29 December 2016

2016 In Review | One Year - 10 Countries, 19 Cities + A Full-Time Job!

Venice - San Marco Square - Grand Canal - San Marks Square- Gondola - Tower-14

Here we are again! Another year in review. It feels like 2016 has come and gone too fast. We are in that weird and scary part of the year where it feels as if iconic figures are dropping off like flies as fate cherry picks those that won't make it into the new year. Celebrity deaths of 2016; from the shocking death of Carrie Fisher from a heart attack, then her mother Debbie Reynolds the day after. Also, the death of Wham legend George Michael, then the likes of David Bowie, Ricky Harris, Prince, Gene Wilder. It’s always sad when you lose people that you have grown up listening to and watching from a young age. It’s also a lesson that we must all live the lives we were intended to live, not living according to anyone else’s forced dreams or expectations of us. Live a life that is fearless, where we take charge of our own happiness. Both in our professional and personal lives. "So many people make that mistake and allow others fears and insecurities to change the trajectory of their lives." If you need inspiration for pursuing your dreams and living a life without fear check out an interview with Natasha Rock on her move to live and teach in Saudi Arabia.

19 December 2016

Christmas In Asia | Spending Seasonal Holidays in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia -  Petronas Towers  - Kuala Lumpur-66

We haven't really had a white Christmas in the UK in a long time, but when I think of the impending Christmas I can't help but conjure up these fantasies of a white Christmas matched with cosiness at home, PJs, hot chocolate mugs, decorated trees watching cheesy Christmas movies with family while the snowflakes slide down the downs downstairs. 

Definitely no snow in London this Christmas, perhaps that's a good thing as we have never really been prepared for snow in the city, albeit the whole country. My sister on the other hand is visiting Michigan in the USA with my 1-year-old nephew. She has been sending daily videos of her son.  My current favourite is watching the look of my nephew's face as he experienced snow for the first time. The look on his face as he was trying to figure whether we broke the sky, because he couldn't make sense of the powdery stuff on the ground as well as the flakes falling from above and onto his little hands. Christmas is celebrated differently around the world. For a long time, I experienced Christmas in a warm climate, in Zambia so the very idea of white Christmas was out of this world madness. Now that I am living in London I have come to associate it with cold weather with flakes of snow thrown in every other year.

15 December 2016

Want See Melbourne's Best Spot For Street Art? - You Need To Head To This Spot!

Hosier Lane | Street Art

Melbourne Hosier Lane - Street Art
Firstly I am sorry that my posts are drubs lately, this working and commuting the long distance for work is not allowing my blog to state update. Plus the fact that I have had trips in Dusseldorf, Venice, through in some training for work and an engagement and you end up with the blog at the bottom of the priority list. I did, however, manage to squeeze some time in to show you Hosier Lane. Hosier Lane is a cute little lane in Melbourne filled with colourful street art. Melbourne or Australia, in general, might be known for its obsession with quality coffee but it looks like street art is up there with coffee, shopping and gastronomy when it comes to thing that get Australians pulses rising.