3 December 2014

B Street Deli - London Cafe Gems

I am sure you have heard that old saying that someone drinking so much that they could put a brewery out of business. Well, Alcohol is not really my thing even though I love a glass of wine occasionally. When it comes to tea, I could certainly put Twinnings out of business. That’s how much I love my tea. My kitchen features teas from around the world. I have fresh tea leaves from Egypt to Hong Kong, the USA and other corners of the world, from fruit infusions to the spicy and aromatics teas and from fragrant blends to light scented herbals. This also includes teas from the good old brews brought from my nearby supermarkets. I guess you can tell just how serious this is.

I am forever searching for independent cafes that not only give me a nice cup of the good stuff, but in doing so I get more of an experience with my tea tradition. Now, I am about to reveal a little secret so be sure not blast this to the whole world as I would like to keep this place to myself(Lets keep this between us, just you and I). On the other hand as much as I want to keep it to myself, I also want to people to be able to experience this little gem tacked away under the glare of the Shard that towers above the street that hides the B street Deli. See that? Its even named after me!

With matured reclaimed wooden counters, low lighting, copper accents that hangs above decorate the ceiling, walls covered in remnant reminders of sacks used to transport the finest Colombian coffee all the way to the British Isles. A beautiful Renaissance portrait mural painted on the wall so prominently, it greets you on entry.  I love that the cafe brews the teas according to the best temperature for each particular you choose. Each tea has a specific temperature its best brewed at, this will allow it to produce the best flavours out of the tea and release those tasty little notes for full flavour and fragrance. The attention to detail doesn't stop there, the tea is presented to you on little black trays with your own clear tea pot and handle-free glass so you can set both hands on that little gem to inhale the fragrant brew before tasting the much flavourful scents of your chosen tea. This place is tacked away behind London Bridge but not so hidden that you can miss it. I also love the fact that you also have many options here with a variety of coffees and wines with a good cheese board if you are in the mood for something cooler. I have also indulged in some of their other eateries too. The cheese selection is to die for! So, there you have it, one of my little London gem and favourite little cafes. Free from crowds too, allowing for much needed moments of relaxation in this ever bustling metropolis that is London.


  1. This cafe looks like such a warm and welcoming place. Not a tea fan myself BUT I do love cake!!!

  2. Looks like a lovely little place, would definitely like to pop in on my next visit down to London. I really like that each tea is brewed at the specific best temperature for it. Lovely decor too! x

    Yaya ♥ My Dreamality

  3. this looks like a great place! the ambiance looks really nice!