9 September 2017

Fjord Adventures | 9 Ways Adventure Seekers Are Catching Thrills On Norway's Trolltunga

Ok, so you have sat down and planned your hike, what you need to pack for a hike to Trolltunga and whether you can actually handle the hike so now you are thinking what else is there to do when I get to the top? What kind of fun do people have at Trolltunga, anyway? Well, since you asked nicely I will let you in on a little secret on how adventure seekers are catching thrills on Trolltunga. If you haven't been to Trolltunga yet and are dying to visit this beautiful landscape, I have a post with all the questions you might want answers to before heading to Trolltunga. I have answered all those questions on the Ultimate Guide to Hiking Trolltunga.

1. Catch Group Thrills

You have walked miles and miles up and down the Norwegian valleys with friends so what better way to end the hike that catching thrills in true thrill seeker style and gather on the edge.

2. Be At One With Nature

This was so funny to watch and I managed to see many a butt crack while editing these shots. As I shoot in RAW there was plenty of detail to zoom in on. I sound like a freak, don't I? The guys walked across the tongue and everyone thought they were going to just pose like everybody else but they started getting naked while everyone looked on. Of course then the applause all across the area...

3. Fly Solo and Get on the Edge

After hiking for miles and miles, we finally made it to Trolltunga and there was no way I wasn't going to sit  on the edge of Trolltunga. It was just the two of us on the trip, so unless we left all our things with someone we would have to split up for pictures. I queued up for a couple of minutes but still wasn't sure if I was capable of doing pulling this stunt until it was my turn in the queue. 

4. Spend A Penny On A Mountain

There are no toilets on the hiking trail its just you and mother nature. So much easier for men, don't think I would recommend this method for women unless you have found an easy method you would like to enlighten me with. Yes, this is another one that I wasn't expecting but after missing out on capturing a proposal on Trolltunga, I had my camera armed and ready for capturing the next shenanigans from adventure seekers on Trolltunga.

5. Take A Selfie

You queue for a while and when it's your turn to take a few pictures on the Troll's tongue, you cannot miss the opportunity to take a selfie when the views are this beautiful.

6. Catch Feelings and Propose 

We slept on the mountain with views of the glaciers surrounding us and it was one of the beautiful views I have seen yet. For number 6 on adventure seekers catching thrills on Trolltunga, what I wish I had captured was a proposal. I was so caught up in the celebrations and waiting for the 'yes' that I forgot to capture, it so instead you will get this beautiful view we caught while camping on the trail to Trolltunga. Perhaps the beauty of this place has inspired many a proposal. A few months after this trip I had my very on... :)

7. Explore Surroundings

The views at the top are just amazing. You might also find that in some areas you are actually above the clouds which is just the prettiest sight. So while you are here take the time to explore before hiking back down.

 8. Don't Forget To Look Down

This one is not for the faint hearted. Time while sitting on the edge of Trolltunga goes by so quickly, so having been courageous enough to sit on the edge while not take a look at the earth below you and check out the views below you while perched on the edge.

9. Go To The Beach

Who knew you could head to the beach this high up in the mountains. Small waves created from the winds on that manage to sneak between the shielding of peaks in these Norwegian mountains meet with melted glacier water. Had it been a little warmer I might have been tempted to dive in for a swim.

However you catch your thrills, be sure to do it safely. So have you been to Trolltunga? Have I missed any of your thrill-seeking tricks on the mountains?

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