3 October 2016

Australia's Great Ocean Road | A Helicopter Ride Over The 12 Apostles

I would bet money that  anyone visiting Australia has a Great Ocean Road trip on their list, among seeing places like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Opera House and even Bondi Beach. Knowing that I was going to be flying to Melbourne after visiting in Sydney, I knew that my visit was not going to be complete without a riding through Australia's most famous coastal road. While GOR is famous in its own right, the sights along the way also play a part in why people are drawn to it. 

The Great Ocean Road winds and bends for 243 kilometers along the Southern Ocean, from Geelong to Portland. While driving this beautiful and scenic coastal stretch, you bear witness to Victoria's dramatic coastline, iconic surf breaks, waterfalls, cute fury animals like the kola bears, kangaroos in additional to the most famous sights of them all; The 12 Apostles!

The 12 Apostles are beautiful rock stacks that rise from the Southern Ocean creating a dramatic scene on Australia's coastline. They are located 275 kilometers west of Melbourne. Our drive started about 7am in the morning with an estimated driveof 4 hours with a couple of stops along the way for surfing lessons for those booked on it, stops at the GOR arch, viewpoints, lighthouse, Loch Ard Gorge, lunch and the 12 Apostles. The 12 Apostles rock stacks have been created through the constant erosion of the limestone rock cliffs, which began some 10-20 million years ago.

In Christian theology, the apostles, particularly the Twelve Apostles, were the primary historical disciples of Jesus and central figures in Christianity. With regards to Australia famous twelve, what most people do not know is that Australia's 12 Apostles were never actually 12. Yep, what we now know as the 12 Apostles was firstly actually known as Sow and Piglets until 1922, but of course that didn't quite roll off the tongue. They were soon renamed The Apostles for tourism purposes, then eventually known as the 12 Apostles. This is despite only ever having 9 rock stacks. With the constant erosion we are also losing them as they crumble into the ocean so you might want to set your eyes on them before they all disappear.

Seeing the 12 Apostle at eye level was fantastic from the viewing gallery, but even better seen from bird's eye view. The tour of Great Ocean Road including the various stops and lunch was $99AUS, I added an additional $99AUS for a 15-minute helicopter ride. I will be sharing tips on how to find tours and how to pick one offering a great deal. The helicopter ride goes by quickly but well worth the views. I would highly recommend it if you can add it to the expense. I booked in advance when I booked the tour, but I believe you can also book on the day if not booked in advance. They keep your belongings behind the counter as every weight counts on board the helicopter. You are asked for your weight as well as being weighed on the massive scale that you stand on as they take your details down at the counter. Below is a video of the Helicopter ride and pictures taken from above. If you like it, please be sure to share it. As always, if you have questions about the tour please comment in the the section below and I will try and answer when I can.

Views from the Viewing Gallery of 12 Apostles

12 Apostle From Helicopter Tour

Views From The Helicopter

Viewing Gallery of 12 Apostles

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