Exploring Athens Pt 1 | Ancient City Of Agora

We spent a few days in Athens, leisurely exploring the city at our own pace. I took way too many pictures so I will split my post in 3 parts as I show you parts of The Ancient Sights of Agora, The Acropolis and a pictorial of the city life. I will also put together a four post with the top 10 or things to see and do in Athens. So if you haven’t already subscribed, you can enter your email in the popup for monthly newsletter with travel tips and be sure to follow via Bloglovin to have notification when each post gets published.

Part 1 of the 3-Part Series | Ancient City of Agora
In addition to wanted to see the Acropolis for a long time, The Agora was also high on my list of things to see in Athens. For more than 5 centuries this place was the place to gather. A market place, a place were people assembled as the meaning of the word Agora. People assembled here to talk business, politics and current news of the time. As it stands today, it’s hard to imagine just how important it was and just how busy and lively this place might have been as the majority of its structures have fallen and with it the evidence of its splendor with it.

As the has had minimal restoration and is mainly an on-going excavation sight, the museum on sight and the artiefacts within paint a story of the way of live hundreds of years ago. Its fascinating seeing just how advanced people were at that time in the materials they used, there methods, from painting, decorating to the use of these materials in creating really beautiful items; from accessories to pots.
Philosophies by socrates were expounded here, Greek democracy was brought to life here and St Paul is said to have won converts to Christianity in this spot in AD 49, so with that much history seeping in every grain of soil that lies here, the historical significancy of this place is just fascinating to learn about. With every step you make, every statue and every temple still visible, its as if history is trying to reveal itself.
Ancient Agora Remains
There are still are few buildings standing on sight, The Temple of Hephaestus and Stoa of Attalos. Its amazing how anything is still here considering the Persians had destroyed much of the sights but the Agora was soon rebuilt, it was then destroyed again by the Herulians of Scandinavia, the Turks came and built on the sight but their buildings where demolished too. With the mix of people that have passed through you can see that influence in the artefacts that are showcased in the museum. Almost like having an insight into someone’s way of living. The views from the top of Agora over Athens aren’t bad either.
Opening Times: 8am to 8pm

Price: € 4  – If you intend on visiting the Acropolis the buy the full ticket. This is because if you are visiting the Acropolis on its own you will need the full €12 Euro ticket. If you buy them separately you will spend €4 + €12. If you want to visit this sight, Acropolis and other ancient sights you will only need to spent €12. Also note that from April 2016. Prices are set to rise from €12 to €20.
Additional Tips: 1. Make sure you have a bottle of water if visiting in the summer. This way you can take your time with the climb up towards the Acropolis and keep hydrated in the heat. 2. Best to buy the full ticket which allows you entrance to all the ancient sights.

Temple of  Hephaistos
A moment’s distraction to watch a turtorois just below the Temple of  Hephaistos. I am sure its never walked as fast as it did, trying to get away from the crowd forming before it. 
Stoa Attalos – Now a museum

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