28 November 2015

Island Hideaway | 10 Essential Items To Pack For Santorini

In my last post I shared with you reasons why you should stay in Santorini's Akrotiri when you visit this beautiful island. Santorini, like many Greek islands with its abundance  of sunshine, sea and sand draws people from all four corners of the globe to sample a little bit of island living. Hot weather, warm seas and the perfect spot to cool off is just what the doctor ordered! When it comes to travel and beauty in hot weather simplicity is key. Below are essential items you need to pack for a trip to Santorini. 

1. A good moisturiser - Hot or cold weather a good moisturiser is key to looking fresh. It also helps keep your make sure in place, although I prefer less make-up during hot weather.

2. Cleanser and toner - Cleansing the skin of sunscreen and make-up for a clearer and fresh face.

3. Sunscreen - There is nothing more aging that sun burnt skin so protect your skin not only from burns but from UVA and UVB. Yes that goes from black skin, Indian skin. Everyone should be wearing it. Why? Because cancer does not discriminate so slather it on!

4. Sunglasses - Get some shade in your life.

5. Mascara,  brow kit, lip gloss - Less is more when it comes to make-up and hot weather. The last thing you want is having foundation and eye shadow sweating off your face. For a fresh-faced look cleanse and tone, moisturise then shape the brow, a little mascara and lip gloss and you are good to good. That is pretty much all the make-up you will usually find in my bag when I travel in hot weather.

6. Accessories - Keeping things simple is great but packing a few accessories can take a simple outfit from simple to vava voom in 0-60!

7. Big Hat - Your very own portable shade. The bigger the better!

8. Hair moisture - For someone that had super dry hair I love Aveda, Keratase and Qhemet Biologics in taming the mane in super drying weather.

9. After suncare with aloe vera - After being in the sun all day. Add moisture back into the skin as well as protect any parts of your skin that may have been overexposed to the sun.

10. Scarf - Warm days and cooler nights. Packing a scarf or shawl will save you from that cold breeze on the evening stroll back to the hotel.

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Swimsuit: Gossard, Scarf: H&M, Sunglasses: Rayban, Bag: Zara, Hat: ASOS Earrings and Bracelet: Bizermani Jewellery 
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  1. Great list! I went to Santorini a few years ago and it was amazing. So hot and beautiful and I did a lot of dancing!

    1. Nice! I better try out a little dancing on the island next time I go.

  2. Wow wow - it looks like such an amazing place to go! And you have a list of practical things to bring/use! Love these pics!

  3. woow amazing photos, Im so jealous xx


  4. Unreal! I've always wanted to go there, looks so beautiful!

  5. Cannot ever leave without 4 and 10, but loving everything in this list! You've got a new regular reader in me!

  6. Those pictures are AMAZING! Santorini is in our travel plans for 2017. Great post on what to take :)

  7. Wow!!! Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! I tried clicking my heels 3X to get there, but I'm still in Brooklyn. I guess I will have to plan my trip the old fashioned way!! LOL

    1. Hahaha. Hopefully you can work it into plans soon. Its such a beautiful place.

  8. Oh wow absolutely beautiful pictures!

  9. Great Pictures! I went this year for my birthday, and I have already booked another ticket for my birthday next year! :-D