10 Ways Instagram Is Killing Creativity and Individuality

Am  I the only one that sometimes looks at Instagram accounts and thinks that some accounts look so similar if not the same with people continuing to take the same old pictures copied from one Instagram  to another then another. Before we know it everything looks the same! Where is the creativity or showcasing of individuality? There was a time when being a creator or new ways of photography, a great eye for detail, showing viewers new ways of looking at the same image. I rarely see those things as people have become so hungry to have followers that creating content with substance, thought-provoking, inspiring, captivating has seems to take a backseat for photos of self-absorbed selfies, or shots of the latest Chanel purse that people are pretending they just bought when it was gifted exchange for exposure brand exposure. All kids and teens thinking the only way to get followers is to take half naked selfies for the world to see and perhaps those that are so desperate for followers that they are trapped in this cat and mouse game of follow for follow then unfollow then repeat. The whole think has become rather sad and sad that Instagram has now become that way. So I thought I would highlight those Instagram offenders that are lacking or killing theirs and other people’s creativity/individuality.

1. Be a leader and not a follower

This one is all about the many pictures on Instagram that are all the same. Yes, I get that we all seek inspiration from each other but that does not mean we should be doing the same things. Posts where guys have hoods on and  stand with the back to you. You know those shots, sometimes they are in some sort of a tunnel or on top of a building looking like they are filming a budget Assassins Creed advert. Just stop! No, you are not a superhero so leave those type of stunts for the Comi-Con convention. Granted some of them look good but, out with the old and in with the new for 2016 so I will leave you to come up with a new way to lead the pack and not follow the same budget stunts.

2. Dodgy Pouty Selfies

Selfies that look a cross between constipation and someone who is about to collapse from holding their breath for too long. Stop that madness, please! You can keep the self-stick if you want to be those dodgy looking selfies I keep seeing on Instagram, please let them die with 2015. Let 2016 give birth to new and more elegant selfie with a little more substance than showcasing your constipation on your face. This is for both the men and women as I have seen a few guys with dodgy selfies that are enough to make their future kids want to seek legal emancipation.

3. Same Same, but different – Broaden your travel Horizon

I keep seeing the same destinations posted with same old poses in them. Don’t go somewhere to take the same picture just because that person with a million followers has been posting about it since they got on Instagram. Be different. Go see that city that no one is posting about. Be the first in your little circle and share tips about how to get there. Yes, we want to be seen to be seeing the same places, that’s not what the world is for. Yes, this is also coming from a travel blogger, saying not to go to the same places you see on Instagram? The whole of my blog is centered around inspiring you to visit places you wouldn’t otherwise consider because many are blinded by pretty selfies shot with {insert popular city attraction}. Instead, check out cities that haven’t been no your raider, Perhaps Kosice, Swapkmund, Kronberg, Simione, Ardales, explore for you and not because you want Insta-Fame.

4. Share your coffee shots with pride.

Ok, so this may be a little bit of a rant with a shot of politics thrown in. Don’t you just love those coffee shots on you Instagram feeds? So do I! But I am now very cautious about where and whose coffee shops I am drinking in. I am not naming any names, just in case they send their legal team my way, but they are all global brands making millions but continue to pay less taxes than anyone person earning a decent salary. Same goes for Facebook. I am mentioning their name as they were ousted by the papers in the UK for only paying a couple of thousands in taxes. Again less tax than a normal person with a good job. That is disgusting! So coming back to your coffee shots. Instead of these large chains, opt for smaller independent cafes. If you are in London check out places like Look Mum No Hands(Old Street), Prufrock(Chancery Lane), Hej, B Street Deli, Bermondsey Rock cafe and Machine(all three in Bermondsey), Little Venice Boat Cafe, and many more. So explore your cities and support your independent cafes and businesses before they disappear from our and your high streets like many have gone and we will all be drinking from the same 3-4 brands, some of which are paying less tax in a year than your households alone.

5. Look Everyone I am boarding a plane!

Feel free to check-in on Instagram with your pictures from the airport or ones that show your passports BUT be careful when posting pictures with your boarding passes. You have no idea who is looking at this picture and what they are capable of. Your boarding passes will have personal information as well as references that may lead crazies to obtaining more information about your booking, which may also lead to them knowing your payment details, address, DOB and before you know it, funds are missing from your account or details sold off on the dark web. So just stop! Maybe take a post a dodgy selfie instead. This is coming from someone who has had their bank account cards cloned, it’s a messy situation to deal with. It wasn’t through posting a boarding pass, but nonetheless, I am extra cautious with anything with my personal details. Otherwise, you will have fraudsters sharing their boarding passes for flights they have booked while defrauding your bank account. If you are posting your boarding pass, make sure your booking references are strategically hidden.

6. Those pictures of we “could be here but we have a mortgage and bills and kids”.

I am not rich and there are plenty of people I know with bills and mortgages AND kids that still travel like teenagers on spring break. Ok, maybe not literally like teenagers but you get the gist. I posted on how I travel for close to nothing revealing how you can save money while travelling too. I included sites with travel deals and glitch fares. I am sure you heard of the Abu Dhabi glitch fares that nearly broke the internet(Yes, it’s not just the Kardashians that break the internet). Glitch fares have been doing that since commercial flights started. So this is just an excuse for someone who A) doesn’t want to travel or travel is not really a priority  or B) just doesn’t have the know-how(hopefully my post on travel tips can help out buddy).

7. I quit my job and sold everything to travel the world….

I hate those posts on Instagram and hate them on blogs too. I quit my job and sold everything, so now buy my e-book (with freely available information on the internet) so I can continue travelling. People telling other people to sell everything and go travel. I will leave this one for a minute as I have a post on why I don’t like these people who spread this nonsense as if life is all just a floating cloud taking you from one destination to the other for free. If it was easy they wouldn’t now be asking you to help them fund their trip through buying their e-book.

8. Buy this expensive designer item because its just soooo cute!

Instagram has grown and with it businesses have benefited from how they can utilise it to boost brand awareness. In doing so there are many people on Instagram being paid huge sums of money to tell us just how amazing that expensive designer thing is and why we should buy it too. It’s no longer about people just telling us about the cool and fashionable things they have discovered. Sometimes I think some of these posts should disclose that its an advertorial or at the very least tell those young and impressionable fans following them that its a sponsored post. Some brands in Canada were fined huge sums for this so I am pretty sure change is coming.

9. Will Get Naked For Followers

How many accounts have I come across of folks that look no older than 18 posting really questionable content for the sake of likes? Before you start calling me a prude, I am not! I am just in favour of a putting in a little thought before posting pictures that look like they should be sitting behind some form of adult content disclosure. Even more so when its a teenager’s account.What a sad world we live in that young people think you have to be half naked or showing your Vajazzle or rump to get likes or followers.

10. Follow, Unfollow, Repeat.

This one is an annoying one. Yes, I have unfollowed people who start posting offensive, inaccurate statement or just crap that I don’t believe in or I find less interesting. With that in mind, there is another side of Instagram where you have people following you just so that you can follow them. Or the ones that follow you then wait for a few days to unfollow you so that it just shows there account with lots of followers and less of the people they are following. If you fit into that category you are the sad human that number 10 is dedicated to. What does it matter that you have 200, 300 followers? Really what does it matter! When did having a huge number of following become the sign of quality images(I also get that Instagram is not about quality- refer to 2 and 3). Back to my point, this follow, unfollow – repeat game is childish and plane silly. If that’s you then quit that shit in 2016 for goodness sake. Follow people that inspire you, follow people that have a positive outlet, whether that is comedic posts that make you smile(Thefatjewish), people that inspire you to want to know people on a deeper level(HumansofNY) or people that inspire you to explore and get closer to nature and reach for the mountains (Chris Burkard) or the ones that just make you want up your photography game – there are far too many to name. None of these people indulge in this follow, unfollow game(Update- some do! Just came across a few  – Nat Geo Russia I am looking at you). Don’t follow people with the expectation for the to follow you back. I only follow accounts for the reasons mentioned above and those that I want to see in my feed. Not because I want these people to follow me back either.
That’s just 10 things to get you started. What are you hoping will stay behind in 2015 as your take on a fierce new year.


11. The Copy Cats and Impostors.

I have come across a few accounts that steal images and create copycat accounts of a popular account and once they gain followers they change their name back to their original one. It’s sad. If this you then please find yourself a mirror and take a long had look at yourself and what you have become. Here is an example for those that don’t get what I just said. You know the very popular London Instagram account,  well someone cloned everything on that account including the profile picture and some of their already featured images. This fake account within a day or two gained about 5k followers as people thought it was the legit account and a few days later when they had about 10K followers they changed it back to their old name, with followers they gained through deceit. 

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  1. April 4, 2016 / 6:42 pm

    This Follow/Unfollow game is as immature as it gets! It doesn't annoy me that someone unfollows me; it annoys me that the list of these people is endless!

    • April 5, 2016 / 4:33 pm

      I know, right :/ That one is one that really annoys me too.

  2. April 5, 2016 / 5:59 am

    #7 – YAAAAAAAAS. That's all I have to say.
    #10 – Ugh, so annoying. I like strangers' photos too (by way of hashtags) but I don't do it to get return likes or comments. I prefer genuine appreciation!

    • April 5, 2016 / 4:35 pm

      Tell me about it. Its really sad that people play those games.

  3. April 7, 2016 / 12:13 am

    Thought this was going to be another one of “those” posts (how ironic would that be? haha) but you hit the nail on the head with every point. I always cringe when people post things like boarding passes too. It’s almost as if they’re saying YOLO, take my details.. & when people post the same travel photos in the exact same style?… Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully it will leak a little bit more creativity out there into the Instagram world.


    • April 7, 2016 / 4:29 pm

      Thank you. I am glad its not just me thinking this… 😀

  4. June 7, 2016 / 1:59 am

    100% true! *slow clap*

    The half-naked girls really make me wonder what's going on inside their heads to want that type of attention.

  5. July 23, 2017 / 8:58 am

    Love this. I am so over Instagram at the moment and all the self-absorption. For god sake people get over yourselves.

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