14 October 2017

10 Ways To Spend A Weekend In Jerusalem | Jerusalem Travel Guide

With the all the religious sites in Jerusalem, you would think all there is to do on a visit to Jerusalem were pilgrimage activities. That couldn't be far from the truth. I have had quite a few trips to Jerusalem so I thought I would do a Jerusalem travel guide on things to see and do on a weekend in Jerusalem. There is so much to life in Jerusalem beyond the visits to the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Holy Sepulchre and many other religious sites Jerusalem is famous for.  Below is a list of places to visit, things to do, places to eat and hotel in Jerusalem. Also including the popular. You can, of course, do a day trip to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and I have also done it all the way from Shlomi and Nahariya in the north of Israel boarding Lebanon. Israel is small enough to go from North to South is as few as 4-5 hours.

11 October 2017

Whale Watching In Iceland

I have written a couple of posts on my visit to Iceland. From locating and swimming the secret pool in the mountains to checking out glaciers lagoons, chasing waterfalls in Iceland to whale watching in in Reykjavik.  We pre-booked a whale watching tour in Iceland before we left London. We were going to visit and explore Reykjavik for a few days before leaving to explore the rest of Iceland in a campervan. We rented an apartment right by the seafront in Laekir and a short walk to Harpa concert hall and the marina where the majority of the whale watching tours in Iceland leave from.

9 October 2017

The Best Views In The Holy Land | Why Haas-Sherover Promenade Is The Perfect Place For Views Of Jerusalem

I am heading back to visit Israel again next month so I thought I would update you on my previous trip earlier in the year before I add to the backlog of posts to come. This post is showcasing places with the best views in the Holy Land aka Jerusalem. Jerusalem has been a place of pilgrimage and worship for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. I love that with each visit to Jerusalem I discover something new.  I hope you enjoyed my discovery of Jerusalem's Umbrella project in my recent post on Jerusalem's Instrammable streets. Haas-Sherover and many other viewing decks in Jerusalem were all part of my discovery and adventures on the last visit to Israel.

A visit to Jerusalem is not complete without visiting Western Wall and Dome of the Rock. In addition that you might also add places with the best views in Jerusalem. One such please with a great view of Jerusalem is Haas Sherover. I picked this place as it was said to be usually quiet and not too crowded with tourists. It didn't disappoint as we were only sharing it was another couple who were too busy making out to notice anyone else and another lady lost in the world of a book sat on a bench. So I guess you could say we had this place to ourselves.

7 October 2017

Lisbon's Pink Street on Rua Nova do Carvalho | The Heart Of Lisbon's Night Life

One cannot go to Lisbon without sampling the nightlife in Lisbon. Lisbon's Pink Street on Rua Nova do Carvalho is one such place breaming with clubs, bars, and restaurants. Rua Nova do Carvalho turned "Pink Street" as part of a rehabilitation project in 2011 to turn Lisbon's former red light district into a trendy spot for nightlife. Lisbon's nightlife is not the only thing that draws people here. Pink Street now draws a much different crowd than it did in the past. In the days before Tinder 'dating' app red light districts were very much part of many urban areas where the was a small concentration of prostitution and sex-oriented business. Pink Street was very much that. This was where sailors came seeking a good time in the company of a woman of the night.  The regeneration of the area around Rua Nova do Carvalho was very much to change the area well known for its seedy reputation.

21 September 2017

A Cheeky Monkey's Guide to Iceland | 12 Things To See And Do In Iceland

It took Bee a long time to take me out on a trip and even longer to convince her to let me do a guest post with a guide to Iceland and places you need to see when you visit. For you tea drinkers out there that know me, know I like to #keepittea, but might not have known that I also caught the travel bug by way of staring at Bee's fridge covered on magnets collecting from around the world. After many months had passed since the PG Tips tea I came with had been drunk and I was still sitting on a shelf since Bee's niece had gifted me to Bee, I knew the only way I could get a slice adventure was if I took matters into my own hands. After hearing Bee go on and about booking flights to Iceland, planned visits to the Blue Lagoon, booking a campervan in Iceland, reviewing guides to Iceland and hotels in Reykjavik, I knew I needed to find a way to get into her suitcase. Finally, an opportunity had arisen when she left he bag so close to a shelf where I had sat and listened to all the plans for an adventure in Iceland. And so a plan was born! I would sneak into Bee's handbag and see for myself what all the fuss is about in the land of fire and ice. She had gone one and one about renting a campervan and exploring the sights on Iceland's Ring Road. Would you pass up a free vacation to Iceland? Yeah, either would I! So having come back, I have managed to convince Bee on let me give you a tour of Iceland. So grab a cuppa and keep it tea, while I take you for a drive around Iceland stops we made.

17 September 2017

The Umbrella Project | Exploring Jerusalem's Instagrammable Streets

When one thinks of Jerusalem, the mind conjures up religious sites and with that the contentious topics that go hand in hand with all the Holy Land now represents. Setting all that aside and seeing the city for what it is; a beautiful city filled with a mix of people, great food, and beautiful sites. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you this little-hidden gem in the holy city of Jerusalem. While trying to figure out things to see and do in Jerusalem among sites like Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the markets, you might want to add Yoel Moshe Solomon Street in the Nachalat Shiva District. You will find a collection of art galleries, jewellery shops and cafes under the umbrellas.

13 September 2017

This Is Zambia's Hidden Gem Along the Zambezi Where The Safari Comes To You

I have been wanting to write this post for like a million years, the pictures are nearly fossilised. This post might also be great for a people that think that Safari trips in Africa are super expensive. I am all about proving a point and I guess this could be one of those posts. I will do another post on how to do a safari without giving your bank account a hernia. So, Maramaba River Lodge, this little Zambian gem sits on the banks of the Zambezi River and oh so close to Victoria Falls that you can take a short drive to see one of mother nature best gifts this side of the globe. I wanted to get some of the Zambia trip posts up these as I am in the midst of planning another African road trip at the end of the year. Still figuring out itineraries.  

9 September 2017

Fjord Adventures | 9 Ways Adventure Seekers Are Catching Thrills On Norway's Trolltunga

Ok, so you have sat down and planned your hike, what you need to pack for a hike to Trolltunga and whether you can actually handle the hike so now you are thinking what else is there to do when I get to the top? What kind of fun do people have at Trolltunga, anyway? Well, since you asked nicely I will let you in on a little secret on how adventure seekers are catching thrills on Trolltunga. If you haven't been to Trolltunga yet and are dying to visit this beautiful landscape, I have a post with all the questions you might want answers to before heading to Trolltunga. I have answered all those questions on the Ultimate Guide to Hiking Trolltunga.

29 July 2017

Top 10 Money Saving Tips When Visiting London

I live in a city said to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yes, London can be expensive for local residents and even more so for people visiting from outside the UK. It needn't be too expensive to visit especially if you know how to explore for less. Booking hotels in London needn't be expensive, you just have to know what options are available. The same goes for things to do in London. There are plenty of free things to do in London, from free museums, free viewing points, beautiful parks in London to cheap way of getting around. I thought I would give you some tips on how to visit London without on spending a lot of money and still have a great time! See below a few money saving tips for when you visit London.

23 July 2017

Fashion, Architecture and the Art Scene - Why Germany's Dusseldorf is a Must-Visit

With a crazy and hectic travel schedule work can some times bring, I am always grateful for the opportunities to meet people and build friendships with people I have met through work. A couple of years ago on a project far away from home and but with a diverse team covering many European countries, I made friends with a colleague from Germany. Months later I was due to get certification for an IT course for which training was going to be held in Germany's Kronberg. I knew it was the perfect timing to take up a colleague's invitation for a guided tour of Dusseldorf before I embarked on my trip to Kronberg for training. So I booked hotel and flights to Dusseldorf, for my very own personal guided tour of the city. This is how I got introduced to Dusseldorf. A beautiful German city ticket all the boxes for me; impressive architecture, great art scene, night life and city sights and plenty to offer on the fashion scene. I was sold! Dusseldorf is known for its fashion industry and art scene two things that usually get the blood pumping when planning a visit to a new city.

So when the opportunity to visit again came up I was super excited to visit. This time I was returning to see my colleague get married to his soul mate. I, on the other hand, was bringing fiancé and getting the chance to show him around the city. If you haven't heard or even been to Dusseldorf then here are a few reasons why you need to one of Germany's best-kept secrets.

17 July 2017

Piazza Santa Croce | Visiting Florence's Hidden Gem

Is there a city in Italy that isn't full of city gems? Florence is no different as it scored big on that lottery and is filled with so much history. Said to be one of Europe's great art cities and it not just a city with beautiful art but beautiful architecture at almost every turn.  The city that has given birth to many luxury good companies, Salvatore Ferragamo to name a few of my favorite Italian brands was founded in Florence and is still headquartered here. Having searched high and low for where to stay in the shadows of Santa Maria del Fiore's Dome, with no luck we finally found something right by Piazza Santa Croce. Thinking that we were miles from everything, we couldn't have been more wrong.

Piazza Santa Croce is a little gem you need to add to your visit when you Florence. Our apartment in a street right next to Santa Croce church. Two streets over we had the Arno River and close by Ponte Vecchio and right across the river from us is Piazza Michaelangelo offering amazing views of the city vista. Needless to say, we had struck gold! Busy enough with Italian cafes, restaurants, shops, and galleries but quiet enough to enjoy surrounding without hordes of tourists clogging up the area too much. Santa Croce as well as offering a stunning focal point with its beautiful facade is also a place many Italian greats have been buried.  Known as Temple of Italian Glorie, Santa Croce is where Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Galileo and many illustrious Italians are buried. The church overlooks a piazza. This is also where another Italian sport was born; Calcio Fiorentino

20 June 2017

Svinafellsjokull Glacier - Jaw Dropping Glacier Views You Need to Add to Your Icelandic Adventure

Welcome to the land of surprises! After planning how much vacation time in Iceland we need and reviewing our list of things to do in Iceland we thought we had our itinerary down to a T! (Scratch that! I thought I had it down to a T, I am more of a planner and Igal goes with the flow.) Then we arrived in Reykjavik Iceland, picked our campervan rental and embarked our a journey on Iceland’s Ring Road. All along thinking that we were going to be ticking off bucket list items one by one.


9 June 2017

Think Venice Taxis Are Too Expensive? This Is How to Arrive in Style (Without Breaking The Bank!)

I love a little luxury when you can get it. Even better is when you have a little luxury without blowing the bank account. Well, that's exactly how we were rolling in Venice on our last trip. The last time I was in Venice was during the summer peak season in Venice and as you can image it was busy, crowded and all the vaparotto aka water buses were packed to the brim. With a little creativity and searching, I found out that you can buy vouchers for shared taxis in Venice. Yes, you can ride the Venetian taxis from the airport to your hotel(or the nearest stop to your hotel), all without spending a lot of money.

4 June 2017

Hotels In Phuket | Where To Stay In Phuket

When planning a trip to Thailand, I was keen not to leave without seeing Phuket. I wanted to explore the island as much as possible. From the beautiful beaches in Phuket to markets as well as surrounding islands and bays close to Phuket. The planned tours in Phuket meant that we would be visiting various corners of Phuket which meant to make this easy and accessible to surrounding islands in Phuket we were planning on visiting, we would need to change hotels. Ikon Hotel was one of three beautiful hotels we sampled during our visit to this popular and beautiful part of Thailand.

The change of hotels in Phuket saw us sample three different hotels on the island. From the oddly named Golddigger's Resort to our luxury private villa at Renaissance to Ikon hotel featured in this post. When I book hotels and apartments, I always shop around. From checking out sites like Booking.com, Expedia, to searching out Trivago to see if I can get the same room for less. Golddiggers I think we booked via Booking.com, Renaissance we booked directly via Marriott and Ikon was via Trivago.

27 May 2017

Sleeping Sound Under Secret Iceland Waterfalls | A Must Have Experience When You Visit Iceland

Oh Iceland, a country that is probably on every wanderlusting traveler's bucket list. The land of fire and ice is brimming with waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, geothermal pools and somewhere in all of that is an adventure to be had. Adventure is my middle name! With that in mind, we set off in a camper van down south of Iceland. Having stopped to see Geysers we stumbled on Godafoss by accident as we didn't realise just how close it was from the Geysers and boiling earth of Litl Geyser. Having made a few stops along the way it wasn't until late in the night that we stumbled on Seljalandsfoss, this was close to the mark I had placed on a map to get us to the camping spot we were going to spend a night. I actually had no idea our camping spot was going to be right next to the falls. We arrived after midnight, but there was still a bit of light. We had Seljalandsfoss all to ourselves! 

17 May 2017

10 Reasons You Need To Visit Tel Aviv Now

Mediterranean vacations are almost synonymous with European getaways, well the Med is bigger than that, reaching the African shore as well as Middle-Eastern shores. One Mediterranean getaway that you need to add to your wanderlust is  a visit to Israel's Tel Aviv. With 300 days of sunshine, long stretch of beautiful sandy beaches, great nightlife, cuisine, art, and culture, you just cannot go wrong. Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 as a suburb north of the ancient city of Jaffa, believed to be the oldest port in the world. So whether you are in the mood for a beach-bumming vacation for some rest and relaxation or soaking up on culture, there is something for everyone. With hotels in Tel Aviv catering to all budgets. If you need further convincing of why your next Mediterranean vacation needs to to be in this Middle-Eastern gem, how about 10 whole reasons why you need to book flights Tel Aviv now! 

1. Surfs Up - Beaches!

Long stretches of sandy beaches, perfect for sun-seekers, water sports enthusiast, sunset or people watching. Tel Aviv's west side faces the Mediterranean Sea with miles and miles of beaches. From family friendly, quiet and peaceful, to beaches catering to young, hip and ready for a party. You can rent snorkeling or surfing equipment to kayaks as well as sun loungers. If you are up for exploring the beaches, there are bike rentals nearby. If you want a hote right on the beach there is that too. Read on!

2 May 2017

Ultimate Guide to Hiking Trolltunga - Your Questions Answered!

A few days ago I shared with you a post with many a shot from hiking to Trolltunga. Norway has so many beautiful landscapes that it is hard to imagine how a country could have such amazing scenery all to itself.  Our drive from Bergen to Odda, which is the starting point to the little expedition that is the Trolltunga hike. All along the way, the road trip from Bergen to Trolltunga had us oohing and ahhing at waterfalls, lakes and beautiful mountains. A lot of people want to hike to Trolltunga, so I thought I would make my second post on a  Guide to Hiking to Trolltunga a Q&A of what you might want to know when planning a trip for this hike.

What the heck is Trolltunga anyway?

26 April 2017

Adventures in Norway | Hiking To Trolltunga

Last week I shared with you a post on Bergen, a beautiful city in Norway that is surrounded by 7 mountains. Our trip to Norway late last year was a trip to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. It was not going to be an easy trip by a long shot. This was going to be an adventure-filled weekend that included hiking to Trolltunga in Norway's Hordaland region. The previous year we had spent his birthday hiking in Snowdonia so I was determined to top the next one. I researched and toiled over how I was going to plan this trip as a surprise. In fact, he only knew we were going to be heading to Norway and hiking to Trolltunga about 2 weeks before our trip. What he also didn't know that I had Trolltunga on my bucket list for a while now, as he is into the outdoors as well it was a win-win.

We didn't really need to buy much equipment for this trip as we have done similar trips before. The only difficulty was finding out how we were going to get to Trolltunga having arrived in Norway Via Bergen. I had down tonnes of research and decided car rental gave us the freedom to move as and when we wanted. I have had quite a few road trips around the world now that I am starting to prefer this mode of transportation when I travel. For more on road trips, you can check out posts on Namibia, Zambia, Spain, Wales, Iceland and many parts of England via the destinations page.

16 April 2017

Venice on a Budget | 5 Travel Tips On Visiting Venice on a Budget

Venice, a city that has inspired many other cities around the world to create floating cities. From London's Little Venice to Venice of the North, a term that is now used to reference many cities around the globe including Russia's St Petersburg which I will be sharing soon. As I have visited to Venice a couple of times now I thought I would share tips on how to visit Venice on a budget. With all the luxury on offer in this floating city, one would think visiting Venice on a budget would be impossible. It isnt! You can enjoy your visit in Venice without expending an absolute fortune. There are so many ways to cut costs on your visit to Venice so that you can spend your money on things that matter most to you, what that is splurge on a luxury hotel in Venice or opting for fine dining experience in Venice. Whatever it it there is a way to save money on your trip. These include cruising the Grand Canal on budget-friendly Vaporattos(waterbus), walking the alleys on foot instead of using Venice taxis, although I do have a tip on how you can save money on Venice taxis here. Below are 5 insider tips on visiting Venice, an Italian gem on a budget.

14 April 2017

Norway | A Weekend In Bergen(+ What To See & Do)

I have heard so many people talk about how expensive Norway is. I was really bracing myself for the worst. To be honest I needn't have. It's not any more expensive than London, apart from maybe a beer, then again I don't drink beer, so that's that. Everything else was great, the views, the people, the mountains, even the weather was behaving itself for the majority of the trip.

The plan for Norway was to visit Bergen, explore for 2 days then head off on a road trip through the fjords, hopping on and off ferries, this plan would later bite us in the arse at the end of the road trip as we forgot that the last ferry leaves at 11 pm. I scoped out where to stay, what see and do in the city and where to get the best views too. Seven mountains surround the city center of Bergen so finding a spot for a good view is not that had.

5 April 2017

Discover Kiefernstrasse | A Colourful Side of Dusseldorf You Need To See

There is something that just brightens up your day with simply a splash of colour. Ever noticed how just wearing brightly coloured clothes will perk you up, even when the weather is dull and miserable? Yes, it’s that effect I get when I am exploring places with bright and evocative street art. Street Art today, I guess isn’t what is used to be. It's become more though provoking. It’s no longer just some street kids in dark hoodies that leave their tags all over the streets. I love the political side of it, focus on current affair as well as social aspects of it. Throw in a little colour and I fall absolutely in love with it all. When you div deep into it, it’s no longer just about the message the art is trying to convey, but the personal style each of the street artist use. I may not know a lot of the street artists' names but when I can recognise some of the street artist's pieces when I travel I get excited. Pieces by Stik, Vhil's use of small explosives to create distinctive portraits, Banksy's political art not to mention his new installation in a form of a hotel in Palestine call the Walled Off Hotel. Then there are big and rather ambitious murals. I think Kiefernstraße fits in the latter. Kiefernstraße is a street in the Flingern-Süd district of Düsseldorf that became notorious in the 1980s for squatting. Kiefernstraße has a rather colour past and I guess the street art somewhat represents that in a way.

31 March 2017

Magical Venice | Falling In Love With The Floating City

Venice, a city that needs little, if no introduction! The capital of Italy's Veneto region, and built on more than 100 little islands that have beautiful and amazing architecture. So, why oh why would I not visit, once, or maybe twice? The last time I was visiting the floating city was was a few years ago on a little summer weekend in Venice. Word of warning for anyone visiting in the summer, it is crowded! Everyone and their cousin, uncle, auntie are there, so you can just imagine how packed the vaporettos (water buses) and streets are. I don't think I intentionally chose to visit out of the busy season this time round when I went in the winter but it just turned that way as I was hoping to visit before the end of last year. Thank goodness it wasn't snowing. I was also a little apprehensive about going in the winter as winters in Venice are synonymous with Aqua Alta. Aqua Alta is the term used in Venice for the annual flooding that occurs in winter months. When this happens, most of San Marco square is covered in water together with many streets and alleys, actually. They put up little platforms for people to walk around. This was a worry up until a few weeks before the trip when the weather seemed to stabilise, although still cold.

21 March 2017

Nope Not India! - London's Insanely Beautiful Temple You Have To See

London's Insanely Beautiful Temple You Have To See - Neasden temple or Baps Shri-Swaninarayan Mandir

Religion has always been at the heart of living as human beings. I am always fascinated by the lengths religions go to in the detailed designs of religious architecture. From Chinese temples of Beijing, Malaysian Batu Caves, Cambodian ancient Ankorian temples to exploring India and Israel's Bahai temples. I also always advocate exploring your own backyard as well as seeing faraway places. Neasden temple or Baps Shri-Swaninarayan Mandir as its originally known is a beautiful Hindu temple that has been on my list for far too long. I have visited a couple of times but last year was the very first time I actually got to see the inside. The details and stories of the architecture around Neasden Temple is every bit as interesting as the outside. Said to be the largest marble structure outside of India and we all know about India's famous marble structures such as the Taj Mahal in Agra.

10 March 2017

When Airbnb Comes Through - Paris Apartment Views Don't Get Any Better Than This!

My first post of 2017! I hope you are all doing fabulous. It's been a little quiet on the blog due to being busy with work and travelling between London and Oxford. Hopefully, this will now settle down as I now have an apartment in Oxford, which makes life a little easier with travel while I finish my Formula 1 project. In my last post, I shared a yearly review of travel and adventures from 2016. The travel adventures continue even though I had to cancel a trip to Milan and Lugano, this year still killed off with a trip to Lisbon in January and then February saw a trip to Florence. More pictures of those trips to come soon.

Paris apartment views don't get any better than this, that's for sure. I thought I would share pictures of the beautiful apartment I rented in my last visit to Paris. Paris is well known for its beautiful balconies and this little beauty I rented didn’t disappoint. I booked it via Airbnb and shared a couple of reasons to use Airbnb when you travel. During this visit, I travelled with a couple of photographer friends and one of them took the portraits of me below. The views were perfect, such a shame that my fiancé with on this trip but it was a treat to have Laku Davies create magic on the lens! I absolutely love these shots. We have since been Lisbon together so I can’t wait to share her pictures with you.