Lets Misbehave: An Evening with The Great Gatsby

Quiet streets on the west of London, unbelievably quiet for a Saturday night. It was as if the streets had been cleared for the special occasion. Arriving at Royal Oak, it was windy with a fresh crisp breeze blowing at the rain, enough to make it seem as if the sky was dusting out diamond drops as they glistened in the bright street lamp posts. Midnight blue dress embellished with crystals and sequins, a vintage fur stole on the shoulder adorned with Swarovski brooches completed the look of a bygone era. For this evening, Mr Gatsby was in cahoots with the Candlelight club  in throwing the party of the year. Ending 2013 with a party to remember, by travelling back into time celebrating the year’s successes in jazz-filled speakeasy style of the 1920s era.

Arriving at the Porchester Hall, revealed only hours earlier. The secret location hosting the time travel to experience the exuberant dancing, taking advantage of upbeat tempos of Jazz and Ragtime music. Some of which was to be live and played by none other than Albert Hall’s the Flying Aces, entertaining since 1916. Entering Porchester Hall you are immediately greeted by the opulent and striking red carpeting, glossy bronze metalwork inviting you up the stairs. Built in 1929, still standing elegantly, the hall is panelled with English oak and walnut, luxurious rich crimson velvet drapes and magnificent crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling. This sumptuous splendour has hosted many a fantastic concert, reception and banquet, but tonight, it playing host to the young and beautiful. All wishing and hoping to meet the acquaintance of The Great Gatsby. 
Each table laid with candlelight to create perfect ambience, the ladies and gents completing the look with lavish attention to detail in everyone’s interpretation of the roaring 20’s. The roaring 20’s made it clear that it was a new age and fashion was progressing for both men and women’s dress. Swathes of diaphanous fabrics, art deco silhouettes, flapper dresses, frills and fringes. Men decked in the tailored look, simpler, padded jackets, wide legged trousers, brighter colours to reflect the brightness of the music scene, theatre and good times of the era. Pinstripes made fashionable by Al Capone.  Men looking ever so dashing in the “Power suit”. All of that was making an appearance at the Porchester Hall by the gentlemen, and showing the ladies just how to party in true 1920’s gangster style. 
With the deemed lights and flapper dress adorned with sparkle that would seem to have robbed DeBeers of their finest rocks. Champaign and cocktails flowing, travelling back into time does have its perks! People waltzing and doing a variation of the Lindy Pop and the famous Charleston dance, ladies flattering energetically while pearl stands swang uncontrollably missing dance partners by an inch,  it was an enjoyable and fun evening to experience. Now back in reality and ready to usher in 2014 with 3 days to go. Below are some of the shots from The Gatsby swaray thrown by the Candlelight Club.

Have you had a taste of candlelight club?

The great gatsby starring Leonardo Di Caprio, “The Great Gatsby” stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey… 1920s Setting


    • January 9, 2014 / 10:29 pm

      Thank you :)… The whole evening was just a a delight.

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