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Whether you are after places to visit in Jaipur in one day, 2 days, 3 days or looking for places to visit in Jaipur at night, below are some of the best attractions in Jaipur. Jaipur City with its display of typical sandstone and pink color buildings is rightly referred to as a ‘Pink City,’ which is geographically situated in the state of Rajasthan. The city being one of the golden triangles in India attracts tourists not only within the country but also from all over the world. The edifices of the city are famous for the Rajput style of architecture. Tourists are usually in awe with a fusion of cultural heritage and splendid architectural talent of the monuments of a city and nearby places. In this post, I will take you through some of tourist places in Jaipur you simply cannot leave without seeing.


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Top 10 Places To Visit In Jaipur


The famous Pink City is breaming with stunningly beautiful architectural gems. From Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Chokhi Dhani, Jantar Mantar, many temples and museums to explore. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Jaipur at night as well. Below I take you through some of the must-see places in Jaipur.



Hawa Mahal


Places to visit in Jaipur | Hawa Mahal, the Palace of Winds, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


The most famous tourist attractions in Jaipur is a massive building in the heart of Jaipur city. Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh has built a magnificent edifice in the year 1799. As the name itself suggests, the combination of small windows of a building allows the cool breeze to enter the palace. Therefore, you will feel very comfortable while you are in the palace. With a view to allowing the women of the royal family to have a glimpse of the festive celebration being held on the streets without being observed by the outsiders, the palace was planned and executed with small windows and screened balconies.

The crown-shaped structure conforms to the architectural style of the Rajput family, and the red and pink sandstone was used in its construction decorated with countless windows. The five story of the palace have dedicated enclosures and exclusively decorated chambers. An impressive fountain at the entrance of a palace greets the tourists. The way from the fountain leads to different floors of the mahal. You can visit a small museum with a collection of miniature paintings. From the top of the Hawa Mahal, you can see the beauty of a city. You will find the rooms of a palace with decoration of colorful mosaics, glasses and the Rajasthani ornamental stonework.


City Palace


Places to visit in Jaipur | Jaipur city palace in Jaipur city, Rajasthan, India.


Another significant attraction of the city tourist places is the City Palace, which was also built by Maharaja Jai Singh during 1730s. The area of the palace is unimaginably vast that it occupies almost 15% of the entire city of Jaipur.


The palace from where the Maharaja was ruling the kingdom has multiple courtyards, buildings like the Chandra Mahal and the Mubarak Mahal. Though there is a museum in the Chandra Mahal, a majority of the building is still occupied by the Royal family as their dwelling. The intricately crafted products pertaining to the Royal heritage are kept in the museum for display.


There is no doubt that the tourists would be spellbound with the delicate and exquisite handiwork right from the facade itself. Out of the three gates to the palace, only two gates Virendra Pol and Udai Pol are open to the public. The stunning courtyards and the mammoth structures will impress the tourists.
You will appreciate not only the historical significance of edifice but also the engineering and architectural skills of the people associated with the construction of the palace.

The awesome pavilions, gardens and other complexes within the palace will stamp an indelible memory in the hearts and minds of the tourists without an exception.


Amber Fort


Places to visit in Jaipur | Amer Fort near Jaipur


The marvelous architectural construction of the Fort is found on the hill by name Amer, which is about 10 kms from the city of Jaipur. Though Raja Man Singh has commenced the construction of the palace, the completion of the entire edifice took about two centuries. The extensive part of the palace and fort also has pink and yellow sandstone, which is a typical combination of many structures of the city monuments. The place was a residential complex for the Royal family of Rajput maharajas for a considerable period of time.


The fort and palace is one of the attractions for the tourists and local residents as well. Though the palace is on the hill, you can easily scale the mountain, which is also next to the impressive Maola Lake. You will find that the structural architecture is a fusion of both the religion of Hindu and Islam and this is also one of the reasons the tourists prefer to visit to have a glimpse of the blend of both the religious faiths.


Any photographer tourist would like to capture a splendid view of the fort from the foothills. You love to view illuminated fort on any evening and etch the impression in your memory.


Nahargarh Fort


Places to visit in Jaipur | Aerial view of Jaipur from Nahargarh Fort at sunset


You will be wondering multiple forts within the city of Jaipur. It is a fact that there are at least three major forts attracting the tourists. No doubt, each of the forts with magnificent structures has a varied history and culture of its own. In fact, the three forts of the city surrounding the hills form a ring in protecting the city from all the sides from any access or attack by the enemy. The Nahargarh fort is known for its intricate carvings on the stone pillars besides the walls. Since the fort was steadfast against the enemy, the fortification of this massive structure is well appreciated by the historians and tourists alike.


As a part of the retreat, Maharaja Sawai Jai Sing-II built the fort in the year 1734 when it was called the Sudarshan Fort, which has been renamed as Nahargarh meaning thereby the ‘Abode of Tigers’. It is believed that with a view to pacifying the haunted spirits of Nahar Singh Bhomia, the fort was renamed in a memory of him.


Of all the important things in the fort, the stuccowork and delicately finished murals of the Madhavendra Bhavan would attract the tourists. The women of Royal family were also using the place as a retreat. Similarly, you will find another building called ‘Mardana Mahal,’ which is meant for the royal men for the same purpose. The Biological Park within the Nahargarh Fort is another spot that attracts the tourists including children. You can also see an asylum for the animals like tiger, leopard and the Asian lions.


Albert Hall Museum


Places to visit in Jaipur | Albert Hall (Central Museum), Jaipur


The oldest museum of the State of Rajasthan is the Albert Hall Museum in Ram Niwas Garden. In fact, the name of a museum takes after the Prince of Wales Albert Edward and the museum is built on the lines of Indo-Saracenic architecture. During the visit of Prince of Wales to India during 1876, the foundation stone was laid for the museum. The museum which is also referred to as the Government Central Museum houses artifacts collected from various countries of the globe.


The Egyptian mummy, ancient coins, marble sculptures and carvings in addition to pottery and carpets are a feast to the eyes of the tourists. You can enrich your knowledge from the items displayed in the museum and learn the talented skills of artisans of ancient India. The museum is the best place to learn more about Indian history and culture.


While relaxing in the sprawling garden of the city, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the museum building illuminated with attractive yellow lights. With these impressive events, the night tourism also gained more importance with a lot of people visiting the area in the evenings too.


Jantar Mantar


Places to visit in Jaipur | Jantar Mantar observatory


Within the proximity of the City Palace, another very rare tourist attraction is an astronomical observatory. Another one of the best places to visit in Jaipur, the Jantar Mantar can boast to be the largest observatory in the entire globe, also very similar to the one I showed you in my post on the 13 places to see in Delhi. Raja Sawai Jai Singh built the observatory during 1727 to 1723 using stone and brass material.


The uniqueness of the observatory is that anyone can know the precise location of the heavenly bodies with the naked eye without using any instruments, not even binoculars. Even the modern day scientists could not unravel the secret of the observatory, which could precisely show the position of the astronomical bodies. It is not a surprise that Indian mathematicians not only had the prowess on astronomical computations but also engineering marvel to build the observatory of this kind. In recognition of the scientific value and cultural heritage of the building, the UNESCO has listed Jantar Mantar in the list of World Heritage Sites.


The world’s largest sundial of Jantar Mantar is the most attractive instrument for the masses and draws a lot of crowds every day. You can also find similar architectural magnificence built by Raja Jai Singh placed in New Delhi, Ujjain, Varanasi, and Mathura. It is believed that the instruments used for the observatory pertain to Egypt’s Ptolemaic astronomy.


Galtaji Temple


Places to visit in Jaipur | Galtaji Temple near Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


If you are looking for a sacred worshipping place epitomizing the prehistoric Hindu culture, the Galtaji Temple on the outskirts of the pink city is a right place. Because of Aravalli hills surrounding the place, you can also find natural springs or the holy kund within the vicinity. Amidst the deep valleys, the temple atop the hill is a tourist-puller. The tall and lush green trees and other bushes of the venue is certainly a place, the nature lovers do not want to miss.


In this place, the typical Jaipur pink color sandstone is used for the complex spread over a large area. Besides the sanctity of the place, impressive paintings and carvings found in this place are a major attraction.


Unlike other places, the temple resembles a haveli or a palace. In addition to the temples dedicated to Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, and Lord Hanuman, you will find fresh-water springs in contrast to the hot water springs found in other places. Besides them, you will also see seven holy kunds, out of which Galta Kund is the hottest one, which never dries. Another sacred place is the cow-shaped rock called the ‘Gaumukh’ where you will see pure and fresh water flowing.

At the Galta Monkey temple, you will find many varieties of monkeys and the temple premises reverberates with devotional hymns coupled with the spectacular green vegetation and landscape of the hill.


Jaigarh Fort


Places to visit in Jaipur | Fort Jaigarh Jaipur India


With a view to protecting the city of Jaipur along with the Amber Fort, Sawai Jai Singh-II commissioned the massive fort on the top of ‘cheel ka teela,’ during the year 1726. Because the fort was never conquered by anyone, it is referred to as ‘Fort of Victory,’ which is also connected to the Amber Fort. From the top of the fort, you can have a glimpse of the fantastic view of the entire city. It boasts itself of housing the world’s largest cannon at the fort, from where the cannon was test fired only once.


The strongest fort of all the three forts in the vicinity of Jaipur was designed by the skillful architect Vidhadhar. The fort is also a testimony for its name, which never faced any serious resistance. The fort was built with a dual aim of protecting the Amber Fort and for safekeeping the treasure of a kingdom. The Government of Rajasthan had taken over the treasure that was discovered during 1970s. You will also love the architectural prowess of a designer and also the people associated with a building of the fort.


Jal Mahal


Places to visit in Jaipur | The Palace Jal Mahal (Water Palace) in the middle of Man Sager Lake at sunrise, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, Asia


One of the unique places where you will find Water Palace in the midst of Man Sagar Lake is the Jal Mahal. No doubt, you need to cross the city limits of Jaipur to reach the place. But the fact that the Mahal is free from the buzzing activities of city life is also the main reason people desire to visit it in addition to the rare location of the palace. It is also believed that the Maharajas were using the palace as a shooting lodge.


The spectacular view of a location with the Nahargarh fort in the background is an unforgettable experience. Though the entry into the venue is not allowed to the public, the mesmerizing view from a distance with the reflection of the edifice in the lake water itself is an indelible impression in the minds of the tourists. The illumination of the entire structure during the evening is an impressive scene for one and all.


A leisurely stroll in the alleys of the palace precincts enjoying the greenery of hills and breeze over the lake water cooling you are a rare chance no tourist likes to miss. A photographer lover would find many perfect venues for capturing the memories.


Chokhi Dhani



Places to visit in Jaipur | Chokhi Dhani Jaipur India


You can experience a typical Rajasthani village culture in a luxury heritage resort if you could plan to travel beyond the outskirts of the city limits.  This is one of the places to visit in Jaipur with family. You will be tempted with all sorts of entertainment activities to choose from folk dances, camel rides, puppet shows. There is no dearth of fortune tellers and parrot reading predictions, the magic shows and the like. You can satisfy your culinary feelings with delicious and ethnic food.


Chokhi Dhani, meaning ‘special village’, is a mock Rajasthani village 20km south of Jaipur, and is a fun place to take kids. There are open-air restaurants, where you can enjoy a tasty Rajasthani thali, plus a bevy of traditional entertainment – dancers, acrobats, snack stalls – and adventure-park-like activities for kids to swing on, slide down and hide in.


Chokhi Dhani is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur.  The place is aplenty with shopping arcades and the village has a luxurious accommodation with all modern facilities to pamper you.

The Chokhi Dhani, which has been catering to the local and international tourists from 1994, is a perfect blend of luxurious stay with all modern amenities but at the same time allowing you to taste the typical village culture of Rajasthan State.


Places To Visit In Jaipur At Night


A lot of the places in Jaipur close around 4 or 5 pm.  There are a couple of places to visit in Jaipur after 5pm when many of Jaipur points of interested for closed for the day. If you are not familiar with the city you can opt to do one of the night tours in Jaipur of of the evening to get your bearings of what is available and then go your own way for the rest of the nights while you are visiting.


If you want to explore the nightlife in Jaipur there are plenty of award-winning bars in Jaipur, from the likes of Grunge, a bar and nightclub in Jaipur. Sheesh Mahal is another centrally located star of the city. For more of the coolest bars in Jaipur check out Culture Trips guide on bars in Jaipur.



Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples


Many have been know to add the golden triangle tour as part of a honeymoon trip. So if you are after places to visit in Jaipur for couple beyond the usual Jaipur tourist stops mentioned above, then add Sisodia Rani Gardens, which is popular with couples. Beautiful places to take romantic walks as you have manicured gardens, fountains, pavilions and galleries to explore. For a romantic dinning experience, check out Terrace Grill within Hotel Park Prime and comes with amazing views across Jaipur. Another cool places perfect for couples in Jaipur is Padao, a restaurant in Nahargarh Fort and again comes with amazing views of Jaipur located on the highest point of the fort. Perfect places to private moments for couples wish to share a romantic evening away from it all.



Places To Visit In Jaipur For Shopping


Among the tourist places in Jaipur are many bazaars to explore. You could kill two birds with one stone but exploring Hawa Mahal then going across the to Sireh Deori Bazaar. Its open 7 days a week and here you will find everything among which it is known for leather goods. Also add Bapu Bazaar among places to visit in Jaipur for Shopping, here you can find all manner of thing including textiles goods.




Where To Stay In Jaipur | Jaipur Hotels


Like Delhi and Agra, you will find some amazing resorts in Jaipur among the many beautiful Jaipur. While Chokhi Dhani is a great place to check out in Jaipur there are plenty of hostels, hotels, resorts and apartments available to accommodate your visit to Jaipur. To check reviews and prices of Jaipur hotels here.



Top Tours In Jaipur The Include The Best Places To Visit In Jaipur


Tours ranging from private one day tours to 2-day tours of Jaipur.  In addition to the above, some of the other attractions for tourists include Ram Niwas Garden, Anokhi Museum of Hand painting, Swaminarayan Temple and the Birla Mandir, Chand Baori, etc. There is no doubt that Jaipur city is a gateway for other tourist attractions of Rajasthan from where you can visit Udaipur, Ajmer, Jaisalmer and other places. Its a perfect example of the many places you need to visit in India.




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So have you visited Jaipur before? Any other places to visit in Jaipur you can think of?


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  1. Loro
    September 26, 2018 / 3:32 pm

    Such a cool post Bee. Loving all the pictures! We have a couple of day in Jaipur and looking places to visit in Jaipur in 3 days. Will see if we can save this for offline viewing when we are in India.

    • Bianca
      October 21, 2018 / 6:56 pm

      Three days in Jaipur is plenty, I am sure you will have an amazing time. You have a couple of must places to visit in Jaipur to check out.

  2. Michelle Dave
    October 2, 2018 / 7:17 am

    India is the country for tourists with lots of attractions to feed the eyes. I am not surprised that Jaipur alone has this amazing sites for tourists to visits. the country has a rich heritage. I would love to visit on day but only day 14 days of vacation at work. Could I maybe consider places to visit in one day from this list with golden triangle tour?

    • Bianca
      October 21, 2018 / 6:51 pm

      With 14 Days you could definitely see a lot of India. Although if you only have a short time, places to visit in Jaipur in one day leave you only a couple of the popular places from the above. Maybe leave out all the ones that require addition long journey transportation and out of the main city.

  3. Ikechukwu Okoroafor
    October 2, 2018 / 11:31 am

    whenever in hear of India, the only thing that comes to my mind is its population, spicy foods, religions a d then its spirituality. with this post, I have learned about its beauty particularly in Jaipur, for me its worth being a holiday destination. I am just wondering about places to visit in Jaipur at night once you have done with exploring during the day.

    • Bianca
      October 21, 2018 / 6:43 pm

      India is such a beautiful place and Jaipur even more so. As far as places to visit in Jaipur at night, many of the temples re-open in the evenings plus few other attractions being available 24/7. Birla Mandir is open 6am to 12pm and then again 3pm to 9pm, similar thing for Govind Dev Ji Temple.

  4. Sandra
    December 21, 2018 / 5:25 pm

    Amazing post! Its been my dream to visit India and Jaipur has been on my list for the longest time. I am looking forward to checking off many of the places to visit in Jaipur you have listed above. We have 4 days in Jaipur so hopefully, that will be enough.

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