17 August 2016

Malaysia's Best Kept Secret : Why You Must Visit The Heli Bar In Kuala Lumpur

Where in the world can you land a chopper on a helipad, only to have that same helipad turn into a bar after dark? Only in Kuala Lumpur! The Heli Lounge Bar is quite literally a breath of fresh air. One of 5 helipads in the city but what makes this one special is that you can stand on it and sip cocktails as the sun sets into the horizon. 

Before you get too excited and rush to the stairs leading to the heli-pad on the 36th floor, you will have to buy a drink in the bar before being shown up to the roof. The Heli Lounge Bar sits on the on 34th floor and comes complete with an aeronautical theme to the decor. You have panels from Boeing 737 and 747 turned into sitting booth and DJ console. The Heli Pad is 2 flights of stairs, also note that other than the light barriers around the helipad, you are basically on the roof of a building with no safety net. There is security on deck to ensure no one gets too close to the edge.

The drinks are surprisingly not expensive either, around $10 a pop and for that you are rewarded with a mind-blowing view of Kuala Lumpur with the famous Petronas Twin Towers staring back at you. The views and atmosphere were great when we visited but from what I had heard it gets super busy on the weekends. I can't recall if we visited on the weekend or not. Another note for all working as flight crew, oil and gas crew and banking professional get discounts on particular nights. They also have a ladies night, where the ladies get drink for RM15.

Getting there: It's fairly easy to get to and find. Although the building not so obvious. The is a monorail stop just outside but local taxi and uber are plenty.

Open:  Monday to Wednesday 6pm - midnight, until 2am on Thursdays and Friday- Saturdays until 3am. On, 34th Floor,  Menara HK, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL

Inside The Heli Lounge Bar - You are seated here until you purchase a drink. You are then shown up to the Heli Pad shortly after paying for your first drink.

The best views in the city! You have 360 degrees of uninterrupted vies of the city of Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. So beautiful! I was going to visit this bar but ended up at the Trader's Hotel instead. That bar doesn't have a view of needle so next time I am in KL I will have to seek this out! The view looks amazing :)

    1. Definitely check it out, if for the views alone. Next time I will aim to get there before sunset as it looks like the best spot to see it.

  2. No one visits these bars with his family for the reasons that are not difficult to understand. Scootamania