17 September 2017

The Umbrella Project | Exploring Jerusalem's Instagrammable Streets

When one thinks of Jerusalem, the mind conjures up religious sites and with that the contentious topics that go hand in hand with all the Holy Land now represents. Setting all that aside and seeing the city for what it is; a beautiful city filled with a mix of people, great food, and beautiful sites. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you this little-hidden gem in the holy city of Jerusalem. While trying to figure out things to see and do in Jerusalem among sites like Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the markets, you might want to add Yoel Moshe Solomon Street in the Nachalat Shiva District. You will find a collection of art galleries, jewellery shops and cafes under the umbrellas.

Yoel Moshe Solomon Street is where you will find the Umbrellas Street Project. The street features a thousand colourful umbrella suspended by street all around Yoel Moshe Solomon street. The Umbrella Project began several years ago in Portugal and has since spread to Serbia, Germany, UK, Turkey, and Cambodia. This little gem is not hard to find as it located just off the popular Ben-Yehuda pedestrian mall. Ben Yehuda is one of Jerusalem's prime hangout spots in downtown Jerusalem where the streets are lined with cafes, sovereign shops, restaurants and street performers. With no motorised traffic in the streets other than trams, you can blend into the hustle and bustle of the Jerusalem. I will be sharing more on Jerusalem. I shot I would start of the series of post with one of Jerusalem's most instagrammable streets.

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  1. I love the umbrellas! They're so bright and cheerful without taking away from the architecture.