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Back from the USA and still very much jet-lagged from an awesome trip visiting family and friends in the in the land of the free. Passing through 4 states in 2 weeks one would wonder if I was on holiday or some work project or something. Starting with Columbus in Ohio, Niles, Michigan City, Benton Harbor in Michigan, Indianapolis in Indiana, Chicago and ending the trip in Seattle. Phew! Well I was in the land where everything is super size; the cars, homes, malls, food portions so this trip was in need of some serious super sizing! That came by way of covering as much ground as I could manage. Travelling through 3 time zones in the USA alone, no wonder my flight back from Seattle back to London still has me woozy.

Hocking Hills – Logan County – Ohio

Upper Falls – Hocking Hills

Ohio – City Girls Turned  Cowgirls

Arriving in Columbus on a Tuesday in the early evening after missing an early flight with only enough time for short trip to the mall before grabbing a bite to eat as the following day was going to be packed full of adventure. Setting off on a drive to Logan County’s Hocking Hills. This was by far one of my favourite places in my visit to the US possibly because it had the most spectacular spots. Hocking Hills has some of the most impressive hiking trails, all six miles of them, with stunning falls  to conclude each walk with a bang. Cedar falls, Queer falls, Lower and Upper falls and the stream falling from up high on Ash Cave. Ash Cave is the largest cave in the state with massive beech trees and truly astonishing overhanging ledge and cave shelter. Rock faces approaching and at Ash Cave would have boulders and rock climbers alike drooling like kids in a candy store. 
As if the hike was not enough we set off on a short drive to Rockbridge. This time my younger sister, her friend and I were on a mission to turn 3 city girls into cowgirls. This took an effort considering I am scared to be near horses having been chased by one when I was young. Happy Trails Horse Riding was the places to test out my rodeo skills. My horse was Bo, turned out to be a stubborn horse just like his rider. I am thankful that I wasn’t dropped a single time in the hour long ride up the hills. The trail was steep and passes through a river stream. The trail passed an impressive rock formation; the Table Top Rock but I was rather busy trying to make sure Bo was clear in my rules of not dropping me on my butt. At the end of the ride I was joking about how at one point I thought I would by walking along side the horse because I was trying to get the hang of controlling the horse.
In true stubborn style Bo decided that he would rather stop to eat a few meters short of the range to start grazing. A little surprised scared(a lot!) that everyone was now getting off the horse while mine was munching away at the grass and not badging. After being instructed to kick and pull hard on the rope to stop him eating it was time to gracefully get off the horse without landing on my butt. I am not saying my fear of horse has totally gone but it was great to finally overcome my fear of horses and just ride. The fact that I fear anything with more legs than me is a story for another day. Don’t get me started on spiders!

Check out Bo! Standing tall after mocking me at the finish line.

Indiana – Here comes the bride

The very reason for trekking half way across the world was to attend my brother’s wedding in Indianapolis. The private naptuals took place not so far from where he resides which meant we were crossing state lines quite frequently between Michigan and Indiana. The bride and groom toasted to many years of a happy union!


Windy City and Seattle

Dropped by on the Windy City and Seattle but those will be in a post to come…


  1. October 18, 2013 / 3:44 pm

    I've never been to Ohio but Hocking Hills looks so peaceful and scenic. I actually have a cousin that lives in Kalamazoo, but we didn't venture over to Benton Harbor when I visited. I'll have to add that to my list – looks like my kind of place. Curious to read about your impressions of Seattle (lovely city) and Chicago where I lived for 3 years.

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