4 June 2017

Hotels In Phuket | Where To Stay In Phuket

When planning a trip to Thailand, I was keen not to leave without seeing Phuket. I wanted to explore the island as much as possible. From the beautiful beaches in Phuket to markets as well as surrounding islands and bays close to Phuket. The planned tours in Phuket meant that we would be visiting various corners of Phuket which meant to make this easy and accessible to surrounding islands in Phuket we were planning on visiting, we would need to change hotels. Ikon Hotel was one of three beautiful hotels we sampled during our visit to this popular and beautiful part of Thailand.

The change of hotels in Phuket saw us sample three different hotels on the island. From the oddly named Golddigger's Resort to our luxury private villa at Renaissance to Ikon hotel featured in this post. When I book hotels and apartments, I always shop around. From checking out sites like Booking.com, Expedia, to searching out Trivago to see if I can get the same room for less. Golddiggers I think we booked via Booking.com, Renaissance we booked directly via Marriott and Ikon was via Trivago.

Our stay at Ikon Hotel was the third and last hotel we stayed at on the island. It was a fairly new hotel at the time having opened only a few months before. I loved that it was across from a view shops and restaurants. There was a massage place across the road where we spent most evenings to get a massage before bed. There are a couple of bars that do live music most evenings as well as a few restaurant.  Rooms were clean but I was immediately sold on views. Just like most hotels in Thailand, it came with a rather interesting welcome drink. This was after we had already sipped Clitoria Ternatea, a drink made out of flower plant where the flowers of the vine are shaped like female genitals, hence the name. I dare not ask what the welcome drink was made of when we arrived at Ikon Hotel.

Weirdly named drinks aside, our stay at Ikon Hotel was partly because of the views! Balcony with a perfect view of the sea as the sun goes down with wine in hand. We had actually booked a room with a view but when we turned up it was a room with a view minus the double bed that we thought we would have. The hotel was quick to try and resolve it for us. Having sold out on rooms with the view we decided to just stay in the rooms we had as the view made up for the slight mix up on the bed arrangement. Ikon Hotel is a cute hotel sitting not too far from Karon Beach. Nearby attractions include the Big Buddha that sits on a mountain with easily accessible tours from countryside tours of Phuket by bike, both push bike and electric to introduction to Buddhism, to Phi Phi Island excursions. For a full list of available tours and activity in Phuket check out Expedia tours and activities on the island which you can book in advance as well. I also have top 10 experiences you need to have in Phuket if you need further inspiration.

Ikonic Sunsets - The Beautiful Sunset Views From The Balcony

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