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Jet Set Beauty | Get Jet Set Ready With...
We all have those countdowns to the holiday, don’t we? Planning what we are going to pack, getting the names, done, haircut and in some places waxed or shaved! Yep, we all do so this week I have had two bloggers take us through their jet-set ready plans. This third installment to the Jet Set Ready With‘ series with bloggers this week with one more to go this Sunday with Simply Cyn. This time we have Codie Kinz sharing how she gets ready for vacations and mini getaways. I love Codie’s honest and relaxed way of getting ready and not putting too much focus on the getting ready part and more on the fun of exploring. I can so relate as on some trips I just want to get up and go with no fuss. Hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to share how you get ready in the comments below.
1. How do you get ready for a  holiday? 
I’m pretty low-maintenance to be honest. I make sure I’ve shaved my legs and ‘pits, and that’s pretty much it aside from the usual. I also craft some fun, themed accessories, which was obviously amazing for our recent Disneyland trip!
2. What’s your beauty routine before a flight?
I use a lot of moisturiser to make sure my face doesn’t get dried out on the flight (I tend to use Simple moisturiser because it feels great!) and then I’ll use BB cream, rather that foundation to give me just a little coverage. Then just a bit of mascara, not eyeliner because I always fall asleep on ‘planes.
3. What’s your go to fragrance for your getaway? 

“I recently had a Lush ‘Comforter’ Treatment, and I don’t think anything will ever feel as good!”

4. What’s your favorite beauty treatment?
I’m a big massage fan, in addition, hunting out spa deals! I don’t get them very often but when I do, I feel the benefits for ages afterward. I recently had a Lush ‘Comforter’ Treatment, and I don’t think anything will ever feel as good!
5. Do you do anything extra to get beach ready?
I try not to put a lot of holiday pressure on being ‘beach ready’, especially as we don’t do a lot of beach holidays, we like to explore! But, I do like to do the Bootea Teatox a few times during the year to help detox.
6. Do you have a beauty regime for looking refreshed after a long haul flight?
I don’t really have anything specific. I’ll give my hair a bit of a joosh (is that even a word?!), and touch up my makeup, maybe use some Vaseline if my lips are feeling dry, and then I’m good to go!
7. Have you discovered any beauty treatments/brands on your travels that you have now incorporated into your beauty routine or lifestyle?
I collect hotel minis! We have a little basket in our bathroom that we call out ‘Guest Basket’, so that people can help themselves and there’s been a few I’ve been pretty impressed by! I also love how much cheaper things like Benefit are in America so I tend to treat myself when I’m on holiday if I know it will cost less.

8. Does your skin care routine change for different seasons or areas around the world you are  traveling to?
I’m rubbish – I barely even have a skin care routine! But I know in Winter I need to use a good moisturiser as my skin dries out sometimes. I also like to use a lighter foundation, or just a BB cream in summer so as not to feel too ‘clogged up’.

“I also love how much cheaper things like Benefit are in America so I tend to treat myself when I’m on holiday if I know it will cost less.”

9. What has been your go-to style when travelling?
For the actual travelling, I like to be as comfy as possible. Usually some hareem style pants and a hoody for when it’s chilly. I’m always that stupid person who wears lace-up shoes and has to undo them at security check. Every. Time! For the rest of the trip, I like to make a special effort, mainly because I take so many pictures! That’s a lot easier when it’s summer. Our pictures from Budapest in November has me wearing so many layers, including my other half’s coat (because I stupidly forgot mine!). Yet the ones from America the year before, I’m wearing shorts and vest tops or bikinis because it’s roasting – though I probably wouldn’t have felt comfortable to wear them at home.
10. Any packing tips?
Stuff and roll! I’m terrible at packing but love using packing cubes as they make things a lot easier especially when trying to maximise space. I just pick up a random selection of items and hope for the best whereasas my fiancé counts out exactly what he needs and for which day. Thankfully, I can fit in his clothes! My staple would be a rain mac that folds into a tiny pouch, wherever you’re going because it sucks to be wet!
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