Visions of Wild Africa | Exploring Botswana’s Okavanago Delta

Safari In Botswana Okavanago Delta - Moremi PARK

Back in surroundings that allow you to hear that morning call from the birds chirping at the first signs of dawn. Surroundings unpolluted by urban comforts and as darkness gives way to night allow you to have stars twinkle at you and it’s as if the world suddenly melts away with sweet nothings whispered from a lovers lips and like romantic rhythms, perfectly received to your ears. Being at one with nature and back to basics of appreciating the peace and quiet offered by being in the middle of nowhere is one of life’s luxuries in the world we live today. Memories of my trip to Botswana last October were just that,…moments of blissful pleasure being back in familiar surroundings. My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of crossing no man’s land on foot; Kazungula. This is a small area of land between Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia where we crossed over from Zambia into Botswana by a small ferry. Our Safari journey was to start from right there on the boarder crossing into Kasane, Botswana. As you drive away from the boarder you can spot many elephants in the dried fields. We were in Kasane for 2 days but managed to spot elephants, monkeys, hippos, baboons all without getting on a typical African safari ride.

Kasane is a small town, so you will find few places to stay and not all are budget friendly for backpacker budgets but very comfortable. Also just be aware that there are animals roaming in nearby fields so don’t approach them as if you are looking at pets – I have seen and heard too many stories. The elephants in Kasane are still getting used to the fact that their territory now has to be shared with humans. They sometimes tear down fences and the monkeys have also been known to snatch food or even electronic devices from hands. So if you don’t want to lose that iPhone then keep it way away from the cheeky monkeys. The place we stayed at in Kasane was right by the river so we had ample opportunity to spot hippos and monkeys before we left. It’s also fenced to stop animals coming through. There is also security at the gates too. 
Moving on from Kasane we bused it from Kasane to Maun. The majority  of our stay in Botswana was spent in Maun. It offers the best access to Moremi National Park, Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Also known as Africa’s last Eden. A unique wetland teeming with wild life and right at the centre of Botswana’s Safari Industry.  It’s surrounded by lush vegetation, beautiful palm trees, mangosteens and with that, giraffes, impalas, elephants, zebras, colourful bird life and the wildest cats in town, all roam freely at their own pleasure. With the Okavanago Delta being popular for safaris, this has brought about an opportunity for operators to offer beautifully decorated lodges dotted around the national park. These offer up and close views of safari animals and sometimes all from your own very private verandas.  Prices for these can range from tear-jerkingly shocking prices. Prices that might need you to have your doctor on speed dial before you reveal them, but there are always ways to go on safaris without having to remortgage your home and draw out of your kids college funds. If you can afford them,  that’s great, but if you are booking any of these lodges just be sure you are booking ones that are ecological and respect the eco-system of the national parks and the animals in them, whatever country you are doing your safari’s in.

Safari Pictures from Botswana’s Okavanago Delta

Below are some of the pictures taken while exploring the small portion of the 15,000 square kilometers of the Delta. I thought I would share some pictures before I share tips on how you can go on a safari for those that want to go on one, but think they can’t afford to go on a safari. I will also be sharing tips on what to pack for a safari. I will try and break that up with posts from my recent trip to India and Greece. So stay tuned!

Hippos swimming with little baby hippos in the back.
Poor little zebra, didnt stand a chance in Lion’s den.

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Safari In Botswana Okavanago Delta - Moremi PARK


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