Rock Climbing

Reach for the sky!

As much I love travelling I also love clinging on to rock or walls just as much. If I am not climbing outdoors chances are you will find me at The Reach with ICAS. I hope to continue learning and improving my skills indoors to better serve me when I am out and about on real rock. My preference at the moment when it comes to  the outdoors is sport climbing as I am still not that great with trad climbing gear placement. I am also incorporating rock climbing in my travels where I can. You can read here about my climbing in Malta, Peak District and Portland . More links will be added soon. The goal for 2014 at the moment is to take on the Excalibur - the tallest climbing wall in the Netherlands as well as conquer the Scottish Highlands for some hiking and scrambling.

My favourite female friendly resources are:
For courses I use The Reach as well as PYB. Rock and Ice and Training for Climbing is also another great resource on articles, videos, images and lots climbing advice.

A must for any climber is BMC! Not only for the discount and Summit magazine subscription you get , but great resources and wealth of information on crags,course, climbers' adventures, climbing insurance, latest news in equipment and much more.

For climbing routes here in the UK and international routes, check these two out.

So have you tried rock climbing before? If so how did you get started and what weird and wonderful places have you taken your love of heights to?

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  1. This is so cool! I found you through Different Doors & instantly found this page as I recently met an awesome climber and have been wondering whether to give it a (very amateur!) twirl! I'm from the UK too (Psmouth) and don't know any climbers!

    1. You really should! Climbing is absolute fun. How cool to come across someone from Portsmouth. I dont remember seeing any spots for climbing other than Southampton.

  2. We do a lot of climbing. Mostly bouldering and sport indoor and outdoors mostly trad and some bouldering. I love trad although it is scary! Lead my first routes outdoors last year which was great, hoping to do a HVS this year and climb in Pembroke and back to Snowdonia too as well as more local crags such as Frogatt in the Peak District which we climbing in this weekend!

    1. Aw man I am so jealous!! :( I havent been to peak District in a while! Yes trad is scary and so I have kind of stuck to Sport of late but hopefully when the British weather sorts itself out there will be more outdoor. Stuff.