10 March 2017

When Airbnb Comes Through - Paris Apartment Views Don't Get Any Better Than This!

My first post of 2017! I hope you are all doing fabulous. It's been a little quiet on the blog due to being busy with work and travelling between London and Oxford. Hopefully, this will now settle down as I now have an apartment in Oxford, which makes life a little easier with travel while I finish my Formula 1 project. In my last post, I shared a yearly review of travel and adventures from 2016. The travel adventures continue even though I had to cancel a trip to Milan and Lugano, this year still killed off with a trip to Lisbon in January and then February saw a trip to Florence. More pictures of those trips to come soon.

Paris apartment views don't get any better than this, that's for sure. I thought I would share pictures of the beautiful apartment I rented in my last visit to Paris. Paris is well known for its beautiful balconies and this little beauty I rented didn’t disappoint. I booked it via Airbnb and shared a couple of reasons to use Airbnb when you travel. During this visit, I travelled with a couple of photographer friends and one of them took the portraits of me below. The views were perfect, such a shame that my fiancé with on this trip but it was a treat to have Laku Davies create magic on the lens! I absolutely love these shots. We have since been Lisbon together so I can’t wait to share her pictures with you.

This beautiful little apartment featured a beautiful balcony and the most amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. Trocadero is only a stone's throw so you know I we had to make a stop over there for some sunrise shots. It's has been a while, as the weather is now starting to make an improvement towards beautiful sunrises and sunset, I may have to swing back to Paris this year for a couple of shoots. Until then I will leave you some of my Eiffel Tower shots, some of which were taken from my very own Parisian balcony.

Dress: ASOS
Portraits by Laku Davis

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  1. Nice view of the river Seine, I love it. I think something is wrong with your blog this morning, your pictures are taking up the whole screen.

    1. Thanks, I will have a look at that.

  2. Your photos are elegant, creative and I think they even portray some of your personality! Lovely!

  3. Nice photos babe! You looks so pretty with this dress!
    Mónica Sors