10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Travellers & Food Lovers

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Travellers & Food Lovers | valentines gifts for men | Valentines day boxes | valentines messages for her

Whether you are looking to impress with valentines messages for her or looking for valentine’s gifts for men or after valentines box idea this should serve as some inspiration for picking the best Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. Yes, Valentines is upon us once again (well in 13 days time for those that need a reminder) and as commercial, as it is I am not a believer on handing each other empty gifts for the sake of Valentine’s day. Although I will gladly accept those 5-carat diamond studs if they were coming in my direction in perfectly wrapped up Valentines day boxes. For me valentines days is simply a day to appreciate your partner’s company and if under a romantic setting then all the better. So, I thought what better way than to inspire you with 10 Valentines gift for lovers of food and travel. This post is not just for the men to take their ladies out to these places. I am an equal opportunity kinda girl so that means its also open for you ladies to treat your men to a getaway much like these below.


They have been tried and tasted(delicious!) by myself and my boyfriend so rest your heart in that you will have a great time. There is something for everyone in there too. For those that prefer time alone, those up for a little adventure while spending time alone with your partner. Did I also mention they involve a little bit of travel? Hence why I am posting this early so you get a head start in coordinating them travel-wise, if you are in Europe these are a piece of cake to get to also perfect if you are already in or near that city. Also for those across the Atlantic, Icelandic air and WoW air are offering some amazing discount that you can be in Europe for under $200. See below for 10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Travels and Food Lovers.

1. Spitbank Fort [Portsmouth UK] – Ever dreamed of staying on an Island, without forking out a price with far too many zeros on the price tag? We all have, well now you can. Spitbank Fort is a man made island on the Solent in Hamphire, that used to be a Fort used in the World War II. There are 3 of these on the Solent. One is privately owned and 2 have now been renovated into Luxury hotels. You get there buy boat from Gosport in Portsmouth, not before you sip wine in the departure lounge. This is truly an experience you and your partner would remember. They also offer day experience on the fort or you can have dinner and a stay overnight. Just imagine waking up to those views. More pictures on this experience can be found here on my post on Spitbank Fort here.

2. The Dylan High Wine  [Amsterdam, Netherlands] – This one is a take on the afternoon tea but for grown ups. Four mouth-watering-gran-slapping courses that will make you want to dump your boyfriend and run off into the sunset with the chef type of taste all paired with carefully selected wines. Our table was right by the fireplace so with all that wine going to my head I thought about the chef as I enjoyed an evening with my boyfriend in the beautiful ambiance of the setting. This is one of those experience that you will have to try whether in Amsterdam for Valentines Day or any other weekend escape with your partner. While you are at it the hotel itself has individually decorated rooms most of which are mini suites that will make you want to extend the Valentines Day into a permanent stay. More pictures and details of this can be found on my post on the High Wine Experience at the Dylan. You can book The Dylan here.
High Wine At The Dylan
3. Romantic Cruise on The Thames [London, UK] – Imagine cruising on the London Thames with wine in hand, jazz music playing and your lover across the table. What could be better than that? And they say Paris is the most romantic cities! I tell you London has many little gems like this that can put Paris to shame. When you are done with the tantalizing course on the boat take your partner for a walk along the twinkling lights on Thames. Yep, you can send me a thank you note in the morning. More pictures of the experience on my post on the Bateaux  Dinner Cruise here. They run these cruises at different times in the day too. You can book a table for lunch or dinner on the Thames Cruise here.
Dinner Cruise On The Thames.
4. Weekend In Paris Trip [Paris, France] – Yes, this is a bit of a cliche but one that many a girl dream of. It also need not cost a lot of money to get that romantic view of the Eiffel tower as it twinkles in the night. Think DIY on this one. Rent an apartment on Airbnb for inspiration on some of my Parisian stays. Check out my Paris apartment rental with a beautiful balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower. I also have one on Champs Elysees overlooking Arc and Eiffel Tower.  Most of these apartments have amazing views with half the fraction you will pay at a hotel. Another plus is that most host will let you stay a little bit longer while avoiding that late check out fees at hotels. Then it’s up to you to find the best wine and cheese board as you whisper sweet nothings in your lover’s ear. Extra points if you can do it in French. You can also book apartments in Paris via booking.com as well as hotels.

5. Luxury Dining With A View [London, UK] – On top of the world with your partner. Well, not exactly on top of the world but definitely on top of London. Sipping champagne with views of London in your own corner of the Shard is one way to spoil your partner but you have to be quick to get a table as this place as dates sell out fast! The Shard has many restaurants to choose from so you will have plenty of choices to spoil a loved one with fine dining and London views to boot. Even better is staying in and waking up to these views. This is of course by way of staying at the Shangri-la at the Shard. Luxurious rooms with river and city views and perfect service. Bonus points if you treat your loved one to breakfast in bed or in room service as you watch the city life below.

6. Witchery By The Castle Edinburgh [Edinburgh, Scotsland] – Scotland might have cold weather but it’s just right for getting cosy with your lover. Throw in some wine and great food in a great setting then you are well in for an interesting evening. The Witchery is a little hidden Gem in Edinburgh and hidden under the nose of Edinburgh castle. You simply must experience the food here. While you are in the city be sure to spit on the monolithian  heart, more details and top 10 things to do in Edinburgh.

7. A Weekend In Rome [Rome, Italy] – Historical buildings, hidden cobbled streets with faint whispers of that Italian music is enough to make anyone for in love this Rome. Even better if you have great company to share the experience. Although many a place in Rome do not disappoint when it comes to food. I always find that restaurants hidden behind the backstreets and way from the popular and overpriced grab near tourist sights tend to offer much better food, so stroll around those little streets and find your own little gem for you and your partner to cherish. Ours was hidden behind the Jewish Quarter or what they called the Jewish Ghettos. You can catch my Roman Holiday Visual Diary here. Check out Easyjet Holidays for quick Italian getaways without blowing the bank account.
8. Head Into The Spanish Sun in Ardales [Malaga, Spain – Andalucia] – A lot people visiting this part of Spain are mainly Spaniards. So for you that means beautiful surrounding without feeling like you are in a tourist trap for Valentines Day. Beautiful pristine surrounds and water so blue its hard to believe your eyes. The setting itself is romantic so you needn’t do much but bring some food for a picnic by the shoreline. Failing that you can also just opt to have some food in the restaurants nearby. There are also other beautiful towns that you could easily explore in this part of Andalucia for a lot longer than just Valentines day. There is plenty to do for those that love a little adventure to go with valentine’s day celebrations.
Great Orme Lighthouse Hotel - great orme llandudno
9. Wales Great Orme Light House [Llandudno, Wales, UK] – Wanna promise the moon and the stars to your lover? Well, settings don’t get any better than this one. We discovered this place on a last-minute bid to get out of London. Located right on the edge of Wales, quite literary. This place has very little light pollution so you will have stars twinkling above you and your lover like God was setting them up to entertain you and yours alone. I have heard many a proposals were made here so good luck! A few pictures from our stop in Llandundno in Wales, where you can find The Great Orme.


10. Frame your Travels[Agra, India, – Optional Destination] – As a lover of Travel and photography, I have often printed some the pictures from our travels for my boyfriend. When I do I hang them up in our hallway and just say that your gift is in and around the flat I love the look on his face when he finally discovers it. This one also doesn’t cost a lot of money and usually conjures up memories of the travel experience that was captured in the pictures. If you love photographay but want to improve then you can also get yourself or your partner on a photography course. Also, a real winner when thinking of gifts for friends and family during other holiday celebrations.

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  1. February 3, 2016 / 2:56 am

    These are such great ideas. Think I'm going to look into the Thames cruise and see if I can get that booked in as a surprise for my boyfriend, if it's not too late!


  2. Stan
    October 15, 2018 / 4:51 am

    This is such a cool list of gift ideas. My girlfriend loves to travel, this just opened up my options for gifts to consider. Thanks!

    • October 21, 2018 / 10:07 pm

      Always glad to help. Happy shopping 😀

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