20 June 2017

Svinafellsjokull Glacier - Jaw Dropping Glacier Views You Need to Add to Your Icelandic Adventure

Welcome to the land of surprises! After planning how much vacation time in Iceland we need and reviewing our list of things to do in Iceland we thought we had our itinerary down to a T! (Scratch that! I thought I had it down to a T, I am more of a planner and Igal goes with the flow.) Then we arrived in Reykjavik Iceland, picked our campervan rental and embarked our a journey on Iceland’s Ring Road. All along thinking that we were going to be ticking off bucket list items one by one.


9 June 2017

Think Venice Taxis Are Too Expensive? This Is How to Arrive in Style (Without Breaking The Bank!)

I love a little luxury when you can get it. Even better is when you have a little luxury without blowing the bank account. Well, that's exactly how we were rolling in Venice on our last trip. The last time I was in Venice was during the summer peak season in Venice and as you can image it was busy, crowded and all the vaparotto aka water buses were packed to the brim. With a little creativity and searching, I found out that you can buy vouchers for shared taxis in Venice. Yes, you can ride the Venetian taxis from the airport to your hotel(or the nearest stop to your hotel), all without spending a lot of money.

4 June 2017

Hotels In Phuket | Where To Stay In Phuket

When planning a trip to Thailand, I was keen not to leave without seeing Phuket. I wanted to explore the island as much as possible. From the beautiful beaches in Phuket to markets as well as surrounding islands and bays close to Phuket. The planned tours in Phuket meant that we would be visiting various corners of Phuket which meant to make this easy and accessible to surrounding islands in Phuket we were planning on visiting, we would need to change hotels. Ikon Hotel was one of three beautiful hotels we sampled during our visit to this popular and beautiful part of Thailand.

The change of hotels in Phuket saw us sample three different hotels on the island. From the oddly named Golddigger's Resort to our luxury private villa at Renaissance to Ikon hotel featured in this post. When I book hotels and apartments, I always shop around. From checking out sites like Booking.com, Expedia, to searching out Trivago to see if I can get the same room for less. Golddiggers I think we booked via Booking.com, Renaissance we booked directly via Marriott and Ikon was via Trivago.