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gifts for travel lovers
 The season for giving is here so I thought as a travel addict I would inspire you with 10 perfect gifts for travel lovers in your lives. Whether it’s a man or woman in your life with serious wanderlust any one of these would be perfect. There is something for everyone.  For the stylish travelista, there are accessories and jewellery boxes to make sure your bling stay’s intact when your travel. There are also travel kits to ensure the travelers in your life stay looking fresh as they move from destination to destination. In addition, the 10 perfect gifts for traveler lovers included gadgets to captures travel memories from above and ground level too.

1. Travel Scale

Ana easy and accurate way to weight suitcases. Also perfect to travel with as its small and light and can help reduces the embarrassment at the airport with overpacked suitcases.



2.  Learn To Pack Smart For Travel

“Confidence and comfort inspire success upon arrival, whether you’re exploring a new city, hoping to nail a job interview, or relaxing on a beach.” Master the art packing like a pro with Hitha Palepu’s tips and trick on what to bring on your travels and how best to pack it. You will learn about how to accessorize and finish off your outfits, folding versus rolling when it comes to packing and editing your beauty routine while still looking great. This book will definitely compliment any of  10 Perfect -gifts for travel lovers in the list.

3. Up Your Travel Video Game With A Drone


With more drones entering the market, it means prices are lower than they used to be. It also means that we now have a variety of sizes making it easy to pack and go with professional quality footage of your travels. Drones and goPros have very much become essential travel gear. Below are a few of the best on the market. The perfect gifts for travel lovers all pre-selected for you. You can take amazing aerial photos and video with ease.



4. Packing Organisers

 Take the stress out of packing with practical travel organisers perfect for packing and separating your clothes. Making it easier to find pack your luggage.

5. Travel Kits

With airport security restrictions it’s become a lot harder to pack full sizes skin care without having to check in your luggage. You can still pack favourite and essential skin care items to help you look and feel refreshed when traveling without having to pack heavy full sizes bottles. Travel kits are the way to go! For both skin and hair care. With a wide range for both men and women.


6. Travel Pillow

 An easy to inflate travel pillow that provides full upper body support allowing you to relax and sleep well on the plane.

7. Travel Charger

Three in one travel charger. Its compact and will charge up to 4 devices. You can plug your way through over 100 countries with just one charger and no need to buy additional travel converters.

8. Essentials For Traveling In Style

Staying stylish while traveling is easy with the addition of travel size jewellery boxes. These include both men’s and ladies jewellery boxes. Perfect for making sure your accessories safely packed as you travel between destinations without being crashed in between clothes in a suitcase. These come in various shapes and sizes.

9.  Compact High Zoom Camera

The ultimate travel essentials must include a great camera. Great doesn’t mean bulky and weighty. Sony’s Cyber-Shot comes with 180-degree tiltable LCD screen, perfect for easy framing of selfies. Comes with built-in Wi-Fo capability to send photos and movies from your camera to mobile devices for easy sharing.

10. Adventure Book Journal

“Infusing your notebook with visual components is more than a pleasurable, relaxing activity with a visual payoff; the act of doing so also immediately intensifies your connection to a location, adding another layer of self-awareness and expression.” The perfect journal to note down travel plans, do lists, travel budgets, important information and events. The perfect piece to creating a memory journal. It’s not just enough to capture with pictures from yo ur travels. You can note people you meet how you felt as you navigate the world

Treat Yourself

With the party season fully upon us, while thinking about your perfect gifts for travelers in your life, don’t forget to treat yourself.  Below is a selection of accessories and dresses to glam for the party season.




Party Season Dresses



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10 Perfect Gifts For Travel Lovers | Perfect Gifts For Him & Her  10 Perfect Gifts For Travel Lovers | Perfect Gifts For Him & Her

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  1. Heather D.
    January 26, 2019 / 8:09 pm

    I have never considered getting a pillow like that but now I kind of want one! I only recently started traveling. I had to get over my fear of flying. I am planning to go to a new destination once a year until my budget can allow me to go every 3 or 6 months. I am going to order a few of these things. I would like a scale as well as a travel charger. Keep everything compact and neat!

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