8 June 2015

Copenhagen | The Marble Church

Walking around Copenhagen, you would be fooled into believing that some of its buildings are from recent times, due to the pristine condition that most are in. One of the places I had on my list to visit was Frederik's Church which is nicknamed The Marble Church and located in Copenhagen's Frederiksstad.  This is also where you will find the Amalienborg Palace. Still in immaculate condition considering the building started in 1749 as an honor to God by King Frederik V. Soon after, its architect, Nicalai Eigtved died in 1754 and not long after the king died in 1766. For a 100 years the works had stalled due to lacking funds when Frederik's son was at the throne. 

Works on it restarted with a new architect in 1847, as a new financier with groundless bank pockets had been found. The inside of the church are unexpectedly understated but considering how long it took to get up and running, I wonder whether it was a matter of just finishing the project than abandoning a royal  project and one that Frederik had started. It's has the largest church dome in northern Europe with a span of 31m and resting on 12 columns in comparison to Rome's St Peter's Cathedral with a 42.5m dome. It is really beautiful and only a short stroll from Nyhavn with many cute little cafes in its shadow. I do wonder what it might  have looked like had the original architect finished the works before he died. Certainly one to add to the list for those with an affinity for architecture of love for religious buildings.


  1. Wow... I love all of the intricate architectural details! Beautiful!

  2. Amazing building. Great post.

  3. Great post! nice pictures-I like the detailing in the domes, and the gold ones too! :-)