Fashion, Architecture and the Art Scene – Why Germany’s Dusseldorf is a Must-Visit

With a crazy and hectic travel schedule work can some times bring, I am always grateful for the opportunities to meet people and build friendships with people I have met through work. A couple of years ago on a project far away from home and but with a diverse team covering many European countries, I made friends with a colleague from Germany. Months later I was due to get certification for an IT course for which training was going to be held in Germany’s Kronberg. I knew it was the perfect timing to take up a colleague’s invitation for a guided tour of Dusseldorf before I embarked on my trip to Kronberg for training. So I booked hotel and flights to Dusseldorf, for my very own personal guided tour of the city. This is how I got introduced to Dusseldorf. A beautiful German city ticket all the boxes for me; impressive architecture, great art scene, night life and city sights and plenty to offer on the fashion scene. I was sold! Dusseldorf is known for its fashion industry and art scene two things that usually get the blood pumping when planning a visit to a new city.

So when the opportunity to visit again came up I was super excited to visit. This time I was returning to see my colleague get married to his soul mate. I, on the other hand, was bringing fiancé and getting the chance to show him around the city. If you haven’t heard or even been to Dusseldorf then here are a few reasons why you need to one of Germany’s best-kept secrets.

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I am a big fan of architecture and have been known to book flights just to see particular buildings before squeezing in a few sights then returning home. I swear in another leave I was probably an architect considering the way a gash over architectural detail. A visit to Dusseldorf is not complete without checking out the beautiful Frank Gehery buildings. A set of three buildings with contrasting exterior and to a certain extent look much like a sculpture. Frank Gehry is a world renowned architect and one whose buildings draw visitors much for the buildings than their contents. These three buildings are no different and a must see if buildings are your thing as they are mine.




Living in one of the world best fashion capitals, a lot of cities have to bring the best A-game to rival the exclusivity of some of London’s best boutiques stores or the likes of Regents Street, Bond Street, and Oxford Street. For any fashionista or any one looking for a little retail therapy when you visit Dusseldorf the only place you need to head to is Konigsallee. Known by its fans as “Ko”, it’s paradise for shoppers from high-end luxury shopping to every other budget in between. There is something to suit all budgets. Of course there are restaurants and cafes for refreshing treats in between burning plastic.


Art Scene


I had shared a post on our explorations of the street at the scene by way of Kiefernstrasse. If you are a lover of street art then Kiefernstrasse is a must see as you have apartments in the whole street covered in murals. For more on the art scene, one cannot go wrong in a city that has over 100 galleries and museums. Check out Museum of Art(Museum Kunstpalast) with artwork that dates back from 3rd Centry BC, then you have quirk spots like Reinraum art exhibits within an old and disused public toilet.


Dusseldorf straddles the Rhine River and with a bustling nightlife on the river’s edge one can also expect to gastronomy to match. Below is a video to give you an insight on what to expect.




With over 100 galleries, 26 museums, great architecture, an intriguing street art scene and bustle fashion high street you will have plenty to fill your time in the city. For a 360 degree view of the city, check out the Rheintrum or Rhine Tower, a tower standing at 216 meters and the city’s tallest building. It has a revolving restaurant in addition to being the world’s largest digital clock.  Other sights to add to your list are Schloss Benrath a small palace with 3 museums and beautiful gardens. Also check Nordpark’s Japanese Garden, The Embarkment Promenade, and Schlossturm Castle Tower, the sole tower that survived a fire that consumed Dusseldorf’s fortress and castle complex.


Where to Stay



The first time I visited I stayed at Marriott Courtyard by the harbor which is next to another cool hotel by Melia and my second visit I stayed at Renaissance Hotel. Both are great hotels. Marriott is a lot closer to the Old Town and meters from a few interesting sights. You can walk about half an hour to the Old Town but it also a few meters from the Frank Gehry buildings and Rhine Tower as well as sitting right by the river side. Renaissance, on the other hand, is slightly in the land but still a beautiful hotel and solely selected because we were driving while in Dusseldorf and it was closer to the wedding venue as well as the offer of free parking at the hotel when we booked. Other places to consider are Hilton, Melia and Radisson Blu that is also near the river side. There is also InterContinental Hotel which sits right by the fashion district of Konigasallee.  For more on where to stay see this list of in Dusseldorf hotels.

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  1. July 23, 2017 / 10:03 pm

    Wow, Dusselforf looks really cool! I'd never really considered visiting before, but it looks like there's a lot I've been missing out on 🙂

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