This Is Zambia’s Hidden Gem Along the Zambezi Where The Safari Comes To You

I have been wanting to write this post for like a million years, the pictures are nearly fossilised. This post might also be great for a people that think that Safari trips in Africa are super expensive. I am all about proving a point and I guess this could be one of those posts. I will do another post on how to do a safari without giving your bank account a hernia. So, Maramaba River Lodge, this little Zambian gem sits on the banks of the Zambezi River and oh so close to Victoria Falls that you can take a short drive to see one of mother nature best gifts this side of the globe. I wanted to get some of the Zambia trip posts up these as I am in the midst of planning another African road trip at the end of the year. Still figuring out itineraries.  

Our stay here was part of an African road trip my then boyfriend and now ginger hubster was going to be doing from Zambia to Botswana then Namibia. Some of those posts are already on the blog so you won’t have to wait a century to get them. I tell you this business of working full-time and trying to keep a blog updated can be tricky. I found this little gem while looking for a place that would be close enough to Livingstone city markets but also be close enough to nature and the possibility of an easy ride into a quick safari before moving along the planned trip itinerary. After scouring through the interwebs, the choice was made when I realised if I was lucky I may be able to see the animals roaming free while chilling by the pool. Well, they animals did come but they were ahead of schedule as I was not in my bathing suit just yet… 

The Treat That Came After Breakfast – Free Safari Trip

After exploring Livingstone markets and showing hubby my professional haggling skills, it was late in the evening when we arrived at Maramba River Lodge. Having wolfed down a T-Bone steak and Nshima(a Zambia staple food you need to try!) we retired to our room and straight to sleep. The following day not long after breakfast and a few sips of coffee, they showed up. I mean I was hoping to be chilling by the pool before we had any guests join us but these were guests you couldn’t turn away and quick to act I got the camera out. We were treated to breakfast entertainment by what I am guessing was two lovers sneaking off for a little rendezvous away from herds of elephants. What they didn’t know was that there was another pair of lovers waiting in the audience. We arrived in Zambia’s Capital and were there for a couple of days before flying out to Livingstone via Proflight(The flight is about 1 hour). So this was the first taste of a Safari for my husband who had been to Africa but only as far Egypt. We had scored front row seats to a safari. There were beautiful birds around and no doubt alligators hiding in the vegetation covered water but all eyes were on the lovers. Roaming free in the water and playfully taunting each other as if no one was looking. With no efforts on our part, without booking a safari tour or lifting a finger (unless you count the camera clicks in between coffee sipping) we had the safari come to us! All without paying money for a safari drive and the beauty of staying at Maramba River Lodge is that they offer 3 options of accommodation and well suited to a variety of budgets. Details further below. 

Accommodation Options Available at Maramba River Lodge

Just so you know this post is not sponsored, I searched the interwebs myself, booked and experience this place for myself. Maramba River Lodge offers Chalets, Luxury tents and also camping where you bring your own tent and camp in another area on site. Prices started at £70 per night. I wanted the Chalet but when I was booking these had already sold out so I booked us into the luxury tent. If the sound of the word tent gives you the cold shivers, fear not, think glamping. The tents are kitted out with a proper bed, electricity and have a built toilet and shower in the rear. The best part for me was the shower! It has no cover on the top so you can shower with the stars right above your head and then again shower as the sun was rising in the morning. Pure magic! All without breaking the bank! Now, I realise this place may not be for everyone so if you there are few more places in the area to check out which I also had the pleasure of staying at. I got to sample Tonzabezi and Royal Livingstone. Both are by the River and perfect for chilling out while the African Safari come to you! For a full list of places to stay in Livingstone some of which are so close to Victoria Falls, you can see the mist, check out the list of hotels and accommodation options in Zambia’s Livingstone here. For hotels on the other side of Victoria Falls(Zimbabwean side), see this list of hotels on

The Chalet

The Luxury Tent

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  1. September 14, 2017 / 3:41 pm

    The pictures have me packing my bags and ready to go.

    Definitely going to visit.

    Congrats Bee, I smiled when you wrote 'hubstar'.

    Having followed this blog for a long time it always joyful to see you enter new phases in your life.

    Cheers to many more phases. xoxo

  2. September 23, 2017 / 8:01 pm

    Wow, now that is an awesome view to wake up to in the morning! It sounds like you had a fabulous time in Zambia – I would love to visit sometime. The Maramba River Lodge has definitely got be reconsidering the idea of glamping… 😛 Thanks for sharing!

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