Tongabezi Lodge On Zambezi River | Private Luxury On Zambia’s Victoria Falls

Tongabezi Lodge on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia
“When you go, choose your companions wisely. Africa is not to be wasted,” – Ernest Hemingway

There are romantic hideaways and then there is Tongabezi Lodge. Where better to enjoy a back-to-nature romance with a bit of luxury thrown in than to base yourself right on the banks of the Zambezi River. If that name sounds familiar, you will no doubt know that it is the very river that gives birth to the mighty Victoria Falls – more on that to come. Staying just a short drive from one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Mosi-oa-Tunya or ‘smoke that thunders’. If looking for hotels in Livingstone, Zambia, then this is among Victoria Falls lodges to check out. Tongabezi is hidden among the shadows of Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. We were certainly in the mood to spoil ourselves while in Livingstone, and this place is definitely one that will spoil your mind, body, and soul – in a good way of course. Our one splurge on our 30-day tour of Southern Africa which started from Lusaka. You only live once! Livingstone was the second stop having started off in Lusaka days earlier, before stopping in Livingstone before taking a Botswana safari and then heading to Namibia.



You can take your pick from Tongabezi Treehouse, Tongabezi Dog House, Tongbezi Honeymoon House, River Lodge and Garden LodgenAll the lodges at Tonagbezi have views of the Zambezi, apart from our Garden House Lodge. What it lacked in views of the river, it made up handsomely in the exclusively private pool we had to ourselves.  All the lodges are secluded offering guests privacy and comfort as if you were chillaxing in your own home and a luxury not experienced in many hotels or lodges.




There are only nine lodges which mean guests are catered to with undivided attention from staff.  Have I mentioned that from the moment we arrived we were made to feel like little stars?  Oh, I did I not mention, each lodge is allocated its very own butler so to speak anything you need 24/7! Staff available exclusively to your lodge, I had died and gone to heaven…A knock on the lodge entrance brought me back to health as our breakfast arrived to be enjoyed in the comfort of our Garden House.

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Tongabezi Lodges | Victoria Falls Lodges


There is a choice of five Tongabezi lodges to choose from. All are individually styled and cater for two to five guests. You can experience lavish romance in the Honeymoon House, wake up amongst the birds in the Tree House, or enjoy a romantic dinner overlooking the Zambezi River from the private deck of your own River Cottage as well as the Garden Lodge. From the moment when our private entrance to our lodge was opened…I had to pick up my jaw from the floor before anyone noticed. The Garden Lodge is among the beautiful Victoria Fall lodges to choose from at Tongabezi comes with a living area and dining, pool, and 2 bedrooms, of course, we only needed the one. Though it’s perfect if you are in a group of four or if you are coming with kids. An open shower so you can shower right under the stars in Africa. That warm trickle of water flowing, while the stars twinkle above. It’s as if the constellations were in on the treat of making guests feel like stars.




Tongabezi Honeymoon House,  Treehouse,  Dog House |Tongabezi Rates & Prices 


Tongabezi has a string of beautiful lodges to choose from; Tongabei Honeymoon House, Tongabezi Treehouse, Tongabezi Dog House and Tongabezi Garden House. Tongabezi rate vary for each of the riverside lodges available as the prices will depend on what type of room you book. We had the Garden house when can range anywhere between £700 to £1000 a night but bear in mind that you have the whole place to yourself, it comes with a double room and another double with two single beds. Both rooms have ensuite, a living area and pool in addition to that all the other facilities at Tongabezi Lodge. I absolutely loved it and wouldn’t mind another visit. The Garden House thought was too big for us as it was just the two of us but it would be absolutely perfect for a family or group of friends.




You also have double rooms which ensuite as well us those build as a tree house. I love the Tongabezi Treehouse lounge area with views across the Zambezi where you can watch as hippos play about in the water. Tongabezi Lodge rates will depend very much on the room you choose but every single one is just perfect! Check out Expedia to check Tongabezi lodge rates and to book your stay at Tongabezi.


Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia

Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia

Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia

Safari Holidays On The Zambezi River | Listen to the roar of the fire and animals nearby


After settling in, we gathered with other guests to watch the sunset over the river in front of the roaring fire while hippos were huddled in small groups and calling out to one another. This was by far one of the best stays I have ever had in a while, surpassing my stay Hong Kong Stay with Victoria Harbour views or that little sanctuary in Israel’s Shlomi overlooking the Lebanese mountains.  Those places were great but this is on another level. Dinner each night was a special treat, with candlelit gourmet feast followed by live acapella choir singing as entertainment.



We also had the option of dining on a floating table on the Zambezi but dinner but forgot to book ahead. If you find yourself in Zambia, and by that I mean get your butt to Tongabezi pronto! In the most polite way, of course. Even for a night you have to experience our African hospitality – but be warned, you might not want to leave. You know what they say about Africans, we are always smiling…well, this place will show you why.I realise Tongabezi is in the luxury category and may not cater to all budgets so for a list of hotels in Livingstone, head over to this list of hotels in Livingstone.

Tongabezi safari lodge - Livingstone Zambia

Tongabezi Lodge on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia

Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia

Tongabezi safari lodge - Livingstone Zambia

Reasons to Visit Zambia


With a good eight months of sunshine, Zambia’s subtropical weather and heat generate a very laid back vibe which resonates in the calm and peaceful people of Zambia. If that doesn’t put a smile in your face you will be instantly uplifted by the glow of the sun making contact with your skin. Being back in Zambia felt like my spirit had reconnected with its home. It felt so good to be back home and introducing the mister to this part of my home country. It certainly helped that our very own butler exuded a passion for Livingstone with a contagious warmth and enthusiasm which made our stay that much more special….


Tongabezi Tours & Activities | Tongabezi Devil’s Pool

Tongabezi can arrange a variation of tours from helicopter tours to white water rafting. The is a tour concierge on hand to walk you through all the available tours. Their guides will take you to view the breath-taking cascades of water and walk you across Knife Edge bridge, you can also visit Livingstone Island and gaze upon the Falls as David Livingstone first did: from amongst them. If you dare, you can even choose to swim in Devil’s Pool, a natural rock pool that sits on the very edge of the abyss. For those who wish to see the view from above, Tongabezi  can also arrange a microlight or helicopter flight through the gorge and over the Falls. A few of these include the tours:
  • Tongabezi Devil’s Pool –  I shared details of this tour of the Victoria Falls Devils Pool tour on the blog.
  • Tongabezi Trust School – The Tongabezi school is only a short walk from Tongabezi and we visited during our stay.
  • Tongabezi Livingstone Island Tour – If the Devil’s Pool is too much for your then I would highly recommend the Livingstone Island tour because you get to see Victoria Falls from such a unique angle.
Tongabezi activities are varied and include a safari but an, unfortunately, we were ill and had to cancel the safari part of our Tongabezi tours.


Tongabezi Safari Lodge on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia
Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia
Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia
Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia
Tongabezi Safari Lodge on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia
Tongabezi Safari Lodge on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia
Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia
Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia
Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia
Tongabezi on the Zambezi - Livingstone Zambia


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Tongabezi safari lodge - Livingstone Zambia Tongabezi lodge Hotel- Livingstone Zambia Tongabezi safari lodge - Livingstone Zambia


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    You guys were absolutely right to splurge a little in Livingstone! What an amazingly beautiful place. I'm sure you left that vacation feeling completely relaxed. Adding Tongabezi safari lodges to my bucketlist!

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