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My recent meeting with Maria at a bloggers meetup inspired my trip to seek something for the party season. Maria Milliner  a designer and maker of hand-crafted hats puts her own mark on head accessories with a touch of creative use of textures. Totally different to what I have come across. Hence why I thought a trip to Greenwich was in order. The party season is here and I have been toying with the idea of something different and by different I mean I just want something new! Something not a lot of people will be spotting. Tucked away in the heart of Maritime Greenwich is Sika designs. Founded by Phyllis Taylor. She produces the most vibrant and unique pieces the caress and hold the curves in the most feminine way that can only serve to flatter the body. Made using traditional batik and wax prints with a modern spin. The collections are an explosion of texture, colour and shapes just so pleasing to the eye.

I have been getting my colour fix for the last few years and what I love about Sika brand is just how timeless and versatile the clothes are. I have a green maxi dress from the Spellbound collection,  a caramel coloured African print mac and few wrap dress that have travelled with me to Dubai and many parts of Europe. I like that the maxi dresses can also be worn as a skirt too. I couldn’t stop there and managed to get a mac, jacket, and a couple of dress to boot. So stepping into the boutique recently had me feeling like a kid in a candy store. I love rediscovering some of her new creations. If I time my visit just right I can find her in the store for an even more personal touch to the shopping experience. Just what retail therapy is all about. Each time I am there I want to walk out with the whole store(thank goodness for card limits!)
As the store is beautifully located I could easily spend the day on this part of London. For those that don’t know Greenwich, this is where time itself starts! Tucked away in the 183 acres of Greenwich park is The Obervatory; the global definitive source of time. The clock on which millions synchronise their time to is located here in this charming little town on the Thame shore. Walking through Greenwich Park you will also come across the Maritime museum, the Queen’s House, Museum of Eventails. If you are in to boats, another attraction not to miss (other than the beautiful markets stall delights) is the Cutty Sark, the last of the clippers. If that’s not enough the Millennium Dome aka The O2 is near by together with the Emirates cable cars.
I was talking to one of my colleagues at work who has been in London for such a long time but hasn’t been on this side of London. So if any of you are in London do not miss out on what Greenwich has to offer. You not only get a retail therapy fix but also enjoy all that this part of London has to abundantly offer.
Below are some of pieces I have been ogling at Sika boutique. Keen to get one before they sell out for Christmas. Check out her on-line boutique here.

        DSC_1059 - CopyDSC_1056



Having cancelled my trip to visit the Christmas markets in Bruges will give me a chance to sort out pictures from my trip to Pisa last week. So look out for a post on that soon.
Happy Holidays!

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