Autumn In Dusseldorf’s Konigsalle | The Best Food, Coffee, and Shopping Are All in This One Neighbourhood



Dusseldorf's Konigsalle
Dusseldorf Konigsalle is such a beautiful sight. Fall is one of my favourite seasons for many reasons. I love that the weather is mild and the beautiful colours on the trees, to the falling leaves that fall off the trees like snowflakes from the sky.
I love it all and its the only time my hair behaves itself when I straighten it compared to the joys of Summer humidity. That is one of few reasons that drew me to Dusseldorf’s luxurious shopping Avenue that is Konigsalle. Its the dazzling colours of Autumn on this beautiful boulevard and the reflections across the canals and bridges. It extends from Hofgarten Park canal nearby.
Konigsalle is divided by the Stradtgraden canal and lined with beautiful trees with cute bridges that connect the two sides of the canal. Of course, it’s not just the beauty that draws’ people to visits Konigsalle. The main attraction here is, of course, the shopping!
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Dusseldorf's Konigsalle
Dusseldorf's Konigsalle
Dusseldorf's Konigsalle
Dusseldorf's Konigsalle
Dusseldorf's Konigsalle - Shopping
Dusseldorf's Konigsalle
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Konigsalle is Dusseldorf(possibly German’s) most luxurious street. The boulevard is lined with some of the world’s most luxurious brands. The likes of Hermes, Luis Vuitton, Gucci and many famous boutiques are all here in one place. We rented a car while exploring Dusseldorf of the weekend visit but you don’t necessarily need to have a car as the transportation in Dusseldorf is great.
We had rented our car straight from the airport and as it was easier to attend the wedding we were heading to that weekend. The day after the wedding we had more time to explore the city. There is car park right next to Konigsalle so we left the car there and walked around the boulevard and into downtown and harbour area by the river.  You also have downtown or old town of Dusseldorf nearby so we explored that and the many pubs nearby as they were getting into the festive season.
My visit was during November last year so just around this time of the year. If you have not been to Dusseldorf, I highly recommend the city. Its perfect for a city break when you just want to chill and enjoy a little time away with the fuss. There is plenty to do without feeling as if you are part of the hustle and bustle.
I love exploring new parts of the city each time I visit and Konigsalle was one that I missed out on during my last trip to Dusseldorf. Flights to Dusseldorf are so inexpensive from London. I believe two returns on this trip cost us a little over a £100. That’s a bargain in my books. You can read more on my trips to Dusseldorf on the blog.
Dusseldorf's Konigsalle Shopping
Dusseldorf's Konigsalle
In addition to shopping, there is plenty to see in Dusseldorf, more on this check out my posts on why you need to visit need to visit Dusseldorf. I mentioned above that Konigsalle canal are an extension of Hofgarten Park, well if you have time to spare this is another part of the city to include in your explorations of the surrounding area. Hofgarten is German’s first and oldest public park.
The park is adorned with historic monuments and sculptures. It’s just beautifully peaceful and serene places in the city and the perfect place to experience all that is glorious about Autumn with a relaxing walk in the park as you watch the season change colours right before you.

Where To Stay In Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf's Konigsalle - hotels
As far as staying near the luxurious shopping Avenue. There a few hotels that sit on either side of the shopping avenue both luxury and some mid and budget range. Breidenbacher Hof– A Capella Hotel is just pure luxury in every way possible from the beautiful staircase at the entrance to the beautifully decorated rooms and the beauty of this places is that it is literally a stone’s through from Konigsalle’s boutique stores.
The prices are just as luxurious but if you go to the other end of the canal you will have Leonardo Royal Hotel Dusseldorf which also offers clean comfort minus the luxurious price tag. On this trip, I opted to stay at Renaissance Hotel as it was closer to the wedding venue we were heading to for my friend’s wedding.
On my previous weekend visit to Dusseldorf, I had stayed at the Marriot Courtyard that is right by the harbour and near the Frank Gehry buildings. To compare prices for hotels in Dusseldorf. I usually book my hotels via but you can also compare prices with Trivago and Agoda too. You can also check out this review on Melia Seestern Hotel in Dusseldorf.
Hotels in dusseldorf
Renaissance Hotel
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