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On The Blog This Month: Word On The Street Travel Series

We have some serious global wandering this month by way of a travel series called Word On The Street. We are going to travel around the world this month, I tell ya. Another new month getting us closer to the end of 2015! With this new month I thought I would introduce a few cities that I am sure some of you(including myself) have been wanderlusting about. What better way to do that than to interview other bloggers who live there, been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. The image above gives you an idea of where we will be travelling to this month. Four of those places will be introduced by other bloggers and the other four places I will be showing you around. The four cities introduced by blogger will be part of the 4 week series this month called Word On The Street. This will be published very Wednesday at 4pm to get your Wednesday Wanderlust juices flowing. So make sure you sign up on Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as the newletter(enter email to the right) to make sure you read them first when they publish.  Check out the list below for more details of whats to come:
1. Perth, Australia – We are visiting two beautiful cities in Australia this month one of which will be Perth. This will be introduced by Lyn and Steve Baker from A Hole In My Shoe. They will show you around Kings Park, Cottesloe Beach and the City Lights. (Publishes – 7/10/15)
2. Cusco, Peru – Heather Cole, a traveller and writer with a serious case of wanderlust will take us to Cusco in Peru. Visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tips on the best places to see, where to eat, drink and how to get around this part in South America. I am dying to publish this Conversanttraveller’s tales, as I have been dreaming about Peru for too long now, but haven’t bought a ticket yet. (Publishes – 14/10/15)
3. Scottsdale, USA – With most wanderlusters dreaming about faraway places like Vietnam, Chile, Indonesia, we often forget about the USA. Yes, the big United States are filled with some crazy-beautiful sights so you would be nuts to not want to visit the  cool places on offer, one of which is Scottsdale in Arizona. This is also the state that has the amazing canyons! Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon, of course. Allison Mathis from LiveLifeWell with introduce these desert landcapes this month. (Publishes – 21/10/15)
4.Russia and The World For Black History Month – October is Black History month in the UK so what better way to celebrate than to take you around the world for black history month. We will be looking at some historically significant black people from from around the world. Russia’s Alexander Pushkin who was and still is a well known poet. Then we will head to Mexico and check out Vicente Ramó Guerrero; Mexico’s first black president who also happen to have led Mexico to Independence in 1829. We will also be celebrating modern heroes too, like Mae Carol Jemison; the first black woman in Space. So look out for that! I will be covering North America, South America,  Europe, Asia and Africa! Around the world in black history.
5. South Downs – England – I am sure some of you may have seen pictures of the white chalk cliffs in England. Well I will be taking you around East Sussex and the beautiful coastal towns of this part of the UK. Even better was the fact that I was challenged to do this trip for under £100 by YHA hostels. I love a good challenge too, so look out for this post to find out whether I succeeded or failed miserably.
6. Sydney, Australia – Another trip back to Australia in the Word On The Street series will be provided by Jen Seligmann, The Trusted Traveller. Who hasn’t dreamed about seeing the Opera House from across the habour? Exactly what I though, no one. We will get the details from a local on where to hang out, eat, get the best views so look out for that. (Publishes – 28/10/15)
7. Snowdonia, Wales – I love adventure as much as the next person but I love it even more when experienced with friends. Over the August bank holiday a bunch of friends and I drove to Wales to explore Snowdonia National Park. Most were driving from London with one coming from as far away as Cornwall. I cant wait to share more pictures from our hikes, picnicking next to an elevated lake and just experiencing the most amazing views after scaling the peaks in Snowdonia.
8. New Delhi, India – Another trip I am dying to share with you is India. I will be giving you the low down on the sights to see in India’s New Delhi. What to see and do, where to stay, shop and eat. So be show to follow on social media to make sure you read that when it drops.
If you want to find the travel series for this month. You will be able to find it via the hashtag #WordOnTheStreetWithBee. The These will drop every Wednesday at 4pm.


  1. October 4, 2015 / 10:00 am

    Indeed, Serious global wandering! I'm curious to read you take on New Delhi!

    • October 9, 2015 / 9:24 am

      I know, right! I am super excited to introduce new cities to readers this month. Next month is even more exciting.

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