29 September 2016

London Exploring | Views From The Shard [What to See and Do In London] Pt2

Here part 2 to my visual diaries of London exploring with other instagrammers in the city. The installment is by way of a visit to The Shard in the heart of London's city. The perfect spot for catching the sunset and see London from high up.

28 September 2016

Gunnamatta Beach: Getting Introduced to Melbourne's Hidden Gem

I have been keen to visit Melbourne for some time now, partly because I was going to be getting a local tour of the city. Local in that I was going to have my very own personal guide to the city. Not in the ‘driving miss Daisy’ type of experience but I was going to have my friend chauffeur me (there was a tram or bus threw in the mix too) me about to all the cool little hang outs that tourists don’t usually venture out to. I love a touristy spot, but adore even more to see hidden gems in cities I visit. This is the same thing I try to inspire people to do when they visit London. Don't just stick to popular places in central London. Visit Angle, Brixton, East London, Kingston, heck add Peckham in there too. You want to see where the locals hang out, don’t you? So get in there!

23 September 2016

Enter The Magical World of Iceland's Eldhraun Lava Field

I was going to wait until November to do a series on my trip to Iceland but each time I look at the pictures I get so excited and lose all patience with my planned schedule of posts so I thought I would get it out of my system and share the magical world Iceland's Eldraun Lava Field.

Eldhraun Lava Field

21 September 2016

Summer Essentials - What You Need When you Hit The Beach in Thailand

It's not everyday you wake up and have the beach all to yourselves, unless you are in, maybe Phuket. This little Thai island is just paradise! I wish I could have stayed forever. I guess in a way I now understand why people stay on and live in Thailand. You could certainly live there and not miss any "Western comforts". You want shopping, Bangkok is filled with shopping malls from designer boutiques to purse-friendly stores. When it comes to the weather, let's just say the London summers are blown right out of the water!

19 September 2016

4 Ways To Experience Andalucia Like A Local

Wherever I travel to, I always try to experience the place like a local as much as I possibly can. I want to see where the locals hang out, they shop and chill out. This usually means you can avoid the majority of the tourist traps and find the real gems in the city. With that in mind, I thought I would share some tips by way of 4 tips for experiencing Andalucia like a local. Andalucia is one of those beautiful places in Spain with endless possibilities. Beautiful towns such as Cordoba, Ardales, Ronda and a few more whose names I can't recall.

16 September 2016

Where to Stay In Paris | Parisian Weekends with Views of Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe

Usually I complain about not visiting Paris as much as I should considering its only an hour and a half on the EuroStar. This year I have managed to rack up quite a few trips to the popular capital. One memorible trip from the visits was a weekend visit and staying on Champs Elysées, just before I left for Australia. Nothing bits an apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower, but even better is having a hotel room with not only a view of the Eiffel Tower but a view Arc de Triomphe from outside two of your private balconies.

15 September 2016

London Exploring | Westend [What To See And Do In London] Pt1

Every other weekend myself and a few instagrammers take to the streets of London for a little bit of shooting so this post will act as a series to give you a visual inspiration of what you can see and do in London via these photo sessions. 

Below you can see Trafalgar Square, Number 10 Downing Street, London Eye Big Ben and Westminster. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to make sure you see these as and when we have the London walks. I usually prefer to shoot just before sunset and after sun set when I am in London, the city just feels and appears so much calmer. When I am away I tend to go more for sunrise shoots.

13 September 2016

An English Summer In Lulworth Cove

Two days ago I shared a the first post on our visit to the Jurassic Coast with a stop at Durdle Door in Dorset. Having planned on spending a weekend in Dorset the next day we moved from Durdle to Lulworth Cove. Lulworth Cove is a shingle beach with amazing views out on the Purbeck Isles. Perfect for a swim. As the English Summer was in full swing over the weekend, it was time to get out there and be active. From Lulworth Cove you can hire Kayaks, they also have tours on kayaks, we opted for Rib Ride on the bay. Even better start to the day was having a chilled out breakfast in the Boat Shed Cafe that comes with views of the cove.

11 September 2016

Exploring Cambodia's Banteay Kdei Temple - A Citadel of Chambers

Banteay Kdei Temple is one of many temples in Angkor Temples in Sieam Reap. Banteay Kdei translates to "A citadel of Chambers" and is also known as a "Citadel of Monks". Located in the southeast of Ta Prohm and not frequented by tourists as much as Ta Prohm or Angkor Wat but is definitely worth stopping by to check out this little gem. You will also appreciate the peace and quiet as you wander around what is left of a gem build in the 12th century.  Built in Bayon Architectural style so draws similar style and plan to that of Ta Prohm and Preah Khan and has been occupied by Monks right up until 1960s. 

8 September 2016

Why You Need To Visit Dorset's Durdle Door | 5 Things To Do In England's Jurassic Coast

England and the UK, in general, has some pretty amazing places, so if you are one of those that visits the UK and only go as far as London then you are missing out. A visit to Dorset's Durdle on the Jurassic Coast one you have to add to your list when you visit the UK. It's in Dorset which is just a stunningly beautiful region in England. A visit to Dorest or Durdle, in this case, perfect any time of the year. I have posted on weekend and day trips to East Sussex, Thorpeness, Snowdonia, Gloucester, NewcastlePortsmouth, Bath, Bristol and Llandudno, just a short list of places to inspire your explorations of Great Britain. About 2 weeks ago, we ventured off to the Jurassic Coast, mainly because I wanted to visit Durdle Door. Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast. It sits on privately owned land but accessible to the public. The Jurassic Coast is a now a World Heritage Site on the English Channel coast of Southern England. It stretches out for nearly a 100 miles. So plenty of trails for hiking! It's about 3 hrs drive from London but easily accessible by train as well.

Jurassic Coast is one of UK's popular destinations in Britain for many Britons, but not many tourists venture out to this part of England. Whether you are after fossils, hiking, cycling or just to take in the views on the coast there is plenty to and take in the area. Below are a few activities to start you off.

7 September 2016

Visiting Sydney's Botanical Gardens and Mrs Macquarie's Chair | a must for the Unique City Views

I posted my top 10 things to do in Sydney which included a stop at the Royal Botanical Gardens. This is one spot that is a must, and no you don't have to be a lover of plants to visit. It starts off from the bottom steps of Sydney Opera House and circles Farm Cove. The gardens also feature Australia's first and oldest bridge, which is a cute little bridge crossing a stream in the gardens.  You also have amazing plants that are about as old as dinosaurs. Walking along the shape of the cove you will have amazing views looking into Sydney CBD and its skyscrapers. A walk through the gardens leads you to a vantage point offering stunning views of Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge from Mrs Macquaries Chair. 

6 September 2016

A Private Paradise | Are These Luxury Villas Phuket's Best Kept Secret?

It simply doesn't get any better than this!!! Considering my birthday falls right at the end of the year when I am a little more reflective which means I opt for more relaxed celebrations. For my birthday, December last year I opted for a month long celebration which saw my boyfriend and I travel from Budapest to Beijing and then to Cambodia's Siem Reap to Bangkok, before landing in Phuket. For my actual birthday, the day before, the birthday and the day after I just wanted peace and quiet, no tours, no crazy activities, just pure indulgence! What the lady wishes for, so she must have and I did get, by way of a private paradise at Renaissance Phuket.

4 September 2016

Exploring Sydney's Opera House

Sydney Opera House! A building that really needs no introductions, huh? But, for those not in the know, Sydney Opera House is a performing arts center in Australia's Sydney on Bennelong Point of Sydney Harbour. Situated close to the business district and the famous Harbour Bridge. Inspired by bird wings, the shape and form of clouds, shells and palm trees, say its Danish architect Jorn Utzon. The roof is made out of fungus ceramic tiles and concrete.

Looking at these pictures you would not believe that the city had rained for 3 days in a roll! Yep, that total messed up all the plans I had to shoot the sunset over the bridge or my planned rides to Manly. I suppose I can't complain too much as I still managed to venture out and explore the city parks, the famous Bondi Beach, and its sea water pools along the coast and beautiful harbours or the famous Kings Cross a notorious red light and entertainment district of Sydney.

Back into Farm Cove, you can admire the view of Sydney's Opera House from many unique viewing points that include Mrs Macquaries Chair, from the Botanical Garden which I will be sharing more pictures on shortly after this post.

Booking a tour in Sydney's Opera House

2 September 2016

Top 10 Things To See and Do In Sydney

Sydney is one of those cities that has been on my list now for a long time and I had put it off for so long until my friend announced that she was moving back to London. Suddenly the pressure was on to visit Australia before she left but the thing is, she was based in Melbourne. No problem at all, solo travel is nothing new to me so I embarked on travelling to Sydney on my own before flying out to Melbourne and check out her city a couple of weeks before she moved to London. If solo travel is something that scares then hopefully my recent post with tips for first-time solo travellers will help ease the anxiety of getting out there on your own. 

Sydney is one city that you can happily explore by yourself but if you have company to experience it with then even better! Below are my top 10 places to see, visit and maybe do, while visiting Australia's famous city. Enjoy! Don't forget to share the post.