29 October 2016

4 Reasons To Vacation In Off-Peak Season

1. Prices of Flights Are Cheaper In Low Season

I have found prices to be super cheap or reasonably inexpensive soon after the school holidays. So around November when University students have had their freshers week is usually a great time to fly. Also around mid-January but not too far into February because they pick up again people being flooded with valentines ideas. Mid-January, I guess because people are still traveling back from the Xmas holidays so I guess airline bookings dip after the first and second week of January hence why they reduce the prices to entice bookings.

25 October 2016

Scenes From The Great Ocean Road

The second installment of the posts on road tripping through Australia's Great Ocean Road. Australia's most famous road tour routes. I recently shared the first installment a few weeks ago which included a video with views of the 12 Apostles from a Helicopter. The pictures in this post are from ground level while driving through the famous B100 road and wheezing past cute seaside towns, postcard picture kangaroos in open fields, tree hugging koala bears and those beautiful beaches that we are used to seeing on Home and Away. The beaches are plenty! Many you will have all to yourselves this beautiful stretch of the road gives you. Great Ocean Road is one of those Road trips that you have to do in a lifetime. The history behind the road is also beautiful in itself in that is serves as a permanent memorial to those who died while fighting in World War 1. It was built by returned servicemen who upon return, many had no jobs and lacked the skills to get back into work. It was through campaigning and lobbying by Alderman Howard Hitchcock to bring about the idea to get the servicemen involved in this audacious task of building this road and bring about an end in the isolation of many of the little towns in this part of the country. It's quite sad that he never actually got to see the end of it. However, it is said that they drove his casket road the whole stretch of the B100 Great Ocean Road.

22 October 2016

Snapshots From Warsaw | A city That Should Be On Your Radar

Warsaw, the capital and largest city in Poland. If you have not been, its one to put on your radar for future travels. Following the aftermath of the war, Poland has modernised its capital, moving from Stalinist Utilitarian era that dominated much of the capital. Although you still have reminders in the beautiful Palace and Culture that stands as the focal point of the city.

20 October 2016

Mandarin Oriental | A slice of Luxury In Kuala Lumpur

Mandarin Oriental [5 Star Hotel] | A slice of Luxury In Kuala Lumpur

Up there among some of my favourite stays from last year. I was in Malaysia late last year and twice thrice this year. I am smittened with the city and yearn to see more of this beautiful country. Known for its beaches and rain forests, sadly none of which were on the itinerary for the last few trips. You have seen me post about my visit to the Batu Caves, a run down on what to see and do in Kuala Lumpur as well as the experiencing city views from Petronas Towers, and a culinary tour of KL's China Town. With all the city gems available to explore in Kuala Lumpur one needs to consider a comfort spot to lay your head. It doesn't get any better than Mandarin Oriental in the heart of the capital. Perfectly located, sits right next to Petronas Towers, KLCC shopping mall and many cool and trendy bars and restaurants within reach. It was definitely worth the splurge! Plus, we managed to snub a room with a view of the twin towers. 

18 October 2016

Petronas Towers | Sky High Views From Kuala Lumpur's Iconic Twin Towers

Petronas Towers | Sky High Views From Kuala Lumpur's Iconic Twin Towers

I am a sucker for a good view where are home, peeking at London views from the Shard or away. There the higher the better too. When one visits Kula Lumpur a stop to admire the Petronas twin towers is always somewhere on the list. Lets' face it, you would have to try really hard not to see these beauties when you visit the country. 

15 October 2016

Melbourne's Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots

Melbourne's Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots

It would be an understatement to say that Australians love their coffee. With that in mind, dont expect to see Starbucks on every corner either. They take their coffee seriously, which has morphed into an obsession with quality coffee. It may come as no surprise to anyone had has read my rants about Starbucks and their none-paying tax butts, in addition to not paying taxes, I wouldn't put quality and coffee together when it comes to Starbucks, which also so they open 84 stores only to close 61 of them in the 8 years since opening. They could not rise to the challenge when compared to the cafes that pour out high-quality shots that Australians are accustomed to. The coffee culture in Australia is a lot more mature than I and a lot of people expect when visiting this far away land.

13 October 2016

Visiting Thailand | 10 Experiences You Need To Have In Phuket

Visiting Thailand | 10 Experiences You Need To Have In Phuket

Thailand is one of those countries that can have your drooling just by mentioning it. There is plenty to do, but sometimes nothing to do, while lounging on the beach like a castaway character is also an option that will very much be a one you might want to include as the scenery calls for it, demands it, so you can do is sit still and have those shiny little marbles take it all it and gaze in wonder at just how amazingly beautiful the land is. Hey, don't be too surprised if your minds start questioning how the world can be so bad with all the crap your news feeds are inundated with, we have such flawless beautiful right before your very own eyes. Okay, I guess it's clear that I fell in love with Phuket and Thailand in General. So, if you have a spare flight ticket...I have no doubt I will be heading back to Thailand someday in the meantime I have take places on the Island that you need to check out when visiting Phuket. If your idea paradise is hoping from one palm-fringed island to the next then Thailand is the place for you! More precisely Phuket is one island you want to head to pronto! There is plenty to do so I will give you a run down of a few things you might want to consider adding to your itinerary.

11 October 2016

Exploring Beautiful Dorset | A Sunrise On Man Of War Cove

Sometimes we get so busy trying to get away from it all, that we never consider to venture off to what is near by as a refuge from all the woes adult life brings. Living in the UK, train journeys always seem so expensive when compared to enticing travel deals to neighbouring European destinations that are dangled in front of you like candy, by the likes of RyanAir. Hello Copenhagen! Or even Warsaw. These are just some of the destinations you can visit for about £10 one-way. Compare that to a one-way train ticket at £30 in the UK. Yeah, my guest would be that you would be going for the European destination but don't let these deals stop you from visiting amazing and scene destinations hidden in the realms of the English country side. One such destination is Dorset. Steeped in historical charm that will have you lost in day-dreams one minute and the next captivated by tales of how the coves, caves and sandy beaches provided opportunities for Hawkhursto gangs of the 18th century to smuggle goods ashore. 

7 October 2016

See Do Eat Sleep | Guide to Exploring Kuala Lumpur

My Plan was to visit Malaysia for a couple of days while doing a mini tour of Asia last year that consisted of China, Cambodia, and Thailand. Little did I know that the vacation Gods had other plans as I ended up back in Malaysia after missing my flight to Paris and also visiting this year on the way to Australia. While I was bummed about missing my Paris flight and consequently missing the New Year's celebration I planned in Paris but it wasn’t all too bad as I got to ring in the New Year in Cambodia then flew off to visit Malaysia before returning back to London. One gets over these little mishaps very quickly if you happen to get stuck in rather beautiful cities like Kuala Lumpur. I expected it to be Modern and lavish and I wasn’t disappointed either.

6 October 2016

Brighton Beach | Visiting Melbourne's Iconic Bathing Box Beach


Located south of Melbourne on the realms of Port Phillip Bay, is where you will find one of Melbourne's Iconic beaches. The 6 kilometres of coastline are not the only draws to Brighton Beach, the attraction to the shorelines may have something to do with the 82 bathing boxes that line the foreshore of Brighton Beach. These were built over a hundred years ago in response to ideas of Victorian moral values and seaside bathing. Each now comes adorned with distinctive decorations which have now turned Brighton Beach into an immediately recognisable spot. These bathing boxes are located on a popular spot of the coastline of Dendy Street. On a good day this coastline is filled with picnickers, windsurfers and water skiers.

3 October 2016

Australia's Great Ocean Road | A Helicopter Ride Over The 12 Apostles

I would bet money that  anyone visiting Australia has a Great Ocean Road trip on their list, among seeing places like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Opera House and even Bondi Beach. Knowing that I was going to be flying to Melbourne after visiting in Sydney, I knew that my visit was not going to be complete without a riding through Australia's most famous coastal road. While GOR is famous in its own right, the sights along the way also play a part in why people are drawn to it. 

The Great Ocean Road winds and bends for 243 kilometers along the Southern Ocean, from Geelong to Portland. While driving this beautiful and scenic coastal stretch, you bear witness to Victoria's dramatic coastline, iconic surf breaks, waterfalls, cute fury animals like the kola bears, kangaroos in additional to the most famous sights of them all; The 12 Apostles!