2 November 2014

Sunday Brunch In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Cafe Dam Square

Apparently you haven't experienced the city until you have really explored it on a bicycle. Well on this particular Sunday we had no intention of over working ourselves. Don't fret though I am back in Amsterdam next month with enough time to go Dutch - cycling on the Dutchies that is. On this visit with a little time on our hands we made a short stop over in in the capital for a visit. More precisely, the Mr and I ventured out into the city for a Sunday brunch in Amsterdam. Amsterdam can be pretty busy and sometimes a tad too crowded for my liking. If you want a quite moment with a loved one, its quite easy to find a spot in the backstreets, and so we did. After strolling through the quite parts of the city and admiring the many spots of Street art, cutely parked bikes and strange combination of shops built into churches that also sell pot was rather amusing. Yep! I was somewhat puzzled too. 

Long strolls in Dutch lanes and passageways and we soon settled our eyes on De Drie Graefjes, a cute little cafe off Dam Square. Small with a cosy feel to it, a spectacular array of cakes to accompany any tea was just what the doctor ordered this on this bright Sunday morning. They have one of the most amazing cheese cakes I have ever tested. Just right, not too sweet and not too rich. Just perfect! You should also try their aromatic mint tea, served with real mint and not the dried cheap kind either.

....Nothing more I could ask for than endless tea and coffee cups sipped over one to one conversation... The perfect Sunday brunch in a beautiful sunny Amsterdam. Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday?

Where to stay in Amsterdam: We stayed at Amadi Park Hotel located near Leipseplein. You can walk to the Rijksmuseum, The Van Gogh Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum in minutes, and the Vondelpark is right around the corner. With a rental bike or public transport, you can easily and quickly reach sights that are a bit further away. For a wide selection of hotels in Amsterdam check out booking.com.

Amsterdam Canals and bikes - Dam Square
Amsterdam Canals and bikes - Amsterdam Central
Amsterdam Canal Boat Tours
Amsterdam Central Station
Amsterdam Central Back Streets - BIKES AND CANALS
Amsterdam Debijenkorf - bikes, canals
Amsterdam Debijenkorf - bikes, canals, boats, central station
Dam Square - Amsterdam central, Amsterdam Palace
Dam Square - Amsterdam central, Magna Plaza


  1. Such a lovely post!! I like your blog, I hope you will visit mine!

  2. What amazing photos! Amsterdam has been on my to-do list for years...one day!

  3. great photos! Amsterdam looks so incredible I can't wait to go

  4. I'm taking a four day trip to Amsterdam next week - DEFINITELY going here, cheesecake is my weakness (amongst other cakes!! Lol)..Thanks for the post!!

    Karen x

    1. Glad you liked it! Funnily enough I am in Amsterdam next weekend too :P