1 September 2015

Santorini | Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini

Santorini is one of those popular Greek Islands that you hear and read about all the time but of what you most see is Oia. Santorini being an Island, I was more interested in checking out some of Santorini's best beaches and less so in seeing the sunset in Oia as lovely and beautiful as they are. Yea, of course I was hoping to see many a sunrise and sunset but as Santorini has special geographical features by way of the volcanoes I new I would be in for something a little special. All year round great weather in Greece means that whatever time you choose to visit there is always plenty of time to enjoy the sun on the beach in Santorini.

Beautiful and differing  rock formations with each and every meter of the island you pass also means that the beaches in Santorini are different to those found in other parts of Greece. Black, red, white sand beaches filled with volcanic minerals; one for my big reasons for staying in Akrotiri on the island is its proximity to the beaches as well as its quiet and tranquil life on the island. Compared to that of its popular town of Oia, Fira and Imerovigli. Those places are great for the nightlife, bar scene, shopping and restaurants but a tad to busy if you are on the island for more than just a short break.

If you are thinking of heading to Santorini I would highly recommend you consider the smaller towns too. Akrotiri offers the same sunsets as Oia, you are close to great beaches, restaurants line the beaches too and of course you also have the famous Santorini blue domes.

Santorini's Best Beaches.

Below I have listed some of Santorini's best beaches which mostly sit on the bottom part of the island.

Red Beach: This sits right at the bottom of Akrotiri and one of Santorini's most famous beaches. Access is via pathways that are prone to landslides/rock fals but you are rewared with beautiful red-black sand and pebble beach. There is signage that says "dangerous - do not go through", so if you go it is at your own risk. There aren't any shops or much to see on the beach but the scenery is great.

White Beach: This is only a few meters from the Red beach in a hidden little cove. This beach is only accessible by boat. Most sailing tours on the island will make a stop here. You can also take your chances with the sea and swim from the Red beach to the White beach. The reward is clear waters and a little privacy. There are no shops and restaurants here so bring your own towels, food, etc.

Perissa Beach: Periss Beach is close to a few local shops and is lined with restaurants. Beautiful black sand beach that stretches out to more beaches along the coastline. Organised in that you will have plenty of waters sport activities near by as well as beach chairs and loungers for rent. Beautiful place to chill but can be crowded in the summer.

Kamari Beach: This is a little more upscale compared to a lot of the other beaches on the island. It's located on the Southern part of Santorini and not too far from Perissa beach and much like Perissa, you will find plenty to see and do and there are plenty of restaurants to eat.

Perivolos Beach: If you want peace and quiet then this is the place for you! The longest black sand beach in Santorini with restaurants, hotels as well as many water sport activities on offer.

Monolith Beach: A family friendly(due to spots featuring shallow seafloors) beach with a collection of hotels and restaurants near by with plenty more sand to play with compared to many other beaches on the island.

Agios Georgios Beach: Another fairly popular beach a few kilometers from Perissa beach. Its fairly organised so you can rent beach loungers, towels and many places to eat and drink.

Red Beach
Perissa Beach

Locations of More of  Santorini's Best Beaches

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  1. Wow! Santorini looks gorgeous! I also loved the vibrant, flowy dresses! :)

    1. Thanks! I love bright colours when on holiday. Sadly the weather in London is back to its rainy self. :D

  2. I remember this spot, i love santorini.

    1. Its beautiful! I seriously need to book another ticket to Santorini. I am missing Greek sunshine so much :(

  3. Santorini looks so beautiful I'm planning on going there for my next vacation. Lovely pictures and love the colourful dresses xx


    1. Thank you! I am sure you will love it. There is so much to this little island that people just don't show you as most pictures are just from Oia. But there is more to see and do. A visit to Santorini is a must.

  4. Your photos are breath taking!! And I love that yellow dress!!


  5. These photos are stunning!

    Agnes x