15 November 2016

The Land of Fire And Ice | A Colourful Side of Iceland You Need To Check Out

Iceland may draw millions of visitors with is geyser blowing off steam or its waterfalls hidden behind mysterious looking rock faces, glaciers with breaking ices that litter black sand beaches like diamonds on velvet. The land as been creative in coming up with out of this world sights to gaze at. While the land has been busy, so have its people. Hidden in the back streets of Reykjavik. You don't have to hunt too far from the main town center to see how the city comes alive with colour, even if the weather might not want to play along. See below some of the beautiful pieces we stumbled on while exploring the city aimlessly with no map or destination in mind.

Iceland may be known for its waterfalls, geysers and glaciers and a past full of natural disasters but one item most people tend to miss out on their Iceland adventures or itinerary is the colourful street scene. Below, I am taking you on a little walking tour of the some of Reykjavik's beautiful street art.

The cafe the draws you in with colour.

Adding a floral touch to the romance.

Hidden arches full of colour.

Residents that match their homes to their cars.

Insight into a future of robotics.

Faces on neighbourhood watch.

Even vampires need love.

Residents show you all their true colours.

And those that draw you in only to wonder that the message really is... the dental one.

Icelandic storefronts by creatives.


  1. Looks absolutely amazing! x

  2. Oh I love all the colours! So many great buildings and murals.

    1. Yep. Its really beautiful isnt it. A lovely part of Iceland that a lot of people skip over because all the other crazy and big attractions like waterfalls and mountain scenery.