20 to 25 €.


Menina e Moça – Livraria Bar

If you are a book lover and also tends to be a desert lover, then this place is a heaven for you. This unique library designed café is a wonderland for people who love to read books and drink tea with some sweet delights. The café offers tea, finger food, sweet deserts within an affordable range of 9 to 15 €. Don’t miss out this café if you ever visit Lisbon as it will surely make your day.


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Bar do Cais

This place just look like that typical bar which you see in hi-fi movies and dramas. Filled with shelves of beverages such as Mojito and shots, the place is a piece of art. The walls are filled with paintings and it gives an art gallery turned into a bar sort of look. The menu consists of just beverages within the range of 2 to 20 €.


Cantinho do Prazer

This place gives the vibes of Instagram and tumblr inspired decorations. The place is small and cozy with beautiful chairs and tables. The menu consists of mostly finger food and beverages of different sorts. The costs are economical within the range of 1 to 12 €. Outdoor and indoor areas are available with sports tv and smoking area is also available.


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