Chocolate Capital – Brussels In Pictures

Chocolate Capital - Brussels In Pictures

Just as well this was a fairly short trip! I wouldn’t have lasted long in the World Capital of Chocolate. I seriously wonder how much the dentist costs are in Belgium because the Belgians take the art of making chocolate very seriously. There are more than 2000 chocolate shops in Belgium producing over 172,000 tons of chocolate a year. From your Praline to Truffles to Gianduja. This is some serious business. With some luxury chocolatiers marketing their chocolate brand in gleaming glass cases and offering the full chocolate experience for a very fetching £150 for 3 hours for a personal guiding and tasting. There are also dedicated chocolate tours and houses showcasing the artisans of excellence working Belgian chocolate in the purest traditions.

Having managed escaping the chocolate shops with my teeth in tact it was time to do a little exploring on foot. My time in the city was  short but hopefully I will make another short trip to Brussels Christmas 2013 as I was gutted I actually didn’t have time to see the Otomium.

Considering my accommodation at the Brussels Hotel was dangerously(dangerous for my budget that is) located in the fashionable district of Louise Avenue I fought temptation with all my might to by jumping on the tram conveniently located only a stones throw from the hotel. After getting my sugar fix, it was time. I could no longer hold it. It was time for a little retail (Window) therapy. When in Brussels the place that fixes faster than your purse can jump out of your travel satchel is Louise Avenue! A chic boulevard that’s south of the city center and home to many restaurants, offices and up-market shops the likes of Verace, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier, Dior and more.
Below are some of my shots of Brussels.
Chocolate Capital - Brussels In Pictures
Louis Avenue
Brussels Chocolate Capital - Brussels In Pictures
Chocolate Capital - Brussels In Pictures GRAND PLACE
Grand Place
Brussels Chocolate Capital - Brussels In Pictures
Grand Place

How about you,  have you been to the Chocolate Capital? Where did you explore other than the Grand Place
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